Perfumes may cause reproductive disorders

Perfumes may cause reproductive disorders
Introduction: In order to improve the indoor environment, to make life more convenient, most people will make use of some commodities, everyone knows, this might spend money on pollution. Recently, the United States, "Web MD" Web site published an article listed in life do not need eight items.

1. The air freshener. It is not clear from the source of the odor, chemical spray particles also likely to be inhaled into the lungs. The best way to improve indoor air ventilation, or put some plants indoors.
2. sewers, toilets and other sanitary ware special cleaning agents. These things easy to burn the skin, eyes and body tissues, where the best clean with baking soda and vinegar, soak, then hot water to rinse.
3. canned food. Canned food packaging coated with epoxy resin containing bisphenol A. The chemical and hormonal disorders, obesity, heart disease and so on. Best eaten fresh, frozen food or glass bottles.
4. pesticides. Toxic ingredients in pesticides pollute the air, but also by people's shoes to the carpet, to the family health risks.
5. bottled water. Plastic bottles of chemicals penetrate the water, affecting their health, the best comes out cups.
6. rubber toys. Manufacture of PVC toys would leak phthalates and lead, the former with hormonal disorders, which damages the nervous system, both of which will pollute the air.
7. sofa cushion. Above dust mites, mold number and toilet seat almost. The air-filled cushion foam containing toxic flame retardants, these substances linked to cancer, birth defects, thyroid disorders, reproductive and neurological disorders. The best use is made of wool and cotton, and must be cleaned regularly and clean.
8. perfume. Compounds contained in more than 800 kinds of perfume. Perfume in diethyl phthalate suspected carcinogen, can also lead to reproductive disorders.
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