Teeth Whitening Tips blooming flower smile

Teeth Whitening Tips blooming flower smile

Girls can do a lot of beauty in a quiet woman, laughing grin. But in fact, only you know, not being unwilling cheerful smile, but that one really cannot bear yellowed teeth exposed scary. Do not upset the MM friends, small finishing seven kinds of fast make teeth whitening methods. Allows you to do a confident girl laughing!

7 Strokes quickly get rid of yellow teeth

Some MM very upset, they do not smoke, do not drink, but we were not able to have a white teeth, yellowed teeth so that they are afraid to confidently with people laughing. In addition to scaling, what else can it get rid of yellow teeth to teeth whitening? Quickly Xiaobian look!

1: Vinegar rinse

Home vinegar (vinegar, white vinegar can be, but not the vinegar) in your mouth for 1 to 3 minutes, then spit it out, brush your teeth. Teeth will feel very tingling (probably lasts 2 minutes), once every two months, the effect is very significant, and can be removed breath Oh, temporary appointments to deal with the best.

2: Peanuts brushing crumbs

Buy some raw peanuts spare at home, after a day chew, do not swallow the toothpaste peanut crumbs when used, can effectively whiten teeth.

Cuttlefish bone brushing

3: cuttlefish bone brushing

Squid is squid, squid, its body has a large block of white bones, nails scraping can scrape out a lot of white powder, these powders as toothpaste, and the effect is immediate.

4: baking soda to brush your teeth

With a toothbrush dipped a little baking soda, and then press the correct method of brushing, 2 to 3 times a week, brushing time control in two minutes left rear, allowing the teeth to keep clean and bright.

5: yeast brushing

In the teeth when the first squeezed toothpaste, plus a little yeast and then start brushing. Yeast contains a lot of protein, can be decomposed dirt on the teeth, long-term adherence can help whiten teeth.

Brushing lemon juice

6: Lemon juice brushing

Every time brushing with a toothbrush or gauze, cotton, stained with lemon juice to brush your teeth. Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C can reinforce the teeth, but also has a strong cleaning effect, can effectively whiten teeth.

7: Orange peel brushing

After eating oranges, orange peel to leave, dried, ground into powder. When brushing your teeth, toothpaste and orange peel powder, stir together, then the normal steps to brushing, can also play a very good whitening effect.
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