7 tips to make your love fresh sweet love to continue

Some say there is a shelf life of love, and have a family-like as it becomes dull. In fact, as long as we little thought, you can make love as originally kept as affectionate, intimate.Love does not need diamonds and fresh flowers, but start from little things of life. Here to share seven tips love fresh, quickly followed suit, let your sweet love has maintained it!

7 tips to make your love fresh sweet love to continue

1. Compliment your partner on the little things

From omelets to hard decorative bedroom, there is always something you admire him (her) to do, tell him (her). Praise you for his (her) love expressed.

2. Considerate

Our charity will often return to us.When you are considerate of your partner, he (she) will be more considerate to return. So remember to buy each other's favorite dessert, cut or email some of your partner might like the article; or bear some odd jobs for your partner arrange a day without any housework, any holiday arrangements.

3. Keep commitments

Do not keep promises could undermine a relationship of harmony and trust. Better to say, "Let me think about it," rather than saying you'll go do something, but ultimately did not pan out.

4. Share hobbies

Monthly turn select an artistic or cultural activities to participate in together. Emphasis is to make your partner know what is your hobby, so he (she) could be like you (or close enough) to experience it. To be able to achieve the goal, you must be able to accommodate two people: because maybe someone wants to have to go to a football game or go to the theater. Remuneration is to experience each other's interests, says no, where the fun than you think it is even interesting.

5. Kiss under the full moon

A beautiful night, carpet, along with a drink in the beautiful and quiet environment in the night sky bunk. You can talk, or just shoulder to shoulder, under the stars, enjoying the taste of silence and with feeling.

6. Play point "honeymoon" game

When do you married to your partner or just time together doing. Such as: do Dayton special meals, send flowers lingering after night. Plug in some unexpected places love note to your partner's cell phone or send some sexy text messages.

7. Discussion of these life events

When did you woo your trivia for hours talking about the meaning of life or the front? If you are talking about now seems more to buy things, or how much money to buy a new sofa that sort of thing, then, in your emotional life plus some meaningful dialogue it. Try this: One night, you sit in front of the TV or in the car, on your partner deeply concerned about something, published a provocative comment (but no noxious), such as government, athletes or woman - will provoke some He (she) angry thing. Of course, he (she) would not agree that such an interesting conversation began. Keep it up!

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Some people think: Love In essence, it is impossible to long-lasting, because scientists have discovered that the love-related hormone secreted only less than two years, and this time it was enough to complete the love, marriage, birth This is the essence of love, so that we can ensure that nurture the next generation only. At the same time, there are most people because of love or happiness or suffering, and they fall in love, break up, get married, divorced, no matter what may happen, the outcome, as long as in love, they will hope this can be a long and even eternal love. What is "After you call, everything is getting worse." Or "the beginning was the best, but there will be better." A survey revealed that many couples in the United States for many years after the love is still immersed in the "passionate love" among perhaps given below about love long part of the answer.

O'Leary and his team investigate the country's 274 pairs of couples married less than a decade. When they first collect good data, these researchers have such a high percentage of people said that being in love is still said he was very surprised. These couples want to answer "how much you love your other half?" This question, from "not at all love" to "very warm love" in a split between seven minutes to make a choice. Contrary to the researchers expected, most of the choices are: both men and women at the same time choose the "very warm love." 46% of women and 49 percent of men said it is in a "very warm love" at home.

  These timeless love what secret? Not surprisingly, the various factors important is intimate relations, such as hugging and kissing. Of course, the survey did not reveal a causal relationship, but oxytocin, also known as the "hug hormone", will embrace and after sex in endocrine. Then we'll feel and the other half of our more intimate, so as to promote long-term relationships. As decades of psychological research shows that social relations are basic human needs for physical and mental health plays a key role. The feeling of love in intimate relations is such an important factor based on this study, the lack of intimate relations couple also said the lack of love in their relationship.

The researchers also found that the frequency of sex and love are also enthusiastic about the extent, but interestingly, it is not a necessary condition: 25% in the last month without sex of respondents also said that they were still being in love.

The role of intimate relations is so powerful, even if the relationship is not always perfect (and yet how perfect relationship?), But they can make up for these deficiencies intimate relations. For example, some couples may be because some of the common obstacles (such as different philosophy of life, economic pressure, responsibility imbalance) and make them low for marital satisfaction. If, however, the extent of their intimate relations remain high, they are still being expressed in love.

The study found that couples keep a positive attitude is a major factor to keep in love. When people meet every day, it is easy to become accustomed to each other's advantages, to the neglect of the other body which has attracted its own characteristics. However, little attention and grateful this process can reconcile. When we are getting to know each other, we naturally understand the advantages and disadvantages of each other, but will focus on which side is entirely up to us. Appreciation and praise by the other half of his / her values and brought us gifts grateful life, we will naturally be more positive and optimistic view of each other, and thus feel more sweet love.
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