How to Do Whiten Skin Fastest

Rice water to wash his face. When rice every day, leaving the first and second rice water, and let it slowly clarifying, then take part above water to wash your face, face a variable white and delicate. such use rice water for oily friends, use it after washing the face, facial will not overly bright,. takes note that, after you wash your face with rice water, and then wash out of the 3 times.

Method one: homemade whitening mask

1. The vinegar and salt dissolved water, the ratio is about water: vinegar: salt = 9: 3: 1, with a mixture of a good tune wetting the towel, rub in the face, morning and evening, (if you want to rub more one or two friends have no problem), the effect is good, oh, and bear fruit soon, white skin, acne will be gone.

2. Blasted with strawberry sauce, put the egg white. Wipe once every 2 to 3 days

3. The deployment of water and honey added after pearl powder, so used a few times later, the face is white and tender!

The easiest and cheapest and most convenient but very very very effective whitening method (personal experience) ended up mushy bananas (bananas must not use banana instead), then pour the whole milk, then add a small amount of water. Proportion of these things is probably the 2: 5: 1, and then to wipe his face, then gently tap the face, and finally do nothing. 20 minutes after the wash ... What did you find? Is not white in a circle

How to Do Whiten Skin Fastest

2 living whitening tips

Method Two: Life whitening tips

A. Taomi wash

Wash a rice every day when, leaving the first and second of rice water, let it slowly clarification, and then take part above water to wash his face can be white and delicate. This is more suitable for oily Taomi friend use, because after using it to wash, face no longer overly bright, attention, water wash after wash with rice water, and then the three-fold.

Second, Milk, face painting

The milk bottle or bag of milk drinking drops of water, then pour the shake hands, wipe painted face, painted after 5 ---- 6 minutes then rinse. This law, if a long face Ministry will increasingly delicate, after a bath if the use of more efficient

In addition, I tell you some good effect of super homemade whitening mask it!

Three whistle

Whistle head and facial muscles can affect the full movement, which can reduce facial wrinkles, while slowing the pulse can

How to Whiten Skin Fastest

Three Daily habits to help whiten

Method three: daily habits to help whiten

1 • To sleep, then cut thin cucumber placed face to win a few minutes a month, your face will be white and tender.

2 • bedtimes use the cheapest cotton plus completely soaked up water, apply to the face for 20 minutes, three times a week, your skin will not think of shiny Refreshing!

3 • get up to drink two glasses of water per day, a cup, add some salt, you can clear the stomach.

4 • Out the door must Cream tea and sunscreen, remember to go home immediately removed.

5 • first with warm water and then cold water wash, clean and both will face pores smaller.

6 • Be sure to drink plenty of water does not stay up late, eat fried things, and keep the skin clean.

7 • After washing the face every night, recuperate music and more on cotton, directly deposited on the face, forehead, chin and even the way you can apply, not only whitening, only about one-sixth the amount of time a bottle of Yakult.

How to Whiten Skin Fastest

4 on white needles

Method four: About white needles

Not all of them are suitable for use white needles, experts tell us, the following categories of people are not recommended to use needle whitening:

One of the vitamins would be unsuitable for people allergic to white needles.

2, pregnant and suffering from cardiovascular disease who are not suited to play white needles.

3, patients with kidney stones disabled.
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