Common Misconceptions About Alternative Techniques Have Sex On A Chair

If you want better sex, sex life more perfect harmony, of course, is the need to both relax and unwind can wholeheartedly to sex them.

Common Misconceptions About Alternative Techniques Have Sex On A Chair

Women need to relax, and then to slowly into the role of sex. For this, men generally very difficult to understand. This is because in the sense that regard, women and men differ. Sometimes men only after orgasm, will relax. Most women enjoy sex before, you need to relax.

In his book about sex often find such a suggestion: women before sex can be dimmed the lights, make a long, hot bubble bath. Before I realized the difference between men and women, is almost impossible to understand it. If I took a long, warm bath, might fall asleep. Now, however, I understand the woman is in this way to relax.

Chair not only rest, but also give you a satisfactory sex relax. For those struggling to cope with the daily work of men lead to physical fatigue or likes to try new and exciting sex, and this is a good way. However, the best thing is to choose a comfortable chair Oh!

Man sitting in the chair now, sitting on his lap like a woman is sitting in a chair that. She should be back against the man's chest. All tasks are now handed over to the woman, but, fortunately, you need to do is not difficult. As long as there helping hand, her legs may be arbitrarily or tight or slow movement.

If you can not find a chair, you should create an appropriate environment for their own bed. Men's knees, hips sitting on his ankle.

Woman sitting in his arms, according to potential. Can not do a lot of action in this position, it is very sensitive, it is recommended that the sex as the one meal. Once both parties have sat down, the man can caress her breasts, or massage her back.

If the background music to the point, just so holding is also very good. They should be in tune to the action at this time, even backward along the side because lying is also very comfortable. Intense Choucha not the most important at this time, the slow gentle movements are more effective.

If you want to continue to early adopters it, you can put a little action to change a bit and let the woman prone on the bed, legs apart, man riding on the back of her thigh. If you want easy access, it is recommended in the women's abdomen underlay a pillow.

Many men find in this position in order to master the regular rhythm is more difficult, because men can easily slide into and must be re-aligned.Patient, at first pale light into the first, until you gradually control the rhythm.

Under what circumstances should not be fucked

First, do not sick sex.

Second, do not fatigue sexual intercourse.

Third, do not be unhappy barely engaged.

Fourth, do not have sex during menstruation.

Fifth, do not drink and sexual intercourse.

Sixth, do not pay attention to hygiene.

Seventh, do not have a patriarchal ideology mischief.

Eighth, do not prepare adequately, in a hurry and on.

Ninth, do not eat three square meals or starvation during sexual intercourse.

Tenth, do psychological stress or shyness.

Eleventh, do not bath after sexual intercourse.

XII, do postpartum sexual intercourse.

XIII, do not have sex before dawn.

For her to spend more time

When women want a man touching himself in another way, she needs not suffer in silence all the useful work done by a man, she can guide men in accordance with the way they want to caress. Under such circumstances, a man can grab a pillow over, careful observation, and study hard.

How can a man give a woman more time tenderness in sex? One very effective way is timing. It sounds is not romantic, but it is very effective. I recommend putting a man on the bed sheet. So that he could look up from time to time to glance in sex.

There is an interesting phenomenon, when a man's libido aroused, they are a great time to judge the error if the woman is in a different time zone.Men seem to have continued to feel the caress of the ten to fifteen minutes, in fact, just over twelve minutes only.

If the true caress the ten to fifteen minutes, a man can begin to stimulate a woman really needs. At that time, a woman has been fully mobilized, will more fully accepted men.
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