Knowledge of Literacy: Do Not You Want To Liposuction Surgery Horror

Knowledge of Literacy: Do Not You Want To Liposuction Surgery Horror

Micro-plastic in the end it hurt?

Bar a little experiment: Take a toothpick, gently stabbing arm, slowly force, from toothpicks into contact with the skin cannot stand the pain, when rapidly recovered.

Analysis: The whole process can undergo five levels of pain. Two pain, "that mosquito bites class"; three pain, or "pat-class"; a - "contact level" feeling. Micro-surgery treatment of pain in the three (beat level) within, piercing feeling in fourth grade (obvious pain), micro-plastic still slightly visible than piercing feeling.

Added: First, the choice of ultra-fine needle prior to injection, puncture area only pore size, skin irritation to a minimum; ice injection site pain nerve palsy may also reduce pain; only when injected drug is injected into the subcutaneous layer, Here is insensitive to pain nerve endings, so it can not feel pain. So girls, said: There is no obvious feeling of pain.

The probability of failure is very worried about how much?

The probability of failure is very worried about how much?

Will be a coin toss up; let it fall to the ground. The chance to stand up coin equivalent micro-plastic probability of failure, may wish to try it myself.

Added: micro-plastic surgery is no wound, so the higher security. Secondly, the safety of medical materials is also important. Now commonly used injectable material BOTOX (Botox), hyaluronic acid, etc., used in formal medical institutions, through the State Food and Drug Administration certification, and were widely qualified medical materials, strict security has been verified.

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK BOTOX?

Treatment time how long?

You see this text from the beginning to read here how long? Five minutes or ten minutes? In fact, in such a short time, some micro-surgery treatment has been completed.

Added: Micro-shaping process, medical equipment, medical materials gradually play feature, while micro-plastic experts to fine-tune the need to improve the site, shaping, until you get satisfactory results, about 5-6 minutes, it is to drink cup of tea, you can instantly look in the mirror, enjoy and create micro-plastic "magic" of the.

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK BOTOX?

After the plastic to pay attention to these things:

Although plastic surgery is complete, but the purpose of the beautiful yet fully reached, after plastic surgery must pay attention to these knowledge-free suffered a "knife" or "needle" but because there is no good care and regret.

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK BOTOX?

① Clean

The most basic is clean; the whole micro oil secretion after stimulation of the skin is reduced because of the impact of skin barrier function itself, general cleaning supplies over clean skin oil, accelerating the loss of barrier protection, which may cause allergic reactions and excessive dry conditions. So in addition to the water cleaning products, can relieve red itchy optional, fever and other short-term phenomenon, and to help the wound swelling, itching, anti-inflammatory cleaning products.

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK BOTOX?

② Simple repair

To simplify maintenance procedures, only a simple cream or lotion + essence + lotion (cream), but also to reduce maintenance components likely to cause skin irritation, so whitening or anti-aging skin care products category , you can temporarily break.

③ Moisturizer

Micro-plastic surgery in loose and flaking caused by horny skin can cause a lot of loss, require postoperative intensive moisturizing, and moisturizing ingredients the more simple the better.

④ Sun never ignore

The key step is to the sun, because the light-sensitive and damaged skin are the most common anti-illegal status, there is a high coefficient of mild sunscreen products must not be spared, only leak have perfect skin.

More than four steps seem simple, but it is essential nursing procedures. In addition to these surface

Work pay off to work for the winter fast acne tetralogy

After a preliminary understanding of the micro-surgery, then what will be done adverse micro-surgery after that? What is normal? What are not normal?

NO.1 filled with hyaluronic acid injection

Bruising after the kick: adverse reactions 1

Normal: √

Some people have bruises after playing hyaluronic acid local phenomenon, it is because the application of hyaluronic acid when playing across the skin caused by small blood vessels.

Response: This situation generally do not need special treatment, bruising usually will go away in a week or so, but must remember not to use hot way to deal with such a great influence on the effect of hyaluronic acid.

Adverse Reaction 2: redness, purulent

Normal: ×

Injection of hyaluronic acid long positions appear redness, itching, pain, and even purulent, is there such adverse reactions, 90% are using a fake hyaluronic acid, worse, an order prohibiting the use of state to serve consumers Amazingly injection.

Response: must immediately go to a regular hospital for treatment!

NO.2 whitening injections

Adverse reactions 1: transient dizziness

Normal: √

If there is a temporary kick white needles, dizziness, nausea and other phenomena, which are mostly due to the fight when rapid infusion drip whitening sake.

Response: appear more suited to the doctor immediately to reflect the situation in the injection process, so that doctors adjust the bit rate. After playing bit above phenomenon, it is generally about 20 to 30 minutes of rest will improve.

Adverse Reaction 2: keratinize increased

Normal: ×

Ms. White needle injection has emerged due to increased keratinize, keratinize is one of the standard measure of kidney function, increased keratinize is meant kidneys may be damaged. Glutathione and tranexamic acid composition white needles inside with them to pay special attention to safety, in the tranexamic acid injection instructions, there thrombophilia (such as acute myocardial infarction), hemophilia, chronic caution in patients with renal insufficiency label.

Response: White needle prior to injection must make the appropriate physical examination, not because of the large hospitals before surgery do a number of checks, trouble, did not even feel the need, and the choice to a small clinic whitening injection needle, so it is possible will have serious consequences.

NO.3 Botox wrinkle, face-lift

Adverse reactions 1: injection site muscle weakness

Normal: √

Face-lift needle after injection, muscle weakness may occur early phenomenon, due to muscle hypertrophy in the premises after the injection of botulinum toxin muscle relaxation and contraction, the scope of the masseter muscle activity becomes small, so there's the case of muscle weakness.

Response: This short style muscle weakness after injection of botulinum toxin is a normal phenomenon, and then it will slowly recover; do not be too nervous, they do not do anything special care.

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK BOTOX?

Adverse Reaction 2: facial deformation, distort

Normal: ×

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK BOTOX?

Experience facial Botox injections side effects and physician, and then injected dose and injection site related. Some physicians do not qualify salon "beautician" since they are unfamiliar anatomy, injection site inaccurate, or concentration, excessive doses, often appear at the injection site swelling, excessive tension, and even facial asymmetry, deformation and other distortions appear phenomenon, which should belong to the failure of the plastic case.
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