You Always Like To Have A Fashion Popular Classic Handbags

You always want to have a fashion popular classic bag: Celine magic treasure, Chanel perfume bottles, Moschino, M2Malletier gold pole at McDonald's. In fact, in many cases, this is pointless, as you think when you catch up with the trend, and has long been behind you. Our idea is not to catch up with someone else's footsteps, but stay back!

Seen from the street fashion week this year, apart from those outside the popular classic bag, still have a lot of flair handbags make people's eyes light up, like Charlotte Olympia book bags, hand bags, Sara Battalion tassels Sophia Webster small handbag.

YOU Always Like To Have A Fashion Popular Classic Handbags

  1. Charlotte Olympia book clutch bag

Charlotte Olympia debut book clutch bag is not how many years, but has some fashion favorite, due to its price limits and not many people have it. A clutch bag, a book, a story, very witty, literary.

Kenzo weaving small bucket

  1. Kenzo weaving small bucket

Kenzo beautiful handbags there are many nice bag also has a lot of, but like Kenzo knitted little bucket is quite a steal.

Alexander Arutyunov small boxes

  1. Alexander Arutyunov small boxes

Alexander Arutyunov this packet very likeable, cream color, overall box model is very cute, white letters LOGO and very refined.

Luxury is a Discipline

  1. Luxury is a Discipline

This small handbag is very attitude, "Luxury is a Discipline" as the Declaration on their behalf. Concave shape at the same time does not forget to give your attitude.

Pretty Woman

  1. Pretty Woman

"Pretty Woman" is always giving a woman a good adjective, in the show LOGO might as well show their attitude to the others; this package also has such meaning. This little handbag is also very interesting.

Benedetta Bruzziches small metallic handbag

  1. Benedetta Bruzziches small metallic handbag

Benedetta Bruzziches seems a bit pompous, Kim yo-yo's dazzling, but it will always have a retro flavor, even without losing detail designs are also very popular favor.

Fendi color handbag

  1. Fendi color handbag

Fendi nice fun bags there are Bugs hogging a lot of headlines lately, in fact, this small package is also colored sequins take shots.

The smiley Pack

  1. The smiley Pack

Please note the smiley Pack is here Gelerah Mizrahi small handbag, not Celine, little thing in hand gives a happy feeling.

Louis Vuitton clutch bag

  1. Louis Vuitton clutch bag

The Louis Vuttion clutch bag are vintage, was introduced in fall/winter 2014 begin,handsome like Louis Vuttion suitcase, suitcase in hand fear his lack of fashion.

Mawi small hand bag

  1. Mawi small hand bag

Mawi small handbag is the most special place on either side of the package has a special decoration, unromantic small hand bag too much for itself sense.

Sara Battaglia tassels handbags

  1. Sara Battaglia tassels handbags

Sara Battaglia tassel bag retro elegance, metal rivets, tassels, the texture of a few flip out the metal triangle.

Sophia Webster small hand bag

  1. Sophia Webster small hand bag

Sophia Webster handbag shaped like a dialog box, hold it in hand are not handbags but I want to say a Word.

Stella McCartney Ultraman

  1. Stella McCartney Ultraman

Stella McCartney not only introduced a red handbag and Ultraman, really likable.

Yazbukey small handbag

  1. Yazbukey small handbag

In today's, up to the number of slogans in the small hand bag.

Au Jour Le Jour vegetable printing packages

  1. Au Jour Le Jour vegetable printing packages

Au Jour Le Jour like appeared as prints of fruits and vegetables in the kitchen was pretty special.
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