Quick Look at Jennifer Lawrence Healthy Weight Loss Method

Quick Look at Jennifer Lawrence Healthy Weight Loss Method

Stars have always been thin people envy, because they can always quickly and efficiently accomplish the task of thin, look at our autumn fat reduced fat for the winter, really dejected. But do not lose heart, Xiao Bian gave us something about Jennifer Lawrence's healthy weight-loss method, so you learn how thin the stars!

Quick Look at Jennifer Lawrence Healthy Weight Loss Method

"X-Men" actress Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence) is perfect hot body, in the interview, Jennifer exposes methods to lose weight and eliminate edema, in fact, do not need to go on a diet to lose weight, eating healthy can be reasonably thin.

Quick Look at Jennifer Lawrence Healthy Weight Loss Method

US new generation of film actor Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence) body is perfect, in the interview to admit past to lose weight, said he was a threat to lose weight, "Some people say I'm fat that time, if not reduced to a weight figure will be fired They also took me nearly nude photos, to me as an incentive to lose weight. At that time I was just a little girl, it hurt a lot! "

Quick Look at Jennifer Lawrence Healthy Weight Loss Method

Jennifer Lawrence, said: "In the day I eat my favorite thing to do, even on the Oscar red carpet, but also will show their hungry but if you want to become plump beauty, not try to eat and drink! but to eat right, eat well, let food be a good helper to maintain a perfect body! In addition to the normal diet, at least about 30 grams daily intake of dietary fiber, dietary fiber is not only low in calories, have a sense of satiety, and After digestion, the residue will be left a lot to stimulate intestinal peristalsis.

Quick Look at Jennifer Lawrence Healthy Weight Loss Method

Recommended food: sweet potatoes, apples.

TIPS: Apple also contains stimulates intestinal peristalsis accelerate organic, sweet potatoes can easily cause flatulence, not to eat in the evening.

Accelerate their metabolism

Want to go on a diet to achieve weight loss goals, resulting in nutritional imbalance, is weight fluctuated, but more severe cases complex fat. Because vitamins, minerals, is to maintain the physiological function of important nutrients, so be sure to pay attention to nutritional balance.

Recommended ingredients: brown rice

TIPS: brown rice not only contains vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin E, which is also very rich in dietary fiber, can increase metabolism.

More intake of probiotics

After increasing the intake of probiotics can improve the intestinal immune system and help the absorption of vitamins, metabolism changed for the better, not only is not easy to get sick, even the weight began to be controlled.

Fitness coach Jennifer Dalton Wong eliminate edema exposure method
1, Dalton Wong revealed that Jennifer Lawrence would get up every morning to drink a cup of warm water with lemon and add the liquid chlorophyll (liquid chlorophyll) of water in order to maintain homeostasis.
2. on the stage would recommend Jennifer Dalton drink mint tea, she looks to prevent significant expansion after wearing tight-fitting dress.

3. Dalton believes that long flight is easy to look like the body of excess water installed at this time, Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence) would drink dandelion tea and eating asparagus to eliminate edema.

4. In a large ceremony the night before, Jennifer Lawrence will Epsom salt bath soak (epsom-salt bath), can help rid the body of toxins, relieve tired muscles and nerves.
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