Try These Small Movements of Vaginal Relaxation

Most female vaginal relaxation is caused by age or birth, trying to solve vaginal relaxation phenomena, everyday life can do little exercise, let's look at exercise method which female vaginal relaxation. (Source: 99 Health Net)

Try these small movements of vaginal relaxation

Female vaginal relaxation is unspeakable topic, in fact, this is a normal phenomenon, as people grow old like, but if you are young and you need to be aware of vaginal relaxation conditioning, and let Chinese medicine teaches female friend vaginal relaxation exercise recovery methods.

Vaginal relaxation refers to the supporting wall of the vagina or pelvic ligaments organization for some reason unable to maintain the original structure closely, as the elderly or bags frontal cortex relaxation, showing sagging phenomenon.
Generally With age, skin aging, dryness, roughness, loss of elasticity is a natural phenomenon and can not be avoided, the so-called become old thing. Female genital no exception, as a result of marriage and childbirth, the vagina becomes loose, elastic fiber breakage after vaginal, vaginal dilation, thinning of the vaginal walls become brittle, not only easier to invade bacteria, also make the vagina during intercourse is easy to attack the quality of injury. Because genital elastic web fracture, atrophy, making the pudendal nerve endings reduced sensitivity becomes dull, indifferent to form sexual intercourse pain and other conditions.Therefore, the age, and produce more than the formation of the vaginal wall relaxation seems to be no way to fundamentally change, diligence exercise pelvic muscles there will be some relief, but no way to completely change, it was an attempt by medication, surgery is often treated with even more harm than good because most of the reason is congenital structural relaxation is easy, once the female abortion or childbirth, vaginal muscles through expansion and elastic deformation is too large, resulting in muscle like material like plastic deformation to go back, obviously the natural elasticity of the vagina weakened. But some just entering middle age or younger women have vaginal relaxation is that you encountered an unexpected long-term or chronic cough caused by heavy lifting prolapse formed under high pressure and abdominal muscle relaxation.Life vaginal relaxation exercise recovery methodsHorizontal exercise:Other training methods2, the palm near the hips back later posted the next place, sniff, feel the whole back and lower perineal muscle contraction, then slowly exhale.Urine off training, when the trumpet can practice.

The elastic strength of the vagina is determined by the rigidity of the elastic fibers and the size determined by the external force. Vaginal relaxation are of course because of the elastic fibers break leaving the vagina elastic webs damage incurred vaginal relaxation, this is the most important. But in the abdominal cavity is always affected by cough and fatigue load will be reduced because of the rigidity of the material, such as elastic recovery will therefore deteriorate. Like a fine wire off once or twice, but repeatedly it will produce relaxation break even, which is the concept of mechanics of materials fatigue, elastic fibers of the vagina too long because of cough and abdominal cavity stretch muscles fatigue.

Elastic fibers supporting the vagina like a spring elastic network, the same as the reservoir dam lock in moisture. Vaginal elasticity, moist, lubricate the vaginal cells depends on elastic fibers, it is a woman's constriction elements. So when you become a woman, and you both want to avoid sexual intercourse, childbirth injury again and again leaving the vaginal wall tear attack, but also to prevent the frequent violent movement, weight vagina stretch mesh material and long-term chronic cough caused elasticity decrease fatigue weakness retraction. To know is not only a man of high vaginal relaxation unhappy issue is more important is that the female vagina vaginal relaxation rendered powerless also make yourself feel empty yourself libido, loss of pleasure, relaxation will allow vaginal bacteria toxin residues, lead Many gynecological inflammation.
Pelvic muscle exercises, exercise helps vaginal, anal sphincter and pelvic floor muscle contraction force, postpartum can do two to three times per day to fifteen minutes is appropriate. Specifically: deep breathing, tight anal ten to fifteen seconds, then deep breath, relax the anus, so repeat.
1, sit by the bed, on the edge of the bed buttocks, legs stretched out straight vacant, do not touch the ground. Keeping guard at the edge of the bed with both hands to prevent the slide. Legs together, slowly lift up, to move closer to the upper body, knees straight. When the legs move to the top of the body, his hands held onto the legs to make it toward the abdomen, knees kept straight. Then, slowly put down his legs to restore the original position.
2, lying on the bed, a finger into the vagina, then try to relax the body, and then take the initiative to clamp finger muscle contraction, breathing in the contraction of muscle, you can feel the muscles of the fingers wrapped force. When the muscles relax, breath, and repeat several times repeatedly.Sustained muscle contractions every 3 seconds, then relax for 3 seconds. Now you can come up with your finger, and continue to practice relaxation muscle contraction. Focus on the feelings of muscle contraction and relaxation. Tightening the muscles gradually from 5 seconds to 10 seconds contraction, takes about a few weeks to achieve this purpose. If you want to Kaiji Er practice for at least 6 weeks, if we can freely during contraction and relaxation exercises can be done from the contraction to relaxation exercises rapid change, to be able to contract and relax in one second each time.
3, in addition to practice under the vaginal muscles outward push also has some significance. At the beginning of practice, you can sit on the bed, the body relax, focus on the levator ani contraction action. Particular attention to the legs, buttocks, abdominal not force; after experience pelvic floor muscle contraction action, the action will focus on shrink the vagina, urethra, continued repeating a reduction in the frequency of a place. Day to do pelvic floor muscle movement 1-2 times, each time for 10 minutes. When exercise lasts about six to eight weeks, the only vaginal muscles will show more strained state, will be to enhance the sensitivity of the vagina. Wait until after the skilled, do this exercise can be carried out anywhere, sitting, standing or lying down can be.
Other training methods
A contraction urethra, vagina, anus muscle next, like holding back muscles when used, each contraction three seconds, relax for 3 seconds, just think of it constantly repeated practice, both in the ride vehicles, office operations computer, standing sitting can be carried out. Anytime, anywhere to do.

3, urinate, let perineal muscle relaxation repeated contraction, relaxation, contraction ...... so Fractional complete solution. Can exercise vaginal elasticity and urethral sphincter muscles.
4, lying down, knees bent up, tight buttocks and contraction of the urethra, vagina muscles, while affecting the anus, anal contraction of muscles just after the stool, or have they imagine the queen, but it must be endured choked the feeling. Maintain contractile action anus of five to ten seconds and then relax, repeat at least thirty times a day or more.
Above to introduce the female vaginal relaxation exercise recovery method, vaginal relaxation women can practice more.
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