5 big change has created a good man edge

Why do some women always shortage of bees around a butterfly around gallant, commuting always pick someone warm feelings, lonely people can rely on, do not be alone since licking wounds, always like a set of thousands of pet? And why are you always a loner one? The so-called no man edge, often the problem lies in himself. Now beginning to make some changes quickly, boldly pursue their own happiness!

5 big change has created a good man edge

5 big change has created a good man edge

1, The basic shape looks good man edge

Most men good margin of several girls must have the following conditions: that there is a head of hair straight, easygoing personality, often sweet smile, look at the eyes of people feel very gentle face looks good, is sweet type who usually this girl a guy would be better. In general because now the boys are afraid of hurt, usually do first friend and began to pursue, if the girls are less likely to reject it, of course, is more ideal, so difficult to find female beauty tip type, is more to the more unpopular.
According to the more observation and experience, there is no lack of suitors many heterosexual men edge good girls are very feminine group, for example, is wearing a dress, or a more dazzling appearance, speak more softly , feels it is more soft and graceful, boys, so girls will not have pressure, people feel very comfortable.

2, Multi-release femininity

To create a guy, the first is not to set limits, do not think that there is no opportunity to talk to this man, because even when men and women can not be friends, or to a friend. I have always felt that increase the chance of getting along with each other, but also a study, I suggest you may wish to get along in the process, the release of some of their more femininity.
You know what? I have observed, wearing spaghetti straps for girls in the summer, most likely to attract the attention of boys, because it looks sexy. Combination of clothing is very interesting, potentially will narrow the distance to each other, of course, nor is it to you to wear burning, it distracted every day, but do not always wear dark clothing lines, light-colored clothing is appropriate also let you change was different, remember to grasp the principle is to let others know you, rather than you as a shadow.

3, Make relationships better

Women are needed suitors anywhere, no matter what the age, because it not only allows women to increase self-confidence, for women it is an affirmation. Just as men like to be recognized and verbal praise a woman, is the same reason.
To increase Yixing Yuan, in fact, make a modest improvement in interpersonal relationships, too much or less is not good, I suggest you may wish to observe the relationships around good friends, learn from it, like in tone, just the right attitude, the most important there's a kind of respect for people.

4, The body language contagious

About creating a guy way more relaxed body language, natural girls, boys are more vulnerable to all ages, because body language is contagious, which means that if you do not will speak, or seem nervous, then feel free to , they will feel that way to convey to each other, so when your body language naturally, you'll want to get along with attractive.

5. Do thousand li away

Here we Reminder, if you are someone else's harsh conditions, then people turn to treat you? Coexistence between short remote is actually the opposite, if you start to reject the others, how can we ask others to come close How about you? This is a very interesting question, is simple and it is available to you are still looking for an object as a reference, and sometimes open-minded, the opportunity will follow.
Moderate in front of the boys showed a small woman's attitude, is morality. Smart you should know not to try to be brave attempt bagged everything yourself, when you can not load capability, to find the boys rely on, this is not bad.
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