15 Minutes Of Aerobic Exercise Hug To Peach Hip

Lead: How to Bottom, how hip stovepipe, autumn and winter season, has a sexy peach hip surge makes you beautiful, graceful posture you want to show off it? It would hurry up, get rid of the body fat of all, there are some aerobic exercise to another breast stovepipe Bottom abdomen effect.
15 minutes of aerobic exercise hug "Peach hip"

15 minutes of aerobic exercise hug "Peach hip"

Wear a bikini to the beach or the pool splashing is a good refreshing activity, but a lot of MM will feel a lot of fat on his body, the lines are not perfect, but did not dare to wear a bikini. Here Xiaobian teach you a set of aerobic exercise, before doing this magic bikini body sculpting movements, can help you effectively stovepipe, Bottom, breast and abdomen, sculpture body lines, let your Bikini dress to attract audience attention!

End legs line

A pair of smooth slender legs make your bikini index rose sharply and become the focus of attention at the beach for a walk.In order to shape the bikini legs in a short time, you need to consider how to increase mainly elastic leg muscles, burn fat and reduce swelling.
Aerobic exercise, improve heart rate of Out-It & Jump

Aerobic exercise, improve heart rate of Out-It & Jump

Swinging back and forth with both hands, feet nowhere do, then start cross from the right foot a big step forward, step foot in a position to identify, and then in order to identify two left foot, right foot marker 3, left logo 4, stepping exercise performed rhythmically repeated 3 times. After an end action, feet or so apart, made the same gesture as sumo wrestlers, legs bent at a right angle, thighs parallel to the ground, the two heel forced ease. After the completion of the action 2 feet inward while leaping together, knees slightly bent, while clapping. 1-3 according to the rhythm action continued for 1 minute.

Muscle movement, sitting side kicks sports pick

Legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart, heels practical ground, then slowly bend your knees, hips down, the same as sitting in a chair on a transparent, then the upper body tilted slightly forward.

Take action 1, legs straight, body up, while his left leg on the left side kick gently want. At this point do not pay attention to the buttocks after Alice, to keep the body upright, legs were "W" shape.Then take action 1, followed by the completion of the action 2:00 side kick to his right leg. Do it 10-12 times took an action.

After kicking leg squats before exercise access

Muscle movement, after kicking leg squat movement before access

Body standing upright, his right foot a big step back, right leg bent, knees close to the ground, keeping the upper body straight.

Body up, located in the rear of the body gently kick right leg forward, right leg stretched forward as far as possible. At this point the upper body as much as possible back straight, with his right leg in a straight line, right side pointed, to experience the intense feeling of the entire leg toe. Repeated 12-16 times.

Body standing upright, arms reach, right leg forward slightly raised, with the ground at a 45 degree angle, knees straight, narrow down the entire leg swing 10 times, the experience of the thigh muscles tense feeling. Then change direction and repeat the action 1- 3. After the end of the marking time for 10 seconds, relax the leg muscles.

CheCK side action after the end of the recovery, "sitting on the contact side kicks movement" starting action, and then practice the other side.

Muscle movement, incline dumbbell lifting movement

Cross step right leg back, knees slightly bent, body focused on the left leg. Right hand holding a moderate weight dumbbells, leg arched, ready for the next action. Left leg force, keeping the upper body straight up state, slowly pull the dumbbell. Then a recovery action, repeated 12-16 times, for the direction.

Perfect back

Want to have a perfect back after bikini, places most in need of attention is the hip line. This is also the most difficult to control female parts, improve muscle flexibility to shape the overall profile, plus up horny skin care and other necessary treatment, you will have exquisite hip line.

Aerobic exercise, leg and knee movement

Stepping back right leg ready position, lift the right leg bent forward at the top, this time to keep the upper body does not move. Keep the rhythm, repeated knee right leg 12-16 times.
Prone Qianpu sports

Prone Qianpu sports

Muscle movement, prone Qianpu sports

1. This action is very effective in shaping the hip curve. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, put in the ground, right leg back, straight as possible, the body weight placed on the left heel, ready for the next action.

2, right leg bent to move forward, ready to make the whole body posture sprinter, pay attention not to touch the ground right toe.

Check the right side to make 12-16 times, for the direction of the restart from "leg knee movement", both sides continued to do sports again for 1 minute.

Muscle movement, cross-step & side after knee kick

1, the body standing upright, hands on his hips, step back left leg, knees, back legs were cross position, then legs straight, left leg to the left across a big step forward, toes point downward pointed, Upper body to keep straight state, do not tilt back and forth. Then return to the starting position, repeated 8-12 times.

2, starting from the toes stepping posture, lateral hip muscle contraction, raised his left knee laterally above, repeated eight times.

Check return to the starting position, for the right leg.

Beauty Tips hip

1, the use of massage equipment to deal with the accumulation of cellulite

Nearby buttocks cellulite very thick, gentle massage does not play a very good effect. Therefore recommended fat burning after applying ointment or lotion massage equipment using full massage. According to lymphatic massage to massage will play a very good effect from bottom to top.

2, curvaceous bikini need flawless complexion

Although the curves of the body moving, but some pigmentation and dull skin on the body, affecting your score. The texture of the skin with a gentle scrub to exfoliate, then lotion to the skin to provide adequate moisture.

Perfect chest curve

Do not pursue their own strong protruding chest effect, we need to include a smooth neckline and shoulder line, including the full flexibility of the chest curve. Chest muscles and armpits, shoulders, I arm muscles, these are the perfect "Bikini Bust" It is important to practice the site.
Recovery chest and shoulder line

Recovery chest and shoulder line

Muscles, chest and shoulder line restoration

1, legs open, slightly wider than shoulder width, toes slightly outward, knees slightly bent, holding a dumbbell in each hand, placed on both sides of the hip.

2, biweekly slightly bent, arms was "V" shaped lifted to at neckline, repeated 10-15 times, when the lift arms exhale.

Check aerobic exercise, according to the legs and buttocks training methods Out-It & Jump, according to the rhythm of repeated movement for 1 minute.

Muscle movement, two-hand dumbbell side kick and knee movement

Upper and lower extremities simultaneously collaborative exercise, calorie consumption can greatly accelerate the speed, increasing the effect of exercise. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, feet shoulder width to open. Lift the dumbbell upward arm elbow, while his left leg to the left side kick lifted. In the same direction is repeated 10 times.

After an end action, body straight, resume the starting position, his right arm was held at right angles to the upper arm parallel to the ground, his left leg slightly bent, toes point.

Right arm straight on the move, at the same time raise the left knee. Repeated 10 times to keep the rhythm.

Check the side of the end, to re-start a change in direction from the action.

Muscles, shoulders and chest curve shape chest movement

1, feet slightly wider than shoulder width to open, arms stretched forward end of the flat, was "11" shape.

2, abdominal strength, arms bent at 90 degrees, keep the elbow in a horizontal state, do not sag.

3, keeping the elbow position does not move, arms lifted dumbbells. Return to action 2, action from the action 1- 4 repeated 10 times.

Breast Tips

1, do not forget to apply lotion chest massage

Attentive care may change the chest curve. After breast cream alone or simply use the chest massage lotion is a very effective breast tips. Circle with both hands from the right side of the chest began to massage gently apply, to improve the elasticity of the chest of great help.

2 charming bikini must armpit massage

Whether it is raising his hand or arm falls, full of fat and folds of the armpits will make your bikini eclipsed. With a simple massage can make your armpits reshape lines. Contralateral palm gently massage the armpits, while the arm repeatedly lift down, this movement can achieve the promotion of the role of the lymphatic circulation, axillary line for remodeling helpful.

Sexy waist

Sexy waist

If you own slender waist lines and perfect, even more solid and slightly larger hips, wearing a bikini will effect its slender body than the scrawny more attractive. If the body is too fat, then they would have started from the waist to adjust.

Li & squat waist impact

1, feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, the body was riding squatting crotch style. His hands raised to shoulder flush, do boxing starting position.

2, upper left, left right fist hit. About 8 times on each side fist strike action.


1, both sides of the ramp below the punches each doing 16 times.

2 sides obliquely above punches each doing 16 times.

Supine leg movement

1, supine, back close to the ground, relax, hands crossed behind us

2, part of the head to gently lift the shoulder blades, alternately lift your legs straight down, seeing the distance, try to relax the chest, legs, no need to lift very high, the feeling of abdominal muscle contraction on it. Also note that the legs do not touch the ground. Repeated 20 times.

Supine arm movement

1, sit, relax, two Tuiqu Xi, divided into land, and the shoulder width.

2, upper body slightly raised, seeing the navel, try to stretch the neck.

3, from the ground raised his arms to keep the height, arms at your sides to do before and after flexion and extension. Repeated 20 times.

Check at the end of the training, the need to have been in a rapid beating of the heart rate slow down, so this section has added some finishing concept "Cool Down" exercises, including some lying body movements. In addition, this part does not need to have to do extra aerobic exercise.

Tips abdomen

1, fat burning slimming products + intestinal massage

Today's popular low-cut bikini line, a little bit of belly fat will be exposed. But as long as three days intestines stick massage, can effectively remove the stool. In the abdomen smear promote fat burning product, and then start from the upper end of the navel, massage clockwise circle around the navel repeatedly.

2, usually pay attention to the abdomen action

All basic posture Pilates is a state in the abdomen, and it feels like the navel to the spine as much as possible. So usually do abdomen action should be noted, small habits can bring great benefits.
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