8 Actions from Ambiguous To Make You Love

Everyone to have some happy affair for life blessing, but everything eventually need revel. But now, the American psychologist Robert - Epstein propose a new argument: Science can help people improve the chances of success in love. (Source: Ruili Network)

8 Actions from Ambiguous To Make You Love

1, combined. Gently hug each other, feel each other's breath, and slowly adjust their breathing synchronized with each other. After a few minutes, you might think the two people seem to blend.

2, affectionate eye. And the other to keep one step away, staring at each other's eyes deeply, try to look at each other's heart. For two minutes, then tell them what you see.

8 Actions from Ambiguous To Make You Love

Imitation (Source: canopy)

3. Imitation. And the other near and stand (or sit), imitating his / her every move. It's funny, it is difficult.

4, "falling" into the love. This is a trust exercise, will enhance the sympathetic feeling between the two men. Companion and stand with his back and let yourself fall back, fall into each other's arms. Switch roles and repeat a few times, and then share your feelings. Stranger In doing this exercise in the future, it is possible to produce a long acquaintance with each other feel.

8 Actions from Ambiguous To Make You Love

Exchange secret (Source: canopy)

5, exchange secrets. Write down on paper your secret, then swap your paper, talk about the top secret. You can continue this process until there are no secrets between you, you can keep some secrets for the next use.

6, mind-reading game. Do you want to write down his / her say, and then use non-verbal way to let the other know what you're thinking, the other to try to guess. If you give it up, tell them the answer, then swap roles.

8 Actions from Ambiguous To Make You Love

Go "into" each other (Source: canopy)

7, to the "advance" to each other. And the other one meter apart, start looking at each other. Every 10 seconds, a little closer, so that after a few times, you will be completely into each other "private Radius" (45 cm). Without physical contact, and as close as possible. Robert's students say, this exercise is often kiss ended.

8, love halo. And love palm relative, but the real contact does not occur. Doing a few minutes, you will not only feel the presence of heat, sometimes even feel a strange burst of sparks.
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