Massage To Bring You The Pinnacle Of Sexual Feelings

Lead: For many people, sex seems to be concerned only with the genitals, just clitoral orgasm or sexual intercourse. We always jump directly to the most sexy part. Therefore, other parts of our body was ignored and even forgotten, until they are long since lost the ability to feel deprived.

Massage To Bring You The Pinnacle Of Sexual Feelings

 Massage to bring you the pinnacle of sexual feelings

  Massage effect on the entire body. When we accept a massage when we allow ourselves and every part of the exchange of the body. This is a comprehensive experience, it may lead us, but it might just enhance our body sensibility. Therefore, it makes us better at sex enjoy the fun.

  Massage preparations

  And create an environment similar to the sex of a suitable temperature, dimly lit, cozy room atmosphere. If your mattress is not enough hard floor is covered in a thick blanket, massage are not guaranteed to be sink.

  Select a slower absorption oil, such as almond oil, sunflower oil or coconut oil; before starting the massage, first lubricating oil on the hot water heating.

  Before you begin the massage first with a little time to relax, it will get better results. Can first sit-in a few minutes, listening to background music or listen to the sounds of nature.

  Best to start by grinding from the back, which is the body part most likely to fatigue, but also the most likely to reflect the site massage effect. Let your partner kneeling behind you, do not press his weight in your body. He used both sides of the spine of your thumb or the palm of your hand flat, massage from within the field.

  Massage at the right front of the body, starting from the neck and shoulders, a gradual transition to the breast, where the need to be extra gentle.Massage the abdomen when doing a circular motion with both hands or long distance, powerful, slow stroke, so as not to laugh at each other because of itching.

 Massage preparations

  Foot massage should be firm or it will because itching and laugh. Along the upper part of the foot began to massage gently with your thumb and foot, do not use excessive force, otherwise it may cause damage. Finally, gently rubbing the toes, then feet on two hands the whole, remains in contact a few minutes.

  By grinding head is very intimate. With the thumb and index finger from the inside outward massage mill forehead. Then the cheek, jaw outline plans along those few laps, gently massage the neck muscles - shoulders straight slide.

  Principles of massage

  Your partner where the signal received from the more that your state more natural, the better the effects of massage. Here are some basic principles:

  Do not touch the vulnerable parts: infection or swelling of the skin; scars; varicose veins; testis; pregnant belly. Do not massage the patient unchecked.

  Do not impose too much pressure on the bones weak at the skin, such as the spine. Do not massage the eyes and other parts.

  Once the massage began, it should not be abruptly interrupted. Even when you add lubricant, it should put a hand to stay in the partner's body.Spread out a hand, pour in the oil palm, or use the watering can.

  Symmetrical operation. If you massage the side of the body, should be in the same way and the same length of time massage the other side.(Although not every time you massage and the massage, but on the whole you equal opportunity, neither side can always accept or always pay.

  Although after the massage you may touch the genitals as a prelude to sex, but to avoid genital massage which will make you more relaxed touch.
How to massage your partner

  How to massage your partner

  Massage is not just passively accept lying there. If you can take the initiative to relax, intentionally excluded inner distractions, concentrate on how you feel, then you can put the massage turned into a two-way experience. Doing so allows you prefer this experience. Your body language to express your satisfaction, your partner will feel the value of his labor.
  If you put the partner's head on your lap, bottom-up massage would be very appropriate. Massage from his abdomen began, slowly, over long distances stroke. In his nipple draw a few laps, then use your hands alternately rubbing his neck and face.
  Note keep in contact, even when the lubricating.
  Abdominal massage may easily cause him to laugh, so use a little fresh massage, but not too heavy, with his hands on his belly staggered circled.

  Mood Massage

  You can add some basic tricks by grinding steps:

  Massage transform the way, such as licking, kissing, nibble, gently fingering, fingering heavier.
  Transform massage techniques, such as using only the thumb, massage and other large buttocks muscles with the whole fist with your lashes with feathers, with a smooth glove, with flowers, with a vibrator, with a hair dryer (not special in some the use of body parts, such as eyes, clothes, etc.), with ice (not too cold, first with your tongue to try its temperature).
  Fatigue may have accumulated a large amount of back to the top. Hands before and after exercise, massage the muscles at the top of the shoulder, the shoulder and the head office for the slow and powerful circular motion.
  Massage the muscles in the buttocks, you can safely do hard, of course, lightweight and fast massage is also available. Try kneeling behind a partner, the two fists pressed against his hip. Massage waist, kneeling beside him, palms spread flat, overlapping, gently massage upward.
  Massage the thigh or calf muscles, hand grip for the cup, thumb steady force, slow moving downwards.
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