Exposing women intercourse taboo 5 "crimes"

A man is like from Venus, a woman is like from Mars, so there is a big difference between men and women, regardless of personality or thinking. So in the process of interaction between men and women will certainly encounter a lot of friction, then what matters is the process of interaction between men and women need it taboo?(Source: Pacific Women Network)

1, Somewhat spoiled

Whether it is a man or a woman, like others of their own fallen in love with, like the whole world turn around feel, but when someone loved his own, it is very easy to start to become somewhat spoiled, feel that others do things should be. Therefore, the most taboo among men and women somewhat spoiled, what is deserved.

Do not retain

2, Do not retain

If love has not come back on behalf of the separation, then even if you do not like to stay back as before, so that when the other party has decided to leave, then do not retain, dashing back and turned to perfect, otherwise it will make the other side think you're cheap.

Settling old accounts

3, Settling old accounts

Because different character and mode of thinking, no matter how pleasant men and women get along before, there will always encounter some conflicts when different views. When the interaction process encountered such a situation when, for only then begin to discuss things that do not look through the old account before, especially other relatively taboo thing, because sometimes fall in love again repeated mention of past lovers will not stand in the.

The trouble to bring the other side

4, The trouble to bring the other side

Some people say "willing to share your troubles are my mutual affection, let me share your troubles is your duty," although two people together to share each other's joys and sorrows that should be, but when your troubles are few vexatious, will only make the other side too much for two people together for fun, not sad.

V. overemphasize their pay

5. overemphasize their pay

The process of interaction between men and women for each other's pay is voluntary, when you pay the time to get a sense of satisfaction, is a harvest, if blindly pay and emphasize their pay would not dare let the other party to accept your pay, not even Yuanzai exchanges down, after all, also paid.
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