Why Do Women Look More Beautiful After Sex

Novels, the movie will play to the actress after sex, and his face will become more rosy, eyes brighter, looks even better than before the spirit, which in the end is how it is? What is the impact? Why sex with a woman more beautiful after it? Today as you uncover the fog.

Why Do Women Look More Beautiful After Sex

Has anyone found a more beautiful woman after sex? After the passion, after gently caress, more attractive skin, eyes brighter, even Jiaochuan have become more tempting. After sex why do women look more beautiful? When ready for sex with both men and women, most of them are in a state of pleasant emotions, in this mood, driven by both men and women will be happy to make myself younger. For example, women will pay attention to make-up for men to shave; these modifications will naturally make people look exceptionally young. Further to do the following exchange about the issue of sex.

First, the four reasons for a woman more beautiful after sex.

1, Sex can improve insomnia

Sexual life, the release of hormones can reduce people's sensitivity to stress, help ease the psychological pressure, so that the body relax, rest and sleep helps the whole process. In the whole process of sexual intercourse, men and women can quickly stimulate libido, sexual desire after orgasm and can quickly subsided, so some insomnia often worry about the men, they use this method to hypnosis. Both are satisfied sex life, without delay sleep, why not? But also pay attention to Oh! Sex equivalent to a moderate-intensity physical labor, if too often not very good rest of the body is bound to affect the quality of sleep.

Sex hormone secretion can promote

2, Sex hormone secretion can promote

People before sex, are generally required to carry out touch. Human skin also has metabolic phenomena, often stimulation, can prevent skin aging, which is even more beautiful woman after sex reasons. You know the kind of mood with their loved ones sharing the experience, the kind of drunken people want floating feeling, and the human body's autonomic nervous system can cause irritation, prompting strong sex hormone secretion. After the sex hormone secretion, women's skin becomes more delicate white, most women will become both nails shiny and elastic, soft and shiny hair, and even face acne will disappear.

3, Sex can relieve pain

Headache? Perhaps all you need is love. "Statistics show that orgasm can relieve all pain, including arthritis pain, postoperative pain, or pain during childbirth," Lisa Stern said, she was already obtained a master's degree in nursing registered nurse, family planning department in Los Angeles as a nurse. The main principle is that when you orgasm, the body releases a chemical called oxytocin ingredients. Oxytocin promotes bonding, relaxation, stimulate other positive emotional state. However, even if she recognized sex can relieve pain, but also pointed out the fact that previous studies have shown that orgasm to relieve pain is only temporary, usually only last 8-10 minutes.

For the physiological mechanism of orgasm, the classic book is described: orgasm is the most transient response during a stage, only about a few seconds. It is through involuntary muscle spasms release energy sexual desire, resulting in waves of pleasure. The most sexy female organ is the clitoris head, followed by the body of the clitoris, labia minora, vaginal 1/3 area. Hite famous sexologist sexology in her report on female orgasm feeling is described: "My body felt suspended float, full of strength, an Pentium spewing flames, strong devour everything, wonderful Extremely almost extreme ecstasy people cannot afford. "" I am extremely excited about my shortness of breath, while my head becomes floating, like in a dream world, the sound distant, like a stagnant same time. "

Sex accelerate blood circulation

4, Sex accelerate blood circulation

In the sex process, due to the blood circulation and breathing accelerated pace, increased body temperature, facial skin will look rosy than usual, increased intracellular tissue water filling up the skin, wrinkles will be reduced or even disappear. Many men have this discovery, more beautiful sex with a woman after his own.

Second, how to make a woman orgasm straight?

A kiss

Kissing is often part of foreplay, men can fall in addition to tongue kiss point, earlobes, neck, back, nipples and other sensitive generally known outside the band, do not ignore the fingers and toes, armpits, inner thighs, elbows and knees and other parts of the medial soft, try licking, sucking, nibbling and other skills with imagination, provoked different reactions.

2, Eyes

Soulful watching her, she said, "I love you", praise her advantage...... These moves prove that men love her everything, not just her body. This will make a woman emotionally, more motivated to put sex.

3, Praised

Also praised too annoying, so the temptation to mix some sexual conversation will make her feel more sexy. When you kiss her neck and whispered in her ear whispering, when you kiss her belly and arms, tell her that you think she is so sexy.

4, Romantic

Straight to a woman's chest, neck or other highly sexy moments to enjoy area, not a good way to kick off the foreplay. Gently stroked her arm, stomach, legs, back, hair is a better way to let her into the warm-up sex status. She drops her clothes for each layer can be viewed as an opportunity for one to let her around the corner, remember to let her remember every action and romantic.

Tips: US scientists have conducted a survey of women sex orgasm once, happy days to speak of continuity, the study also found that in terms of long-term people are not met, dopamine would decline, tend to become grumpy , unhappy. At this point some people will be alleviated by overeating, and ultimately harm the body. So Dear women, it is time to make you pretty happy up!
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