How To Learn Makeup

 How To Learn Makeup

Hi first step in learning makeup

First wash face, apply moisturizer or lotion. This step is a crucial step to learn makeup, makeup is to learn the most basic requirements. Good moisturizer before applying foundation will lay a good for the bottom-up process, when this proceeding, his face would not have played dry skin, and it can make the skin looks crystal clear.

2 School Makeup Step

Step Makeup School

After applying foundation kick in the face isolation, with beans the size of the foundation on your face evenly. Choose to use powder foundation or a finger sweep. The former benefit is make more uniform liquid foundation, even if the position can be subtle, such as the nose on both sides of the cover, but the drawback is sheer enough effect; the latter benefit is that the foundation can make more heat through your fingers through the thin natural. Starting from the forehead smeared Tasikmalaya liquid foundation, then the cheek and then nose, top-down approach, from the inside out, remember that fine eye position, such as hairline, the end of eye, eyelids, sides of nose, lips and chin so near To the powder. The concealer point at the moment, nose, acne and other locations, and then smudged finger press, but never pushed hard, otherwise it will push away the foundation. Point on a number of points in the eye concealer belly position, and then gently seal the opening with the pulp to make more tepid concealer through finger tight.

Powder ding zhuang: After completing the foundation part, remember to sweep the floor Sheer Finish Loose Powder. Selection should approximate color, Pearl White Powder effect will not seem so natural.

3 The third step is to learn makeup

Trim, painted eyebrows: First, eyebrow comb or spiral brush along the eyebrow comb, and then put on the eyebrow scissors eyebrow scissors eyebrow comb long together, and then pull the clip near the eyebrow plucking excess Soke. Followed thrush, starting Mei Feng Mei Wei began to draw, and then draw from brow to Mei Feng, the secret system to be slightly tilted 45 degrees pencil, painted a lighter color and natural. Finally fixed eyebrow, eyebrows will be long fixed, eyebrow make more three-dimensional, if the hair is lighter in color, you can choose a colored eyebrow gel, look more pleasing to the eye naturally.

4 The fourth step makeup school

Eye Makeup: Eye makeup is divided into eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara three parts

(1) Painting shadow: the eyelid, with two or more from the inside corner of the eye shadow color horizontal arrangement with blooming outside corner, can take advantage of eye movement, the eyes of God and a vivid three-dimensional.

(2) Lash: Close your eyes, with one hand on the eyelid nudge to make fully exposed the root of the lashes, were painted with a pencil, draw the lash line when, looking up from the outer corner of the eyes inward were painted. When eyeliner, brush and eyelids should be a 30-40 degree angle to the horizontal, inclined to depict, in order to make the lines softer, smoother; try to use the side of a coloring pen, you can draw lines abound thickness change; if you order 5 centimeters, and from the progressive, until the end of eye, delineate eyeliner will look fine, and plenty of coloring.

(3) Clip eyelashes: eyes looking down, the eyelash curler into the roots of eyelashes, eyelash curler to make the arc coincides with the eyelid, eyelashes five seconds around the clamp is released, do not move the position of the clip even do 1-2 times so rad fixed. Lashes with eyelash curler in the middle, along the eyelashes upturned trend, about five seconds after the clip release. Finally, at the front end of the eyelash curler eyelash clip once again, time for 2-3 seconds, forming a natural arc.
(4) Brush Mascara: When painted eyelashes, eyes looking down, down and out by rotating mascara brush eyelash roots. When painted under the eyelashes, the eyes look up, first with the lateral brush mascara brush painting, and then by rotating the roots of eyelashes mascara brush from the inside out. When painted under the eyelashes, eye sight would like to watch. To get straight mascara brush, move around, the first end of the stick in the hair, painted in the hair roots. Eventually, the division of the eyelashes stick together, if each eyelashes mascara stained, thick rough and uniform, and other dry mascara after you reach the desired results. Short and thin eyelashes particular person, can also be used to paste fake eyelashes way real ones. It is trimmed to the same length with their eyelashes to get rid of too close, his first with the eyelash curler eyelash curler Alice, brush on mascara. Then the false eyelash root stained with glue, slightly open eyes, starting from the end of eye to eye head light pressure, the false eyelashes Niansheng Qu show in front of people, is a pair of seductive touching eyes.

5 Step Five school makeup

Take appropriate blush, starting at the zygomatic arch subsidence, by fortune inward contour blooming. Blush can make people look healthy spirit can make up for lack of face. According to the experts said that the current popular blush applied to the cheekbones and eyes below, so make face look young, cute. To learn makeup blush process should be noted that: In terms of the cheekbone to the center, painted on both sides of the cheekbones, it would seem there are shares of big popularity; if it applied to the cheekbones below it, then make you might seem old-fashioned.

6 Step Six school makeup

The sixth step makeup school

Lipstick (Lipstick): painting lip with lip liner, lipstick and lipstick can make reservations longer, lipstick color can be selected according to the individual.

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