Lack of Sleep Is Cause More Fat To Get Lean Beauty Sleep

Lack of sleep can gain weight it? What is the real link between sleep and the body is? University of Chicago sleep expert Dr. Evie Van Ke Aote that body weight affects a woman's hormonal balance, appetite increase, increased fat storage, and then is fat.

Lack of Sleep Is Cause More Fat To Get Lean Beauty Sleep
Lack of Sleep Is Cause More Fat To Get Lean Beauty Sleep

The reasons are:

A lack of sleep, your appetite will increase

Lack of sleep fattening it? Maybe you did not notice before, when you feel tired, you will eat more.

University of Chicago made an interesting experiment, so that a group of people who slept for five and a half hours, another group of people sleep eight and a half hours a day, two groups of people eating record status. As a result, fewer hours of sleep that groups an average intake of 221 calories a day. What is this concept?

Two weeks later, the heat will be converted into approximately 1 kg of fat! Experts say that when a woman lack of sleep, the body's growth hormone called ghrelin would surge, this hormone can lead people to appetite, while a body lepton’s called "lepton" level will be lowered, this "lepton" is responsible for giving the send "fullness" signal, it means that you reduce the perception of whether to eat will be reduced, easy to eat too much.

In addition, when you lack sleep, you just want to eat, but also want to eat less healthy foods, do not desire a simple carbohydrate foods, such as chocolate, pasta and candy, as they speed into energy faster.

 Lack of sleep, your fat stores will increase

2, Lack of sleep, your fat stores will increase

Lack of sleep can cause obesity, when you enter deep sleep, your brain will release a lot of growth hormone, and the hormone will instruct your body break down fat to release energy. But if you absorb the extra calories, while a lack of deep sleep, then you lack sufficient growth hormone to break down the fat.So, your body will take such a shortcut - the extra fat stack in your hips, thighs and abdomen.

3, Lack of sleep, your fitness will be reduced

Dieters must pay attention to your sleep time; lack of sleep can lead to lack of your energy, so you do not want to move.

So we have to stay away from obesity should be done:

1, Get enough sleep 7.5 hours a day

25-30-year-old woman's average sleep time of only 6 hours 40 minutes, which is about 30 percent more women sleep less than six hours long, the extent of their fat is also 30% higher than the others. Expert advice is, to weight loss, make sure to get enough sleep every day at least 7.5 hours. If you stay up late on weekends than usual twelve hours, twelve hours later the next day to get up.

However, some women may need nine hours of sleep a day. If you have enough sleep 7.5 hours, and the next day you wake up alarm clock still cannot put, this means you need more sleep.

In fact, the normal length of sleep each person has their own needs, and if time is less than the length of sleep, even if only one hour less, can lead to hormonal imbalance. However, it is not a slimming effect on sleep; the more the better, what you need is the most suitable for the length of their sleep.
To find the length, you can try to go to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual, until you find yourself in the ideal amount of sleep until, of course, the test of the time you might spend a week, but it's worth a try.

2, To create a good sleep environment

Establish a bedtime activity patterns, which can be cuddle, it can be read, but also can be a hot bath, 10 minutes of yoga and so on. Bedtime activities can begin 45 minutes before bedtime to one hour of time. Over time, your body will produce reactions of these special events; gradually relax into sleep mode to be.

Finally, before going to bed to turn off the TV, computer and your phone. Because if there are lights flashing, your brain will make arousal, reduced melatonin levels, affecting the quality of deep sleep.

3. Adjust the habit of drinking coffee and alcohol

If you thought not drink coffee, the whole afternoon had not? If you're a die-hard coffee family, then "do not drink coffee after 2:30 pm" This principle seems very cruel. But trust the advice of experts - caffeine does in subtle ways affect your sleep. If at first you insist on very hard, try step by step, such as the amount of your coffee first half. 
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