HOW to Got Breast Prosthesis So You Have To Pick

As soon as you decide to false breast augmentation, breast prosthesis choose which becomes a problem you need to key consideration.

"I choose to import or domestic prosthesis? Is the most popular choice of matte or affordable Glossy prosthesis? Below small for you to answer these questions one by one, along with a suitable choice of your breast prosthesis.

HOW to Got Breast Prosthesis So You Have To Pick

First, the choice of imports, joint ventures or domestic prosthesis?

Breast prosthesis imported material points, joint ventures, domestic three, their raw materials, production technology and prices vary, you can choose your own breast prosthesis according to their own situation.

Breast Prosthesis So You Have To Pick

Imported prosthesis because technology and advanced materials, so the price of your domestic breast implant is relatively economical, and feel the difference after implantation import is not great, but at present there is no domestic production processes rough surface, and only with frosted surface of the prosthesis to replace, but the price is relatively cheap. Joint venture is somewhere in between.

The most high-end breast prosthesis "luxury" There are wonderful memories deep sea peach silicone gel implants, prostheses, etc. Na Lai Qi, choose these two implants, breast augmentation price price at least 4-6 million or more, if the well-known Please experienced private hospital doctors surgery, may take up to 14-18 million.

Breast Prosthesis So You Have To Pick

In addition to these several "luxury" import prosthesis, such as Manto, McGonagall, high Na various prostheses, is also a good choice, the price is generally between 2-8 million.

If your budget is small, you can choose to mass public hospital implant affordable homemade prosthesis, made of Weining, Corning and Wan and breast implants, are also certified by the National Security brand, usually breast augmentation prices between 1-3 million.

Breast Prosthesis So You Have To Pick

Second, choose matte or glossy prosthesis?

According to the smoothness of the surface of the prosthesis, the prosthesis can be divided into the hair and smooth surface of the prosthesis. Roughened surface of the prosthesis has set pattern, surface thickness deep, rough irregular.

Breast Prosthesis So You Have To Pick

Characteristics can make the tissue in production, so that the prosthesis and human tissue with more closely, which can reduce capsular contracture may occur after surgery, but the price accordingly expensive.

① smooth prosthesis surface is smooth, clean and feels slippery, but because the surface is smooth, the organization is not easy to adhere to the surface, the possibility of capsular contracture after surgery larger. But the price is cheaper.

Breast Prosthesis So You Have To Pick

Manufacturing technology ② rough surface of the prosthesis is also a lot more complicated than the smooth technique, currently mainly imported prosthesis, prosthetic due to lack of domestic production processes and the use of matte matte surface alternatives, but no pore matte surface structure, Histocompatibility and rough surface of the prosthesis is not good.

Breast Prosthesis So You Have To Pick

Currently, the rough surface of the prosthesis and a smooth prosthesis are in use, but there are also studies that the rough surface of the prosthesis is easier than smooth implants rupture.

Breast Prosthesis So You Have To Pick

Third, how much should I choose breast implants?

You want breast augmentation presumably want a pair of sexy breasts proudly, but by their own conditions and aesthetic principles, implanted prosthesis is not the bigger the better. When selecting the size of the prosthesis, you need to consider the following factors:

Breast Prosthesis So You Have To Pick

① Your body

Body proportions is an important aspect to consider breast prosthesis, and domestic experts to calculate the volume of a breast prosthesis formula according to size ratio: unilateral breast implant volume = 7.8 × height -865- before surgery breast volume.

The above equation has a certain practicality, but in practical application, you also need to fine-tune according to the physical characteristics of a doctor.

② Diameter of your bust

Your bust is an important factor limiting the diameter of the prosthesis size. Depending on the diameter of the prosthesis breast and nipple position. The maximum diameter of the prosthesis can be placed, depending on the bust and nipple position, some experts pointed out that the first measurement of the country for the United States away from the midline of the sternum to the anterior axillary line, denoted by H, then H-4cm is the largest breast implants selected chassis diameter value.

Breast Prosthesis So You Have To Pick

③ Baseline breast

The United States who had breast skin elasticity and subcutaneous fat thickness also determines the volume of implantable prostheses, when the blind pursuit of the United States who had large breasts, heavy breast implants beyond the capacity of the skin, can easily lead to sagging breasts .

Additionally, subcutaneous fat is too thin, if you choose too large prosthesis, the prosthesis contour may be seen, the visual effect unnatural.

Finally, Xiao Bian to remind you that the choice of prosthesis, according to their economic situation, their breast size and characteristics as well as to achieve the desired effect, final and discuss with your plastic surgeon to determine the most cost-effective a breast prosthesis . (Source: getty images)
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