Makeup Artist Taught 5 Steps to Create Red Carpet Makeup Look

Makeup Artist Taught 5 Steps to Create Red Carpet Makeup Look

5 Steps red carpet makeup teaching

Blooming red carpet stars, including actress Taylor Schilling's style is impressive. And she single-handedly built the beautiful Hollywood celebrity makeup makeup artist Monika Blunder Queen, said Taylor Schilling dazzling emerald dress, so she thought of the "rich housewife" in the Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor) and superstar do combine 1940s Veronica Lake, to create a natural look gorgeous.Monika Blunder for Taylor Schilling create matte makeup focuses on texture, natural and unforced Yaochun makeup; shape with a gradient of misty gray eyes, and a natural gloss shine naturally perfect skin. In fact, you want to look like a goddess is not difficult, five step teaching Monika Blunder, the easy to get started, oh.

A natural looking finish:

Taylor Schilling red carpet style

Spray rose water on the whole face, do maintenance on the front and then a layer of Baotou makeup natural skin foundation, so skin looks natural, but revealing glossy naturally good skin.

2, Gradient shadow:

Taylor Schilling red carpet style

First use in the eye concealer, mention dazzling color week; choose pearl luster eye shadow on the eyelids wide sweep, and then use the fold under the lash in the eye at the corner position on the color number Sel. Blooming to do to make sense of the gradient. Then wet the spray brushes, then dip a little eye shadow, on the roots of the lashes. Makeup artist tips: When wet rub eye shadow, eye shadow can deepen the color.

3, Bright big eyes:

After drawing the eye shadow, eyeliner pencil Eyeliner uniform color selection, the roots of the lashes, lashes to create an incremental effect. After painting, put it washes off, create three-dimensional contours, and then coupled with the fine layer of waterproof eyeliner pencil in place. Then again depict the natural eyebrow pencil. Makeup artist tips: Use mascara, without any kind of brush on four, making the effect of the fan!

4, Three-dimensional contours:

Rosie Huntington - Terri Hui (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) and Monika Blunder photo

To add a three-dimensional face, shadows on the cheeks and cheek color using male hairline position. Want to make a better color, available positions on the cheekbones blush, then honey powder brightens the complexion, add natural radiance.

5. Yaochun natural makeup:

Queen star makeup artist Monika Blunder

Finally, to make a stunning deep raspberry red, is to use a different makeup techniques. The index finger picks lipstick, lips pressed, the last and then siphoning off excess glossy sheen, create a matte texture, natural not artificial Yaochun makeup.
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