After Eating Tartar Stay? 4 Foods to Help You Easily Go Tartar

After eating tartar stay?  4 foods to help you easily go tartar

Are you bothered by annoying tartar it? Tartar harmful not only for oral health, but also affect the appearance, how this can be done? Do not worry, the following Xiaobian recommended four kinds of food to have a role in the removal of tartar, fast come take a look at what are the right foods.

Hazard of tartar

Plaque bacteria mainly exists in the normal oral streptococci, anaerobes. After tartar accumulate to a certain thickness, the internal surface of the teeth next to the bacteria isolated from the beginning because of the air into the anaerobic respiration. Acid produced by anaerobic respiration can not be here

Saliva was washed away, so will corrode the enamel mineral composition, and further promote the formation of dental caries. At the root of the accumulation of tartar will stimulate the gums, leading to periodontitis and other periodontal diseases.

After eating tartar stay?  4 foods to help you easily go tartar

Tartar on the teeth of harm with their enhanced deposition time, so it should be periodically removed. Tartar texture is very soft, you can use a toothbrush, toothpaste to effectively remove. Brush your teeth twice a day, morning and evening, generally can achieve better results. Between the teeth, which are not easy to brush to the place you can use dental floss. Scaling can further ensure complete removal of tartar.

After long-term deposition of tartar combined with saliva minerals and other ingredients, will form a hard calcified plaque. Calculus generally closely attached to the tooth surface, which removes the need for the dentist and other professionals.

After eating tartar stay?  4 foods to help you easily go tartar

So, what to eat can remove tartar it?

Four kinds of food to remove tartar

Onion: For some more serious crowd tartar, in normal life should be appropriate to eat onions, some substances which contained not only help protect the oral health, but also can effectively remove tartar. After the study found that a large number of sulfur-containing compounds in onion, which is a powerful anti-bacterial ingredients, a variety of oral bacteria have a good preventive and kill. And in vitro experiments found that onions can kill us tooth decay caused by Streptococcus mutans.

When it is best to eat raw onion is better to eat a half stars raw onion a day can not only help us to play a role in the prevention of tooth decay, but also can effectively reduce cholesterol as a way to prevent heart disease and other chronic diseases.

After eating tartar stay?  4 foods to help you easily go tartar

Celery: Celery is very common in our daily life a leaf vegetable, and many people will be fresh celery as a maintenance oral freshener. However, the role of the mouth of celery than that, in fact, we are big chunks of celery when it is to help you conduct a clean teeth, but also can reduce the risk of tooth decay in our great extent. This is because it contains a large amount of crude fiber in celery, and they are like a broom to sweep away some of your food residue on the teeth.

And you chew the more strenuous, more able to stimulate the secretion of saliva, and play a role in pH balance in the mouth. As long as in saliva pH balance, you can better play a bactericidal antibacterial effect.

After eating tartar stay?  4 foods to help you easily go tartar

Mushrooms: Mushrooms are a lot of people believe in your everyday life are very fond of eating a mushroom foods, through the latest research found that regular eating mushrooms can effectively play the role of anti-cancer. Therefore, in normal life, we should be appropriate to eat mushrooms, in order to prevent cancer formation. During eating mushrooms, can also play a role in the removal of tartar, which is due to the teeth mushrooms have a very good protection. Has been able to protect the teeth, because a lot of mushrooms mushrooms contain polysaccharides, which can inhibit the formation of plaque.

There are many ways of eating mushrooms, and because of mushrooms with a unique flavor and calories low, and therefore whether it is soup, fried or salad are delicious.To protect dental health, mushrooms is a food and essential.

After eating tartar stay?  4 foods to help you easily go tartar

Green tea: to develop the habit of regularly drinking green tea in your everyday life can also be effective in removing plaque, which is because it contains a large amount of fluoride in green tea, which can be combined with tooth apatite, which play antacid and anti-tooth decay role. But also contains a lot of green tea catechins, this substance can reduce tooth decay caused by Streptococcus mutans in the mouth, and played the role of the removal of the tone.

Want to remove tartar, it is better to try it more than four kinds of food.

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