How To Get Better With Men And Women In Love Misunderstandings

Among men and women in love, often simply because in their own point of thinking will cause misunderstanding of love continues expansion. Such thinking seems to exist in everyone's impression among However, according to the survey findings, this argument has some limitations. Today, small series from a psychological point of love for you to resolve love canon, look right with the couple at the road should be like!

Love Mistakes

Talk about love in the performance, everyone almost always reached a consensus that men and women behave different.But guess findings is how to say? The study found that even though people do not realize, but men and women behave in love is actually very similar, that is, our universal guess is wrong.

Let us explore these six errors:

Women are more romantic than men

Most romantic fiction and comedy are for women in the audience, so the men would be more romantic ideas that might make people feel incredible.

Romantic belief scales are often used to measure the value of romance, according to this standard so that person's answer to the extent of several theories of identity, such as "I have only one true love." "If I love someone, will be desperate to maintain our feelings. "

Facts have proved that the measured value is always higher than that of a man a woman. In addition, men are more convinced that "love at first sight," the concept of love than women.

Men pay more attention to the other half of appearance than women

This misunderstanding is generated mainly based on the fact that: Many studies have shown that, when asked what qualities like heterosexual men than women tend to be more concerned with appearances.

However, after further analysis of this data, found that men and women are concerned about the outside, just a little more attention to some of the men. One study found that men and women on the sperm on the other half has some requirements. Overall, the appearance of men came in fourth, while women ranked sixth.

Therefore, the appearance of men and women are considered very important, but do not think is the most important factor.

However, this data can only prove that people say the mouth. Well guess again another study what conclusions? In a classic study on interpersonal charm, the blind of university students were randomly paired, both men and women, without exception, the appearance is attractive as a basis to continue dating.

A recent study, the investigators studied the preferences of university students during a blind date. Before the blind, the students will be factors they believe they decided to row the sequence, the result of gender differences emerged: the attractive appearance of female students at the back of this one male student.

However, the investigators found that, in a real blind date, this gender difference disappears: male and female students who prefer to look nice, that looks for men and women are equally important.

Therefore, in words, say the men and women care about looks, men really more important to look to see, but just to see heavier, but in the actual dating, men and women are equally attracted by the appearance of good-looking people.
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