Body Burn the Midnight Refuel 9 Cheats One Week to Improve the Skin

 Body Burn the Midnight Refuel 9 Cheats One Week to Improve the Skin

Most women cannot be missing is the beauty sleep, but always burn the midnight oil to deprive us of the time, leaving us no energy to do maintenance. It is necessary to get to work, but also with the least time to maintain the glamorous face, you need a little change under the skin the way. Today, we teach the nine months of ridiculous skincare Cheats week improve dull rough skin is not a problem!

Cheats one: "Sleep at night" is not "late wash"

Skin workday is between 10:00 pm - 11:00 into the evening maintenance state. Before this time, we need to prepare well in advance of maintenance, first remove makeup remover milk, then a mild cleansing facial cleaning supplies, and finally smear contains sufficient water and nutrients moisturizing nutrition lotion. If bedtime feel oily skin, use moisturizing lotion wipes facial oil, add a touch of cream layer.

Here we recommend a mild soap, used to stay up late during the wash, mild stimulation; dual 12 there are concessions Oh!

Recommended products: Arcadia Church Good Hydra Soap (click to buy) Price: 168 pairs of 12 Price: 78

Editor's reason: a price, two copies of cleansing products, whitening exfoliating with barley oil soap, a mild moisturizing soap with oats, natural mild stimulation. Evening with barley oil soap, washed clean, not tight, but also dispenses step exfoliating. Cleansing morning with oatmeal soap, gentle soothing nourishes sensitive, so that skin is a better day by day! I have to add it to purchase a car, you act?

Cheats II: Moisturizing cream on cream after all

Burn the midnight oil will dry skin dry, so it is particularly important intensive moisturizing, only when the cells after drink enough water to maintain homeostasis. At this point, you can moisturize essence cream products after all put to use, so before all of moisturizing ingredients can be firmly locked and accelerate the penetration, then do not forget to use a suitable night repairing night cream to prevent loss of nutrients and deeply moisturize the skin.

Cheats III: Cream + cold compress alternately

Front of the computer all day long was tired, struggling to stay up late at night but also at the computer, then the dark circles , sagging eye bags and wrinkles will be relentless climb this time around your eye. So stay up eye care but cannot be ignored, the best choice for those who pick the cream can promote ocular microcirculation, functional components including drainage swelling eye products for dark circles caused by poor circulation, can be used alternately hot or cold eye warm dressing way to keep clear of congestion, promote blood circulation.

Cheats four: Wash your face with a cleanser in the morning also

Waking up do not want to get up in the morning tend to be lazy and not cleanser, which is undesirable, especially after staying up late to work overtime. Skin after a night of metabolism, in fact, not as you imagine so clean, if there is no clean dirt, makeup and later, it is easy to plug the pores, resulting in blackheads, acne and so on. They still use a cleanser to clean the face.

Cheats Five: Control facial massage time

Massage does give the skin to bring immediate results, especially for poor blood circulation stay up face. But massage time required varies, in general, neutral skin massage for 10 minutes. Dry skin massage time is usually 10 - 15 minutes. Oily skin massage time should be controlled within 10 minutes. Allergic skin is best not to do massage.

Here to teach you a massage revitalizing popular in Japan, we can control the massage time according to their skin.

Step 1: Hold down the left cheekbone push up three fingers, careful not to let the nails poked the skin, but with the pulp nudge, giving stimulation, repeated 10 times. After 10 times for the other side.

Step 2: the left thumb and index finger to prop up the brow, gently pulling up, do not be too hard to avoid the formation of wrinkles. Hou Tila repeated 20 times on the other side.

Step 3: raised his right hand placed on the head, to gently press the ear from the armpit, until there was a slight sense of pain can be.

TIP: Drink a glass of water after a massage

In order to help the metabolism running, you can drink a cup of warm water after a massage to help the facial skin of dirt and waste discharge as soon as possible.

Cheats six: Greater moist lips

Like the eye skin, lip skin is more vulnerable to a place usually cause lips to become dry after staying up late and not shiny, how to solve this situation, suggested the use of small series high moisturizing effect Lip Gel, relatively moist texture, contains vitamin E, the better it can nourish the long lip skin so soft lips reply supple.

Cheats seven: Point a soothing fragrance oils

Pressure will cause a lot of free radicals, the best preparation for a lamp vaporizer and some essential oils have the role of diastolic pressure, before starting work as lavender essential oil , rose oil , bergamot oil, sage oil, etc., depend on the plant thoroughly aromatherapy relax the nerves, so naturally cheerful mood.

Cheats eight: A lot of vitamin supplements

Taking daily multivitamin supplements at the same time, late at night before going to add some extra vitamin C and vitamin E as an essential skin repair night snacks. Both vitamins have a strong antioxidant effect, vitamin C can inhibit the formation of the enzyme tyrosine, after staying up late to prevent uneven skin tone, avoiding stains and grew, and vitamin E is the body's metabolism will not be nucleated cells synthesize less substance, can slow aging, purify the blood quality, help enhance the color.

Cheats IX: Sleep booster pillow

Night sleeping posture is not good, it is prone to a variety of face, such as "buns face," Taiwan's large s has been Henzhao support to solve this problem, one for drinking black coffee immediately after getting up; the second is the face soaked in ice-filled water block. These are problems after the quick fix, but a little hard to accept not everyone, especially the second. Actually, the simplest trick is to elevate the pillow when sleeping, avoid water accumulation on the face or eyes.

In addition to master more than six cheats, you also need to pay attention to two taboos, good for your skin, which are a few things not to do as much as possible during the stay up all night.

Do not stay up all night before over-exfoliating

Until late at night are not recommended frosted or strong acids whitening care, because the skin cannot in good repair damage during late at night, so this is very easy to cause or aggravate sensitive skin lesions burst.

Do not use skin oil absorbing paper

Stay up all night, and the pressure will stimulate oil secretion, if your cheeks are always weeping, absorbing tissues cause you kept rubbing their hands, will lead to a slight contusion cuticle skin and stimulate the skin's resistance, accelerated aging, and frequently wiping will hurt sebum film, so that the skin so abandon this bad habit more smoke more oil! Now!
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