Korean Actress Lee Hyori Raw Food Diet Does Not Rebound Quickly

See many big stars to the extreme S US figure, do you always envy? Crush, do not envy, today small share of Korea Lee Hyori goddess super diet with you, so that your posture has since enchanting charming!

Korean Actress Lee Hyori Raw Food Diet Does Not Rebound Quickly

South Korean actress Lee Hyori raw food diet
Although married women, but as a national fairy Lee Hyori has not neglect to lose weight, she won her stunning curves thousands of fans favorite, today Xiaobian to open the national fairy raw food diet, let You like her successful capture a man's heart!

Raw food diet, weight loss beauty in many ways like an international star, has become a popular benchmark weight loss. South Koreans Lee Hyori has demon goddess Johnson's body, she strongly recommended he "does not rebound" weight loss Cheats through the media - combining "raw food diet" and exercise, once popular in the whole of Asia.

What is the raw food diet?

Look literally knew no direct heating of food to eat, the food has not been heated, the food would have been able to maintain a variety of vitamins and nutrients, the body can better absorb the nutrients in food.

Raw food contains a lot of fiber, reduce empty stomach flu, but it helps to clear the body of the stool, skin cosmetic effect is very prominent. While eating raw food, only a month could lose 5kg.

Korean Actress Lee Hyori Raw Food Diet Does Not Rebound Quickly

Lee Hyori raw food diet tips

Lee Hyori raw food diet tips

Raw food rich in vitamin and mineral content, but because it is constituted by the Food and food, so eating raw food meals, meals must be added another fish, eggs, lean meat and other proteins.

When meals eat raw food, because very low calorie eating 5 to 7 days after a short period, it is necessary to supplement intake broiled wild sweet potatoes, steamed potatoes, etc., so that you can balance the necessary nutrients the body, it will not for health damage.

In contrast to eat raw food meals, if lunch maintain normal diet, eating only raw food for breakfast and dinner, this effect is more pronounced.

Korean Actress Lee Hyori Raw Food Diet Does Not Rebound Quickly

Fruits and vegetables

Raw food diet recipes

1, Raw food weight loss entrees: fruits and vegetables

When it comes to weight loss raw food entrees, nature is known as the vegetables and fruits.

In fact, agricultural science and technology was not as developed, many fruits and vegetables can be eaten directly, but because of the abuse of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables now and ripening agent, heating has become a way had to do the cooking. But after heated through, many fruits and vegetables, vitamins and trace elements will be the loss of nutritional value greatly reduced.

So the fruit is eaten raw to adhere to the principle of joint and edible rind should try not to be removed. Because the peel is rich in acid and fiber, worried about chemicals girls can use saline soak fruit. The diet of vegetables celery, broccoli, potatoes, pumpkin, carrots are cooked after eating needs, tomatoes, lettuce can be eaten directly. More balanced nutrition with food, weight-loss effect is even better.

Korean Actress Lee Hyori Raw Food Diet Does Not Rebound Quickly


2, Raw and auxiliary slimming dishes: seafood

Although nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits variety, but the only drawback is that the human body can not add fat-soluble vitamins, lipids and animal protein. Although legumes and whole grains can add some ingredients of plant protein, but can not meet the metabolic needs of the body daily. Therefore meat foods are indispensable, but most can not eat raw meat or fish, because there is no residual heat may have pathogens and parasites, cause harm to human health.

But people can take advantage of advanced technology for many fish and seafood were rapid cooling, seafood rich in protein and fat-soluble vitamins, fat content is relatively low is very suitable for consumption during weight loss. This rapidly frozen by retaining most of the nutrients, but also to harmful bacteria can not grow. Most familiar with salmon, tuna, octopus, etc., in Japanese is very common, if you want to make raw food weight loss, do not forget to add these ingredients auxiliary dishes.

Korean Actress Lee Hyori Raw Food Diet Does Not Rebound Quickly

The benefits of the raw food diet

The benefits of the raw food diet

1, Absorb more nutrients

Lee Hyori used raw food diet can not only maintain a slim profile, you can also make the body more nutrition intake, more easily absorbed, she does not heat the food directly to raw, you can keep the food in the most primitive of nutrition and vitamins, let the body better and faster absorption, prevent the loss of nutrients in the food after heating drawbacks.

2, To improve the efficiency of the body's absorption of nutrients

The food is usually eaten raw fruits and vegetables, legumes, cereals, etc. These foods, which are rich in nutrients and fiber, as these are part of basic foods, long-term consumption can not only promote the body's metabolism, but also can be a lot of burning body of fat and sugar, plus the heat is very low, so you achieve weight loss results.

3, Able to control appetite

Lee Hyori to lose weight is due to raw food, eating fruits and vegetables, cereals rich in fiber, when the body is eating soon be able to produce satiety, if you're eating a lot of water, is Let these plant fibers with rapid expansion in the stomach, even if you eat less, will soon feel the fullness, and low in calories, do not worry about fat.

Korean Actress Lee Hyori Raw Food Diet Does Not Rebound Quickly

Raw food diet

Raw food diet Q & A

Q1: In daily life, how should it make raw food diet?

A1: This raw food diet, then if it is more difficult every day, there is no need, after all, eat more cold food the stomach can also be a burden.

Recommend this method conducted once every three weeks, to give body to a clean-up, the effect is quite obvious. Or once a month, on Friday night to Sunday night, this time to carry out, not only to resolve the stresses of everyday life, in the case of relatively abundant, can do better Oh! The best time of day is the morning, especially in the morning fruit diet is a very good choice; In addition, the need to reduce the appetite for dinner time, exactly in line with the principles of diet assignment!

Q2: What are the most suitable raw food diet it?

A2: weight gain, swelling of the body can not be eliminated, even sleep enough but always felt no spirit, because of skin problems caused by obesity ...... people with these symptoms is very suited to this diet. However, some people may be more dietary fiber digestion is low, the amount of eating too much fiber foods but will swelled.

Q3: Why is this good for the body weight loss diet it?

A3: When we eat something, the body's enzyme digestion and detoxification will be. However, heating to 47 degrees or more, food enzymes will be killed, and the behavior of this series of in vivo enzyme itself requires extra energy to carry out.

If we do not heat the food directly ingested, the body enzymes to produce energy consumption can be kept to a minimum, store reserved for detoxification and metabolism of time to use. On the other hand, add additional enzymes from food, but also to help the body detoxify and improve metabolism, improve edema and constipation, make detoxification more smoothly.

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