Decided Fate Of The Eyebrows Will Teach To Create ExclusiveGirls

Decided The Fate Of The Eyebrows Will Teach You To Create ExclusiveGirls

You are not spending a lot of time in terms of eyebrow makeup, eyebrow long as they can make more three-dimensional model of the way, you are willing to try it? You know, nice eyebrows will face more vivid three-dimensional, and then look at how they are eyebrows, why his eyebrows will be more to repair the finer, following on eyebrows, eyebrow little knowledge to share with you just now.

Fat content is very rich eyebrows

1. Let us see more clearly

In addition to our eyebrows make our eyes look more spiritual than is naturally waterproof barrier, whenever it rains or when sweating, arched eyebrows naturally have helped disperse the liquid into my cheeks, so would not be fascinated eyes of rain.

2. The amount of eyebrow hair is actually very rich

According to the company's report Bosley hair, eyebrows per person on average is about 250 hairs, and if those who have never had any eyebrows trimmed even more exaggerated, probably about 1100 hair, this figure really is amazing!

Eyebrows have menstrual cycles

3. Eyebrows have menstrual cycles

The average life expectancy is four months eyebrows, which means it needs to fall off and re-grow, so, if not satisfied with the eyebrow girls can not bitter rivalry with it, the opportunity to once every four months are changing .

4. It is vital face recognizer

A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found drawn eyebrows even more than the eye can convey the message. If no eyebrows, it is difficult to remember a person you do not even look.

Eyebrows are the special advantages of humanity

5. Eyebrows also an emoticon

Eyebrows are our emotional signals, but it will increase as we increase the pitch automatically, and vice versa. Not only that, you are surprised, when suspicion and curiosity, eyebrows will also give the corresponding feedback.

6. Eyebrows is a special advantage of mankind

Many mammals have eyebrows, and use them to express their emotions, but we humans as the only species on the skin attached to the eyebrows, is clearly an evolutionary advantage, and therefore it is more likely that we understand each other.

Maybe your eyebrows doomed your destiny

7. The ancients also like thrush

Beautify human history can be traced back eyebrows Florentine Renaissance, when people will be used to close the eyebrows shaved eyebrows all show emotions function, and the American colonies in the 18th century chiefs and gray mice modified eyebrow hair.

8. Maybe your eyebrows doomed your destiny

Type eyebrows for physiognomy also has a pivotal position. For example, have a natural bent eyebrows who would be more realistic, people-oriented, and relatively straight eyebrows of people in working life will be more direct, sloppy. The angle distinct eyebrows who is more personalized, unwilling to compromise.



Ginnifer Goodwin is a good example of a round beauty, tough line eyebrows make the outline of her face more clearly. High arched Mei Wei Mei Feng plus short, well elongated face, eyes more open and let God.

Square face

Square face

If, like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has a square face, square face relatively protruding facial bone architecture, try angled eyebrow, and have obvious Mei Feng. Thicker lines and enhanced color can balance exaggerated jaw.

Diamond Face

Diamond Face

Diamond-shaped face is wider at the forehead, but the lower half of the face of a relatively small fraction of the face. Like a diamond like Ciara face could use some tricks to make the face look smaller, with a clear Mei Feng angled eyebrows, Mei Feng Department has rounded or angled eyebrows can make forehead effect appears to have narrowed, so that face look it more perfect.

Heart-shaped face

Heart-shaped face

Natural eyebrow best suited as Chloe Grace Moretz such a heart-shaped face, a round eyebrows, eyebrow soft curves and feminine, very good to weaken the sense of prominent pointed chin.

Oval face

Oval face

Reicosky say that if you like the actress Katy Perry has an oval face, you do not need to go looking for eyebrow. Oval face for many eyebrow, more freedom compared to other face shape, it has no effect because the eyebrows modified face Oval face. Oval face so the girls can easily try a variety of different shapes.

Long face

Long face

As long face like Jessica Alba, you have to avoid all high arched elements. Relatively straight eyebrow level most suitable for this long face, this eyebrow can divert people's attention to the face length, the width of the relaxation of a long face, get better modification.

You do not know Stubbs eyebrow eyebrow tips

1. Away from your eyebrow

When trimming eyebrow, eyebrow does not require too much attention to the site, just follow the natural eyebrow Soke can pull off the excess, otherwise changes the shape of the eyebrow also make the whole eyebrow become very strange.

2. Do not place undue reliance on tweezers

If your eyebrows have been pulling relatively small, then we should try to reduce the use of eyebrow tweezers pull out a way, or make your eyebrows become less leaner.
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