Husband's First Love Comes Back To Do Three Thinks

Husband's First Love Comes Back To Do Three Thinks
In my questioning, he had to come clean: just graduated, he did not understand, than he full big 8-year-old Liu Hong everywhere take care of him, two people closer and closer

A chance encounter ruined calm

If you do not encounter that six months ago, and I still Yon sheng perhaps a happy young couple refused to get up every morning and I have a baby, he would call me good breakfast, walking down the street twisted his foot, he would It distressed me rubbing my face, always wearing a satisfied smile, but all this is a woman's figure ruined - the day I and Yon sheng fitting in, and suddenly a thirty-year-old woman stopped him. Fair-skinned woman, looks very gentle, Yon sheng introduced me to say, that was five years ago, he was working in an electrical company had worked with the Lao Davie, called Liu Hong. In a few words, said that when her husband's face flashed a panic, can I simply did not personally careless, but very warmly invited Liu Hong’s come around, she readily agreed.

The next day, when I almost forgot the matter, Liu Hong was knocking on the door of my house. Since then, yon sheng suddenly like a changed man like, always in a daze from time to time, that he could not hear for a long time. In my questioning, he had to come clean: just graduated, he did not understand, than his full big 8-year-old Liu Hong everywhere take care of him, two people closer and closer

Yon sheng listening to it, I have a sick feeling, especially when he and my affectionate, think Liu Hong, the old woman, I creeps, so we had a happy marriage, cast a shadows.

But across the ridge

There was a time, I will not promise to meet with Yon sheng Liu Hong, I also think it is after all just the past tense, we crossed this threshold can restore calm, but I felt unconsciously changed. I used to distrust everything he holds now, his actions always make me wonder, how I had a habit of secretly viewing his cell phone, resulting in several times, I found a message from Liu Hong, and prove that they are still traveling that made me almost want to crash.

Carrying Yon sheng, self-reflection, I had many times that I could get, "You love me," he asked this question several times, and each time he nodded, but I lack confidence in myself more. Back and think about it, and I was introduced to Yon sheng, the first meeting, the tall, handsome Yon sheng makes me feel like a found a patron, Electra complex from childhood I wanted to be able to find care, protect my man, Yon sheng exactly in line with my ideals. Next, he took the initiative about me, and then later, just over half a year, we got married. I always thought that we love, although plain water, but we have a lifetime to build a relationship in marriage, but now I think I was not wrong?

This time around yon sheng also a lot of silence, had he not talkative person, and now he is even more taciturn, and I have tried to think a little more about the story between him and Liu Hong, but could not inquire about anything.

Calm simmering volcano

I no longer closed in front of the names mentioned LIU Yon sheng, but my heart is in a state of anxiety, I feel life is like a calm surface of the volcano, erupted one day, so I secretly deciphered Yon sheng of password, and she found that he and Liu Hong chats, every word that the above are the same as biting insects like my heart - "To be honest, I cannot find the feeling of love with her, I think I Only her brother or father, is to protect her, but she did not know, I want to find, is that one can communicate with me, exchanges woman. "" When I first married her because she was innocent like a child, I think I will be alone with her more, you can help me forget thoughts of you, but now I finally know that I have never forgotten you! "" I know you are divorced, and I broke our heart and lungs, had, if you resolutely Forget age gap with me today, you and I would not have been such a torment!”

That day, after peeking yon sheng finished recording, I fell to the ground; my mind has been bit by bit, piece together their story - originally probably cannot help but like yon sheng Liu Hong, then she felt the two age too much difference, they retreat, married someone else. But her heart forget yon sheng, which makes her and her husband did not get along happily, and now, she divorced, came back and yon sheng, we are faced with three equal second choice.

If in the past I just hate Liu Hong, then, after reading these records, I really feel the panic. I'm afraid that one day I would yon sheng filed for divorce, then, how can I do? Lost to an old woman, I unwilling, but looks yon sheng loved her more than I do, what I can save the marriage?
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