Inventory of the Basic Tools of Makeup

 woman-makeup-flowers-petals First, the makeup tools

Sponge: for the foundation. Generally circular, triangular and cylindrical (conical) shape. Round sponge is characterized by slightly harder texture, large area, the location for a large area in the forehead and cheeks bottoming. While the other two some texture to be careful, for the eyes, nose and mouth and other local backing. Use different shapes makeup sponge backing can make more detailed.

Puff: Commonly used circular and honey puff paint. Round Puff (Figure 1) also has a lot size of distinction. Big puff suitable for large-scale use, small puff makeup applied topically. The honey is cylindrical large brush to paint, is the largest of brushes, picks up powder on the face can swipe sweep powder evenly on the face, the effect is more natural.

Blush Brush: Stucco smaller than honey with bevel (Figure 13) and flat (Figure 12), with bristles at the top semicircle. Bevel suitable modifications for the T-site and cheekbone area, also known as facial contour brush. Large brush can be used to paint and brush off the excess powder large area.

2Second, the eye makeup tools

  Second, the eye makeup tools

Eyebrow pull (Figure 5): By pulling the excess to trim eyebrows eyebrow Sake, by pulling in the form of Sake grow more slowly, eyebrow maintained a fairly long time.

Shaver (Figure 2): eyebrow trimming and removal of a large area Sake to use, fast and painless.

Eyebrow scissors: pruning short too long eyebrows.

Eyelash curler: to make curling lashes. If lashes easy stereotypes, you can use the electric eyelash curler.

Eyebrow brush (as shown in the right part 11): Most are made from nylon or rayon oblique brush stiff brush. Eyebrow and thrush available before eyebrow brush to sweep tidy eyebrows, eyebrow brush after thrush to swipe direction along the eyebrows, make natural eyebrow color, eyebrow tidy.

Eyebrow (Figure 4): Everyone is familiar with makeup tools to improve eyebrow. Skilled sisters have begun to use the eyebrow.

Eyebrow brush (Figure 3): head was tilted, flat, in addition to taking appropriate to draw a clear eyebrow, eyeliner to draw is also very easy to grasp.

False eyelashes (Figure 7): A great weapon to enhance the shape of the eye more and more attractive.

Eye shadow brush (Figure 9): A flat round body brush, medium and small points, generally used to coat a large background, can once evenly coated with color, covering the entire orbital position; medium to small pieces color; the smallest can be carefully painted, to lash more accurate. More suitable for salty eye shadow.

Eye shadow (Figure 10): A bit like cotton swab, for local color and multi-color eye shadow blooming can make eye makeup natural. Germanium can also be used like a mile and Cream eye shadow, oval head suitable for large area color evenly, pointed eye shadow draw for a small area.

Eyeliner (Figure 6): Used to lash line, you can make the eyes more clearly outline. There are also more skilled makeup tips sisters with a liner to the lash line.

Eyeliner Brush: lip shape and is somewhat similar, but more tiny brush, soft wool Yijiao for eyeliner.

Eyelash brush: some shaped like a small comb (as shown in the left part of 11), while others are like mascara brush, spiral. After applying mascara brush it open with mascara stick together, can make eyelashes look more tidy.

3Third, Lips Tools

  Third, Lips Tools

Lip (Figure 8): wool hard, make you easy to control brush off point. Whether to use lipstick or lip gloss, use a lip brush to help you draw fine lines, lip modification.

I remind: Not necessarily put all the tools are ready to be so complete, makeup for beginners, if you feel too complex set of makeup tools, prepare some basic tools on it. The first is a sponge (General Foundation will included), puff. More important is to have two blush brushes: one is a bevel and a round mouth only, the bevel is mainly used for three-dimensional aspects of face processing, round mouth is handling the entire face of harmony. Then pull eyebrow (or shaver), eyebrow scissors, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and two or more different sizes of eye shadow brush and eye shadow. The most practical eye shadow is medium-sized. The final step is a lip brush.
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