Winter bath too long or carcinogenic

Willing to take a bath is probably a woman's nature, they are keen to keep the body clean, can not tolerate the skin perspiration, dirt accompany them for more than 24 hours a day, a bath is the minimum, and so often turn iron into steel in the call to treat bath it is not so hard for men preceded by a "smelly" word. But a recent study of skin diseases, especially in Mexico Mexico State University Xu from the ladies to love the clean, including bathing too diligent in putting men poured a bucket of cold water - bathing too often can lead to skin cancer.

Bath time is too long or carcinogenic
Bath time is too long or carcinogenic
Bath time is too long or carcinogenic

"Fast-paced life and convenient living conditions of people bathing frequency increases," responsible for the study of Arab pathologist Hu Jia Deba thick Ni said, "and too frequent bathing will bring the people to do this . what's the opposite of the original intention of the results - is harmful to health "Previous studies have shown that frequent bathing will wash away the body should not have more sebum, aggravate dry skin, causing dermatitis; force scrub will cause the fragile skin damaged, bacteria, fungi, stepped in, causing skin infections. And this recent research clearly shows frequent cause of skin damage decreased immunity, inflammation cumulative product comes under various is - skin cancer.

"Abstinence is the only viable option," Hu thick Ni said, "two or three times a week is enough, and scrub the intensity is not too much, the body does not affect the health of some dirt, or even protect the skin effect."

How long is best to wash: Every 15 minutes the best

Washed a long time, but will feel so weak. Fatigue and blood lactate concentration. Studies have shown that, after strenuous exercise, bathing five minutes, the blood lactate concentration almost no change; and wash 10 minutes, lactate concentration will be reduced from 7 to 8 mg; wash 30 to 60 minutes, then returned to the lactate concentration before fatigue the level of. General office workers or minor laborers, bathing 15 minutes, the lactic acid concentration in vivo can be restored to normal levels, or a long time, will consume energy, fatigue actually make a comeback.

Women bath more health risks
Women bath more health risks
Women bath more health risks

In the bath, and when the water pressure is greater than the pressure in the vagina, the water may flow backward into the vagina, the bacteria will go to the vagina, vaginal environment balanced destroy itself, causing vaginal disorder itself, causing some vaginal inflammation.

In the pool will see a lot of beautiful women wearing swimsuits various beautiful female swimmers will lead to gynecological disease? In the pool will use some disinfectant, there will be some bactericidal effect, keep the water clean. In addition, women in swim time, usually wearing a swimsuit, which makes the water between the vagina and produce a layer of isolation, a short swim, then, it will not swim lead to gynecological diseases.

Hot springs is the reason, but it should be noted that women do during menstruation, hot springs, that the use of menstrual tampons can not stop the infection, because the tightness of the female vagina is not the same, and menstruation is caused due to the endometrium The bleeding, tampons and not completely adsorbed vagina will stay out of the slot. Meanwhile, menstrual resistance decreased, increased risk of infection.

Such a bath most health
Such a bath most health

Such a bath most health:

Regular daily shower beneficial health

Doctors believe that the body's energy system of the body is regular. Morning to night is the heat storage time, but in the afternoon to night time period, this has continued to heat loss. So every day at a fixed time period is consistent with the physiological cycle shower laws.

The Chinese believe that different human body "gas" to maintain the functioning of organs and regulate their function, if the "gas" poor circulation, it will affect the human body functions. The motion, pressure, light, external factors can have a positive stimulus to the body, so that the body "Qimai" smooth, reaching efficacy and good health.

To pass Qimai have to have a high quality adjustable hand shower spray modes, which is the key to the health of the shower.Daily use in the shower during the five minutes of time, with a different flow shower adjust to stimulate acupuncture points of the body and internal organs, can Tongmai gas, ease pain, and this method in people's lives is simple and easy.

After the first heat, cold and promote blood circulation

Experts believe alternating hot and cold water shower massage can help promote blood circulation, but must first heat, cold. Hot surface of the skin can vasodilation and relax the muscles, helping themselves to relax, when the body is already warm enough, then the cold bath.It can tighten blood vessels and promote blood circulation, mental and physical excitement.

Shower massage must be done before the body wash.Conduct appropriate to increase the water temperature when the first point, while strengthening the flow strength, use water to do a whole body massage style massage to relax the muscles and ligaments, and concentrated in parts of muscle tension or soreness ligament. When the body has been preheated with hot water massage, you can try cold water massage. Cold water massage should be gradual and not immediately placed in cold water will flow down the body, it should start with the face, feet or hands which began several parts, and then slowly toward the chest. If it is difficult to accept the cold, may be only a shower from the feet to the knees, and from the hand to the elbow can, move up a little every day, it will slowly adapt.
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