15 Things You Must Learn After the Age Of 20 It's Only Grow It!

15 Things You Must Learn After the Age Of 20 It's Only Grow It!

Honey, you will not occasionally think, "Life is life, ah, how suddenly it came back this step?" It seems like just yesterday you stepped on campus, you just talked about the first game of love , in retrospect, those original so as the years fly also wish the same slip, and in the end there what we learn?

Now you probably are trying to break through all the difficulties in life, you're trying to move toward their dreams, sometimes occasionally feel less of what you tried to ignore the limitations imposed by society for you, The 28-year-old before you get married, if you want to marry your husband that have a steady income, you and your child will not starve to death.

My dear, life really is not so much "must do" or "do not do this kind of how we should ." We want to tell you, no one can limit you, if you think this world is very Xuanrao, you can close ears take heed his voice. Or Just Looking back, hey, through 20 years of age, that day in the past days, in fact, we really learned a lot.

Each journey of life is not a long detour, each walked the streets, and all lead us to see different life scenery. Do not worry ah my dear, no matter how you go, you will not miss, are only part of his life. Pick up a pen marking it! The following 15 life event, you are not having learned it?

1. Do not knowingly sell other people's secrets

When a person feels that you cannot see the light, it is definitely not a good thing. So when you, he said: "We come venue lower levels it!", Or reluctance to introduce you to his friends, to let you know his world, he is in fact not so serious, you do not need to tell him again a delay. Hey there! Honey, is that he is not good enough, not good enough for you, you definitely deserve better treatment.

2, To make really good friends along comfortable

Friends do not have much, a few sincere enough. If your friend or boyfriend, you always try to do everything possible to transform, or intentionally or unintentionally, in the discourse that makes you feel hurt, I feel like I really "not very good", and believe me this time, for a group of friends compare fast!

You know, of course, a true friend will be embarrassing to you, occasionally sour jokes you, but they will let you do it yourself, and they get along very comfortable, you do not need to wear a mask so who pretend to be that, because you know They will love you the most original appearance. (You will understand, more real friendship than movie)

3, Enjoy other people's praise

Faced with the sudden praise, people inevitably will be a little shy, but have you ever noticed when you hear the praise, you will subconsciously deny that praise? Perhaps modesty is not enough to assert themselves perhaps, we should all learn to enjoy other people's praise and elegant, but also did not forget to praise others sincerely.

4, Learn to control their body

When crossing certain boundaries of age, before you begin to discover how to eat, how to eat no fat, and now will not even breathe fat? The so-called control of the body, does not mean that you have to force yourself to become too retouching "perfect body" on advertising, but to learn about their bodies, concerned about its emotional ups and downs, not deliberately go on a diet, but through regular exercise let the body know that you care about and care about it, and in the growth process, we learn of peaceful coexistence with their bodies, but also learn how to maintain the body in the way of their favorite sport through healthy way.

5. Learn from point A to point B the countless moves

Do not solve, but I did not expect a solution. Now go all the way, you are not actually found in life is to keep the "discovery problem", "accept the existence of the problem," "optimistic," "to find the right medicine solutions" cycle. From point A to point B, there are many moves, in every detour of accumulated experience; we can learn the most efficient solution.

6, Parents will be old, cannot always be for you to wipe

When you grow up, step by step to run in front of you, turn around and you will find that parents actually slow further and further, they cannot talk to you shoulder to shoulder, you can only look at distant. Childhood parents hold your hand forward, grow up, and some things you have to learn to face their own. Parents are a child of your umbrella, grow up, for your care with the most gentle hug them, making them the most reliable pillar, perhaps a phone call, perhaps the idea is to determine the dinner together, perhaps the most difficult but also the most simple an "I love you."

7, To focus on paying in to make you proud of the things

Life is wasted on the good things. Everyone have only 24 hours a day, but everyone's been 24 hours in different ways. The time and effort to make you pay on rewarding thing, it will not feel the day is wasted.

8, The real change is people, good memories are forever

Remember the "Ashes of Time" inside saying, "When you no longer have, the only thing you can do is not to forget." Whether it is gender relations or the size of things in life, he left, and now he has changed, does not mean he did not love you, you had the most brilliant time in the meet, even if the final wave goodbye and that for some years always stay in my mind, who does not go stealing. After all, people are no changes expected, but the good memories will never die.

9, Learn to relax, in order to have efficient work

Although the increase seems to have become the norm overtime, everyone feels their shoulders burdened with a lot of responsibility and pressure. But learn to relax, in fact, make the work more efficient. There is a saying that work hard, play hard, careful work seriously to play, learn to strike a balance between work and life, and learn to control on and off for their own switch.

10, No one stole your racks, you really buy aggravation

Practical Cheats: When your mind is full of desire to buy time, might as well put my wardrobe calm about it! Honey, learn to control their materialism is also a growing, not as good as when you want to buy clothes start to organize their own wardrobe started! You will find that you fancy shirt, you always have the same style of the early; or if you already have four dark blue coat, and it really necessary because "different button styles" or "That piece is Blue sky, blue sea this is "buy one do? Finishing wardrobe is definitely a good way to make their burning desire to be doused shopping moment!

11, Married and not guaranteed to become mature

Honey, you really do not have someone else for you to set a good age to get married, so life is very hard, nor is it you that before, you can decide for yourself at the right time and the right people into the auditorium. Maybe not in your plans to get married in, so what, life is yours, you can choose your most wanted look.

12, After the choice, choose to accept along comes the good and bad

In the journey of growth, we have learned to be responsible for themselves. We all know that no one choice is entirely good or entirely bad, not only for their own or for yourself. For others, not necessarily for you. After the courageous choice, we learn to bear the consequences of each choice, because every choice and their own closely related.

13, Learn effective financial management

Whether it is to cut costs, billing day, investment funds or credit card cut off all, my dear, you should have your own set of financial management, in order to avoid the fate of paycheck to paycheck. How much money to control their own hands, to understand their own money habits, but also represents your own life to master.

14 Do not mean to bring warmth to others

Life is not happy just to laugh, but laugh will be happy. Perhaps you do not know your casual smile, can infect this seemingly indifferent world, your warmth, you can make this world a better place than expected. If you feel the distance between people is good sometimes alienated ourselves from the beginning it would give others warm it! (It turned out that the intentions of life, is a kind of habit)

15, No one is perfect, you have to do is the best version of yourself

The pursuit of perfection itself is a paradoxical thing. Whether it is for their appearance looks carping, or always use strict criteria to deny their own thing to do, my dear, abandon your idea for the "perfect" perfect imagine it, we pursue is to make yourself better, so keep their own progress.

Every day a little better than yesterday’s own, there is no best, only better. Dear you, our 20-year-old King, perhaps confused, but came to learn that, to embrace failure, frustration and enjoy every day life is more practical than yesterday.

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