Men's top ten natural aphrodisiacs

Men's top ten natural aphrodisiacs

Sexuality is a magical thing, for men, sometimes just look at a woman's breasts or a simple kiss, you can touch the libido "switch." Recently, the United States, "Women's Day" website please sexologist can mobilize men to elect some strange sexual factor, which is known as "the man ten natural aphrodisiac." (Source: Life Times)

1. Slender shapely arms. Researchers University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia to let male volunteers watch a video about the woman. Men are always those slender arms as the most attractive women, the most they can stimulate sexual desire, those slender legs of women are not on the number row. The researchers believe that slender arms to make a woman look slimmer, indicating that they perform better in bed, and embrace more pest.

2. Coordinate underwear. Men like girlfriends wearing underwear with coordination, they think it's sexy. Ai Puli · Masini marriage expert said that this is because men will find themselves spending specifically for companion thought, money and effort decorated dress, while others can not get to see. Female friends may wish to wear a mix of coordinated new underwear, one of surprise to the male partner, and you can choose the color red bra, underwear and so small, so irresistible charm.

3. Childhood some flavor. Chicago's Smell and Taste Research Center study found that pumpkin pie with lavender exudes taste more than the other 23 kinds of flavor make men penile blood flow increases. Perhaps the reason is that this mix of flavors reminiscent distribute warm and happy family dinner, or make a man feel more relaxed. Further studies have shown that a child of a familiar smell of food can also play the same role.

4. Sounded hips and thighs. Many men will suffer a woman rounded hips and thighs stimulation. University of Pittsburgh and the University of California, Santa Barbara scientist believes that this can be done from the evolutionary explanation, rounded hips and thighs containing omega-3 fatty acids, can be transmitted through the placenta into the maternal blood, nourishing fetal brain development.

5. Se closer woman. According attractive proximity theory, women around more easily arouse sexual desire of men. Marriage expert Karin Rosenberg said: "Men do not just because it was common to attract women, they will be close to each other regularly attract." Rosenberg noted that men are more likely to pursue their own often happened and patronize the same restaurants female colleagues. "When a man wants to change the single life, they will react according to more stability and familiarity." She adds.

6. fear. University of British Columbia researchers asked two groups of two male participants were standing on the bridge, a bridge is very strong, another bridge long shaking, but hanging in the air from the ground more than 70 meters high. The researchers then arrange a beautiful female assistant called two men to fill in the questionnaire. It was found that the risk of a man standing on the bridge, the answer given is very nauseating explicit. Men fear will stimulate certain parts of the brain, making it wide open lust.

7. And myself look like a woman. Man himself looks more proportionate appearance and a soft spot for women. Rosenberg said that the same type of combination of theory may explain why. That people in conjunction with certain physical characteristics and their own people with similar binding.

8. The woman laughed. Assistant Professor of the University of Basel, Switzerland Maria Sophocles said that men do not consciously be as provocative woman evokes laughter, perhaps because a woman's laughter makes men think a woman's sex Jian Chuang Sheng.

9. Red. According to a study published in the "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology", the researchers asked the men dressed in different colored clothing for women scored. It was found that men think a woman wearing a crimson dress the most charming, even with a change in color of the clothes of a woman, and they still think the most attractive when wearing red. Cultural association caused red, such as red-light district, etc., play a role. However, where there are certain physiological reasons, women or female animals in primates before ovulation will become ruddy face, in its most exuberant fertility when the most popular male recruit.

10. A woman's sexual supplies. Su Ge · W · Destin is the United States plans to coordinate medical institutions of medical personnel in San Diego, but also health education, she said that men see themselves and the companion of sex products, such as lubricants, fun clothing, condoms, sex will quickly start. See companion masturbation they also could not resist the "aphrodisiac."
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