Best Adjust Diet Farewell Annoying Belly You Wants To Know

How to reduce belly, a lot of people to a certain age, are deeply troubled bellies. How to reduce belly fat, in addition to exercise to lose weight exercise to do, is there any way reduce tummy tuck is more simple? How does it reduce belly fat? Xiaobian to teach you to start the diet, proper diet, abdominal quickly flattened.

Best Adjust Diet Farewell Annoying Belly Your Boss Wants To Know

Adjust diet farewell annoying belly

Eat more vegetables

The best and most healthy weight loss is to eat lots of the vegetable manners. Many vegetables are rich in vitamins and fiber your body needs, not only nutritious but also gives you a sense of satiety, while promoting intestinal motility, improve constipation, eliminate toxins, prominent abdomen can take it back.

Intake of vitamin C

I remember a day plus meals outside of one gram of vitamin C, and the right amount of nuts can be eaten as a snack, OMEGA 3 which provides not only good for the body, providing enough energy, it can effectively suppress appetite, maintain light body, but also do not have to worry about eating too much, obesity factor slowly accumulate into fat around the abdomen.

Keep "moving" the habit

It is important to keep moving, even if only for a walk is also very important! Walk at least 20 minutes a day, once every two days to go, the target 30 minutes. Why is that? After the habit of regular exercise muscles, u body will start burning fat, but rather short-term immediate persistent. In the exercise of the body, also releases endorphins make your mood good, is not it serve multiple purposes?

Best Adjust Diet Farewell Annoying Belly Your Boss Wants To Know

Drink smart

Drink smart

Go out to play at night, remember to stay away from high sugar cocktails, select wines, spirits or soda. Alcohol is the best wine, best red wine. The best choice is vodka mixed spirits soda, ice cubes and lemon slices. Because alcohol is a toxin, when drinking also pays attention to drain out and to control weight, or make you eat more, eat a can will hoard the stomach around Oh!

Retain moisture

Make the body retain water, to ensure that each drinks two glasses of wine should drink a glass of water, you will definitely feel it the next day the abdomen more comfortable, because water can promote detoxification, the first course is to make the abdomen more flat friends. Daily drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of liquid, including water and all drinks. If you can, drink mineral water or herbal drinks.

Seven days detox program

If you want to get rid of binge eat after extra belly fat, you can try the seven-day detox program. The first day only intake of protein, such as lean meat, fish, seafood, chicken, eggs, dairy products, ham and two liters of water. The next day adds vegetables, join two pieces of fruit on the third day, and gradually increase the weight diet back to normal until the seventh day after the body feel light and more.

Best Adjust Diet Farewell Annoying Belly Your Boss Wants To Know

Attack phase

Attack phase

The next day and the seventh day detox program is the key to strengthening the slimming effect can be said to be "offensive phase." In these days please a lot of protein intake of 72 kinds of food and drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, will help break down proteins.

Do not let yourself hungry

Hunger is the greatest enemy of weight loss, you do not think of weight loss as well as reducing the stomach, just do not eat the body will be able to solve the problem. Diet focuses on providing a wide variety of food choices to thin, from breakfast, lunch to dinner, and even snacks. So completely without counting calories or weighing food, there is no reason to let yourself hungry! First ensure that the power of nutrition to promote weight loss are adequate, so as to make you thin down.

Try apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be said to reduce stomach secret weapon. Every day after lunch and dinner drink two tablespoons of protein will help you break down and eliminate fat, improve detoxification, of course, can also help you lose weight and abdomen.

For people who are sensitive stomach, but also as the supplement to lose weight and acidic foods.
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