Kiss private parts hidden health risks

The pursuit of "sex" blessing of the people will never be able to create new methods and tricks, but not all the way can make people happy, and sometimes even hidden health risks. Many men think that kissing can boost happiness, female private parts, and thus achieve orgasm, but not every woman thinks so.

Kiss at private health risks

A survey in the US found that although 75 percent of married women have had the experience of being kissed private parts, but 45% of people find it difficult to accept this caress each other's way, or out of embarrassment or because they do not feel happy. In short, this does not get all the women's favorite. If you want to achieve a harmonious sex, the most important thing is the two communicate with each other in order to reach a mutual understanding, and ultimately have to each other are happy experience.

In addition, the kiss private parts for men there are health risks. Professor Pawel University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland, that for the purposes of the tonsils, this behavior is more than smoking and alcohol harm them, are more likely to cause cancer. In addition, one can lead to cervical cancer, often through sexual conduct viral infection - the human papilloma virus (HPV) can also be spread from the mouth and genitals, especially for sexually active, sexual partners and more people, even higher chance of being infected. The incubation period of the virus is uncertain, sometimes decades after infection will be diagnosed with cancer.

Therefore, we seek to stimulate or pleasure, while the same can not ignore the health factor, reached a tacit understanding and ensure a healthy sex premise to make each other happier, more durable on both sides.
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