Magical Breast Enhancement Food From A Variable C Is Not A Dream

Magical Breast Enhancement Food From A Variable C Is Not A Dream

Want fullness in the chest, in addition to doing sports outside of Breast, breast Note that you can eat some food; you can make your chest more plentiful. What is breast food? How to match food breast is more effective? Moderate increase in the amount of chest fat can increase the degree of Feng Ting chest, a look at what the most effective breast food it!

Flat chest mm how can healthy and effective breast? Proceed from the diet breast bar, safe and healthy. Xiao Bian today we recommend breast six categories of food, so they quickly get rid of the airport mm distress, quickly try it. Grains and starchy vegetables, milk, eggs, fish, beans, vegetables, fruits, fats and oils, six balanced development to provide food when the body needs nutrients. Think of a more perfect breast growth? The following breast food to help you!

Grains tubers

Nutrients: carbohydrates and provide a major part of the protein. If you choose a full crustaceans, the vitamin B complex and rich in fiber.

Food sources: rice, pasta, noodles, bread, bread and so on.


Nutrients: the main provider of protein and calcium.

Food sources: Milk, cheese and other fermented milk.

Meat and fish eggs beans

Nutrients: the main provider of protein.

Food sources: eggs, duck eggs, soy, tofu, soy milk, soy, fish, shrimp, shellfish, seafood, pork, beef, chicken, duck, etc.

A change from breast gourmet magic C is not a dream

Because beans plant seed coat membrane fraction promote the role of raw gland development, rich in phospholipids of soybeans, peanuts, or protein-rich almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, are good breast food; eggs, milk, etc. containing vitamin B group, can help hormone synthesis, of course, sea cucumber, pig, tendons and other foods rich in collagen, is also a good breast clergyman.

Because zinc is an important element in the promotion of human growth and development, especially to promote the generation of sexuality, sexual function formation. Chromium is also a highly active substance that can promote the absorption of glucose and other parts of the breast into fat, promote breast plump, rounded hips.


Nutrients: the main provider of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Usually dark green, deep yellow vegetables, including 100 kinds of vitamins and minerals more than light-colored vegetables.

Food sources: a wide variety of vegetables, such as bok choy, cabbage, mustard ... and so on.


Nutrients: the main provider of vitamins, minerals and some carbohydrates.

Food sources: a wide variety of fruits, such as guava, apples, oranges ... and so on.

Fats and oils

Nutrients: the main provider of lipids.

Food sources: for cooking oil, have salad, peanut oil, lard.

From the girls start date of menstruation, the first 11, 12 days, and 18-24 days is a golden opportunity breast. 11-13 days for the breast best time, seven days after the first on the 18th for the second wedding day. This is an example of a period of 28 days. In these 10 days among chest fullness hormone secretion reached a peak, then make the appropriate motion, Sibu and massage can stimulate the rapid thickening of chest fat, so the chest remarkable fullness.
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