Which Botox Face-Lift And A Strong Balance Force PK Botox

Which Botox Face-Lift And A Strong Balance Force PK Botox

When it comes to Botox, we thought it was a poison. Talk about the mere mention of poison from the previous to the current application of multi-disciplinary, and finally become the darling of micro-plastic, development Botox gone through several processes.

1895 first isolated Botox, Botox in 1978 for clinical trials in medicine. Beginning in 1982, botulinum toxin for the treatment of muscle tension gradually tension and armpit sweating and other diseases.

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK Botox

Mechanism of botulinum toxin

Human muscle contraction is controlled by nerves. After botulinum toxin into the muscles, even though our brain sends instructions to produce muscle contraction, due to botulinum toxin blocks the nerve impulses sent, so the muscles will not shrink. However, this effect is only temporary, and 48-72 hours after the injection of botulinum toxin since the beginning of onset, 28 days around nerves began to germinate, but this time the muscle has not been restored, the muscles began about three months to recover. That is to say, a month or so when the botulinum toxin has no effect on the human body metabolized by the body, leaving the muscles can not be fully contracted muscle recovery time is only time until the muscle recovery after 6-8 months. Therefore, repeated injections and does not accumulate in the body, like our cold twice at different times, although it will not eat cold medicine because of cold medicine overdose and poisoning, because the first time the drug has been completely cold excreted up.

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK Botox

Botox safety

A 20 g mouse, a unit of botulinum toxin can be poisoned it. Converted into 100 kg of people need 3500 units, which means that the lethal dose is 35 people. We usually use a single Botox is generally 1-3, up to no more than four, so it is relatively safe.

Then from its effects, the role of botulinum toxin can temporarily maintain 6-12 months, even paralysis paralysis of the muscles should not only short-term effects, so it is very safe. At present, our country's Chinese Food and Drug Administration, the market is allowed and approved Botox only two, one is domestic value-force, and the other is imported Botox.

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK Botox

Botox use and effect

We know that in the end is what Botox and application security, and then we want to introduce is it doing? It is in this respect in young to have any kind of effect, effect? Currently we are playing Botox pursuit of a power balance, rather than a complete paralysis of the muscles, on the other hand, the role of botulinum toxin by muscle atrophy can also achieve contour remodeling, that can be performed by Botox healthy, young, harmonization.

Human facial expression muscles through movement, such as laughing, crying, facial expressions, etc. surprised, however, at the same time to produce these expressions, dynamic wrinkles (wrinkles produced after exercise) consequent, and increased static wrinkles (the presence of a stationary the formation of wrinkles) are. The latest idea that the role of botulinum toxin is causing new muscle power balance, muscle paralysis wrinkles part but not all of paralysis, and therefore experienced doctors Botox is generally not a zombie-like facial expression muscles after complete paralysis. Botox is mainly used for wrinkle treatment, including forehead lines, frown lines, crow's feet, dorsum pattern, pattern cheek, chin lines, perioral lines, nasolabial folds, wrinkles, etc., in addition to face-lift can achieve thin legs and other treatment.

To sum up, Botox application of micro-plastic, high security, multi-function, the effect is good, without a break, etc., so more and more doctors and beauty who choose Botox to achieve health, harmony and younger.

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK Botox

Choose a regular hospital injection

However, the risk of playing Botox is still there, six months before pregnancy disabled. If the doctor is limited technical level, there will be bilateral asymmetry, face stiff treatment risks. Therefore, we recommend that the United States who have to go to a regular hospital treatment, the use of formal sources of drugs, and look through professional training, familiar with the anatomy of a plastic surgeon.

Eyelid surgery width how we naturally

We can see from the component composition, concentration per unit dose of botulinum toxin type A botulinum toxin, and the same needle dispersion area three horizontal comparison to these two types of botulinum toxin.

A composition is relatively Botox Botox and Botox balancing force is the same in composition?

The answer: not exactly the same.

Botox Botox is jointly constituted by botulinum toxin type A and human serum albumin, human serum albumin, which is also known as serum albumin extracted from human blood.

Lyophilized preparation of white or gray loose bodies, large molecular weight, the nature of which has an easy cohesion will become more viscous diluted solution, there is a certain degree of swelling effect.

The main component of the force balance Botox is botulinum toxin type A, also contains pharmaceutical gelatin, which is a hydrolyzate of porcine or bovine collagen fibers break after a mild form, soluble in water and has strong hydrophilic .

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK Botox

2 concentration is relatively

Under the unit-dose Botox and balanced force of botulinum toxin type A concentration of the same?

Answer: Botox Botox concentration slightly higher.

Clinical applications, the data show that Botox Botox molecular weight of approximately 900KD, and molecular scale force slightly larger than Botox, so in a unit dose, Botox botulinum toxin concentration is slightly higher.

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK Botox

3 dispersion of relatively

Under the same needle Botox and Botox Heng Li diffusion area of the same?

Answer: Botox injection Botox diffuse relatively small area.

Botox Botox's medical adviser said: Botox injection diffusion area of 0.5 cm2, while the balance of power Botox diffusion area is 1 cm2. Botox diffusion area and its permeability, injection concentration and injection pressure related.

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK Botox

These two different components of botulinum toxin dissolved in water at different permeability is also somewhat different, so Botox Botox permeability smaller.

In addition, the same dose of dilution, the concentration of Botox lyophilized botulinum toxin type A is also slightly more astute than the force balance, so it is bound to form after dilution higher concentrations of botulinum toxin similar to liquid, so in the same size injection needles, proper protection will form a higher resistance and pressure injection of botulinum toxin injection after proper.

And permeability, the higher the concentration, the greater the injection pressure, will directly lead to smaller dispersion area, so, in general, we can determine Botox Botox diffusion area will be smaller than the force balance.

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK Botox

But the value of two botulinum toxin diffusion area in the end is how much long-term studies have yet to be determined.

Through the above analysis, we can understand that Botox can reduce skin edema containing human serum albumin component, has a higher concentration of botulinum toxin, can be better achieved after injection of a relatively small dispersion area.

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK Botox

The collection of these three factors will achieve a more precise injection effect, a greater degree of reduce errors and improve the success rate of the injection, but also reduces the technical difficulty, MD, in theory, can to some extent for the United States who provide more Beauty guarantee safe and reliable.

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK Botox

However, some scholars clinical point out its shortcomings, namely human albumin easily cause blood infections, whether it is true, need confirmation.

Also have to admit, in clinical applications, security and value for the force fit properly difference Botox is not poor, while balancing force Botox into the country earlier, recognized by many doctors, and become their choice.

Which brand of face-lift pin force strong balance PK Botox

In addition, the price is relatively low value for the force of botulinum toxin in the domestic selling a great tool, so that the young beauty is to be linked with the security and economic co-exist, or that you have to decide yourself!
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