Breast Cancer Firm Unsafe Hidden Crisis

Let seemingly strong female breast cancer proud hidden crisis. Firm breasts are on medicine called "dense breasts" cognitive report on breast cancer and its risk factors showed that women have dense breast tissue will be substantially increased risk of breast cancer.
Breast cancer firm unsafe hidden crisis

Breast cancer firm unsafe hidden crisis

Women have firm breasts are considered "America" logo, firm breasts is actually a medicine called "dense breasts." When the girls have dense breasts, does not mean that they are stupid, this means that their breasts than normal breast has less fat tissue and less fatty tissue may need more glandular tissue and supporting tissue.

Seemingly proud firm breasts but hidden crisis. Recently, GE Healthcare Global Survey Report released in October of this year cognitive report on breast cancer and its risk factors "cognitive values" that women have dense breast tissue will be substantially increased risk of breast cancer, The people of this general lack of sufficient knowledge, "three-quarters of people are not aware of dense breast tissue increases the risk of women suffering from breast cancer," and that "fewer than half of all adults can certainly say breast cancer Some of the most common symptoms and signs" The report also pointed out that, due to the presence of dense breast tissue, a single detection methods can not fully guarantee the accuracy of screening, therefore, need individual differences from the actual situation and the female body view, the use of ultrasound, X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging, and other Check targeted manner so as to draw accurate conclusions.

So, women have dense breast tissue usually how to prevent breast self-examination and early it? First look at his two breasts is symmetrical, with or without changes in skin color, nipple retraction or discharge if there is.View four main areas, including breast shape, breast skin, nipple and chest wall.
Breast cancer firm unsafe hidden crisis

Breast cancer firm unsafe hidden crisis

  • Breast shape: Striped shirt, facing the mirror, arms akimbo, or on the move too far, anti several times to observe the breast contour is complete symmetry, with or without contour abnormalities. Normal curved contour of the breast with a complete, any unusual change this arc should be valued.

  • The breast skin: Observe whether the breast skin smooth, color is normal, whether the vein dilation and skin edema, skin or without punctate depressions (or orange peel-like change) and regional depressions (dimples sign) exists.

  • Nipple: View both sides of the nipple height is in a horizontal line, on both sides of the nipple and areola color is the same, the nipple without loss or erosion of the skin, nipple retraction or elevation phenomenon.

The chest wall: from the top to the outside of the chest wall in the bottom of the nipple nipples whether there is a greater presence of dark brown disease-like protrusions, to consider may be the deputy or vice breast nipple.

Secondly, touch breast self-examination whether a lump in touch found during unusual circumstances, should go to hospital for treatment. Self-examination order: from the outside on the breast, outside, the inside, the inner region, and finally the middle of the nipple and areola of the breast area, since the outer portion of the breast can be extended to the armpit, check the breast can not be ignored horn protruding parts. Small lumps can not easily be touched, check available breasts left hand with his right hand palpable investigation.Sagging breasts breast lumps are often overshadowed by the lower part can hold up the breast or prostrate lifter arm, check with the other hand palpable deep as palpable mass is less than when the press can also be taken to check before hunched position.Finally squeeze the nipple, watch for liquid effluent, using the same method to check both sides of the armpits, watch for enlarged lymph nodes, thus completing the breast self-examination.

The breast is a symbol of female beauty, the female breast is an important endocrine organ, which in different periods of life and breast can have different variations in the menstrual cycle, and sometimes may mask the presence of malignancy, and sometimes they may be mistaken for normal changes is a tumor, so meticulous and accurate breast examination is essential, as well as help to identify differentiating benign and malignant breast tumors of the breast change.
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