Goddess Health Tips Milder Sleep Ni Ni Infatuated With A Five-Color Diet

Goddess Health Tips Milder Sleep Ni Ni Infatuated With A Five-Color Diet

Stage fame babes pay and efforts in the audience was incredible, regardless of the shooting and work to be onerous, goddesses are always ready to laugh on the lens. We ask ourselves the same woman, living a life of nine to five do not know how to manage their own health, no wonder the poor from the goddess always always such a distance. Today, beauty network to take you to see what's popular artistes goddess health secrets!

Goddess health tips: milder sleep Ni Ni infatuated with a five-color diet

Tang Yan: 8 hours of sleep anti-dark circles

2015 opening year, "Why silent farewell" Even if the crew Zaiqing wig again slag still touched generations of avid reader, popular hot Tang Yan and "Live Flesh," "daughter Nzei", "Tomb", etc. several highly anticipated annual drama department staged ready. So busy filming, inevitably boil even a few overnight, but Tang Yan slender figure and fair skin or make way for people to envy envy, not at all tired of the way!

Why do non-stop in the studio not long even dark circles? Tang Yan, but simply by replenishing sleep pretty complete plans, she had once joked that he had slept for a whole day to get enough sleep. So Tang Yan beauty of the girls on the proposal must ensure that adequate sleep eight hours a day, good sleep quality, even the skin will naturally smooth and rosy it!

Detox tea can regimen

Tang Yan said that sometimes filming very hard, frequent ground skin makeup remover actually harm is very large, so do not usually shoot when she insisted on no makeup. At the same time, she will come to tea detoxifies the way through. For example, she likes to drink tea and green tea, tea is not only the absorption of dietary fat can help detoxifies, maintain good body, and can also help themselves to relieve fatigue, body and mind are well relaxed. So the beauty of the girls might learn about Tang Yan health care experience it!

Goddess health tips: milder sleep Ni Ni infatuated with a five-color diet

Healthy diet to keep fit

Tang Yan's breakfast is a cup of milk a day, apple, eat a small amount of rice at noon, night rejected all starchy foods. And Tang Yan likes to eat fruit , she once said:. "I can not eat a few days, but not without fruit to eat sometimes filming conditions are relatively hard place, they see there is a fruit stand, my heart is at ease down. "

Goddess health tips: milder sleep Ni Ni infatuated with a five-color diet

Shi: health focuses on fun

Costume beauty and Si Ye Wu and Shi love finally coming into fruition, but the acting busy, too late to get to do weddings. Nevertheless, the goddess of the more refreshing wedding, presumably health proper way. Shi said his own films, and various announcements actually very busy, it is difficult to find time to take into account the conditioning regimen of diet, but she was very focused on maintaining his good attitude, spare playing video game entertainment, even live to be 70 years old, will remain Young Mind.

Goddess health tips: milder sleep Ni Ni infatuated with a five-color diet

Cold and bare makeup to skin permeability
Ye poetry straightforward character, everyday life is simple forthright, often being photographed without makeup shopping, but the makeup she was very beautiful and natural. This is the Shi maintenance tips, and that is not in the make-up time can not make-up, while also wiping facial skin with cold water. Shi said that cold water can help the skin blood circulation, make the skin more ruddy and shiny. While cold water surface covered calm the skin pores can play a role.

Goddess health tips: milder sleep Ni Ni infatuated with a five-color diet

Ni Ni: unique colored diet Heart Sutra

From the "rush of that year to" come out of the love goddess Ni Ni has recently been busy participating in Hunan TV's reality show animal, frequently drying out the various and cute animals or lions beast photo. Meng Meng Da Koala indeed, but most still steal the spotlight Ni Ni, the breeder is gray uniforms, slightly messy hair, she can not stop all the delicate skin and beautiful face, did not see the shooting of hard .

Living conditions of extreme entertainment law allows Ni Ni have been there subhealth puzzlement easily strung, but she has her own way: it is colored diet. Hard to imagine that the beautiful young Ni Ni healthy diet has an extremely insightful, and practitioners are not much better compared.

Goddess health tips: milder sleep Ni Ni infatuated with a five-color diet

Food is colored passwords, different colors of food will nourish different organs, such as black renal well, you can also spleen Bugan; white is rich in protein, can pay whitening; red food is good for the heart, but also iron and blood , enhance physical fitness; green rich in folic acid, can clean up our stomach; purple rich in anthocyanins, not only anti-vascular sclerosis, eye protection, to prevent stroke is also very good.

Goddess health tips: milder sleep Ni Ni infatuated with a five-color diet

Whole grains paste beauty beauty

Ni Ni Soymilk juice at home will use a variety of gooey come as a breakfast food, such as oats, walnuts, beans, cornmeal, etc. Of course, these beans to eat more whole grains will be tired, Ni Ni will add honey to taste, or change the pattern of red beans and cook like barley water swelling dampness drink beverages.

The operation requires a certain therapeutic procedures, wash and cook to cook every day so many fruits and vegetables is not easy. But Ni Ni feel natural and healthy state to make life more positive attitude. So, she's busy at work I can take time out to take care of their diet carefully, never took the trouble.

Goddess health tips: milder sleep Ni Ni infatuated with a five-color diet

Zhang Jingchu: self-treatment of depression

Various diseases of modern society from birth, mental health concerns are more and more modern. Zhang Jingchu said she experienced the most extreme happiness actually did not mind anything, peace of mind to live in the moment feeling. An occasional night, a day doing housework, wash all the dishes, a man slumped on the sofa, head and heart, without any thought, I felt special satisfaction and happiness.

Goddess health tips: milder sleep Ni Ni infatuated with a five-color diet

Do not suppress their own, live in the moment happiest

Depression is a lot of city people are some of the issues, but in the early stages of depression is aware of its existence, active treatment, to be able to get rid of mental illness. When you find yourself losing interest in life, I feel anything to make you happy is not up, their hobbies also gradually become boring, you will be supplied with the physical problems. Such as listlessness, loss of appetite, insomnia . If this condition persists for more than three weeks, the basic tendency can be characterized as a depression.

People will have trouble with tangled, desire, and do not unduly suppress and control their emotions. Like in the slough, the more hard it will deeper. May wish to own a bit of tolerance, acceptance of these negative emotions. Like Zhang Jingchu as quietly get up every morning meditation meditation, accompanied by the morning sun and the small dust flying in the sun, feel the lightness and their health bar.

Goddess health tips: milder sleep Ni Ni infatuated with a five-color diet

Wang Luo Dan: regular schedule of people to develop healthy

Some young Wang Luo Dan will talk more with friends to eat, drink, and now she is more than happy to gather together to talk about health topics. Because of her right now, nothing is more important than the health of the parents, "Now the parents do not love sports, are holding iPad every day of the cervical spine is very bad, my task is to supervise them." In order to set an example, Wang Luo Dan's schedule is extremely law, even with her own spirit also become more healthier.

Goddess health tips: milder sleep Ni Ni infatuated with a five-color diet

Stick to their life secrets

Wang Luo Dan lifestyle very regular, she will accomplish the task in the daily three hour, eat the food, the sleep and sleep. Persevered after a busy work to not feel powerless.

7:00 am

Fasting drink a large glass of water for 5 minutes after getting bedside yoga.

11:30 noon

Go to a nearby gym, jogging or running, aerobics and then jump. Before wangluodan fitness for weight loss, but now it is for their health, regardless of body thin and not thin, through the exercise of aerobic exercise, and Manner enough, temperament also improved, is a natural beauty.


Cucumber soup bowl, add the ginger slices with a hot foot bath, bubble to sweat before going to take a bath before going to bed and then the United States and the United States to putting the mask.

Number of Chen: do not pursue the ultimate in healthy living at home

Chen has been on several magazine interview said, "how to break from the work and life, how to improve the texture of life, that you and I can choose is to choose a healthy lifestyle." Her choice of a healthy lifestyle is not the pursuit of perfection, not to greedy, vegetables, meat, rice to eat, but the amount will not be much, she is pursuing a balanced diet.

There is also a tonic when the movement when

Excessive exercise is actually very easy to get hurt, moderate fitness, soothing movement would be more suitable woman busy people, brisk walking or yoga exercises are suitable for everyday menu. Even on weekdays, the number of Chen regimen has been a gentle, even less air conditioning blowing. She felt that fans turn out in the wind is soft, the air conditioning blowing hard the wind can not love his woman.

Autumn and winter, when the number of Chen will greet the right place tonic, but she is more inclined to comply with the laws of nature, but a little mutton nourishing yourself, keep warm, and water is more important.
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