Plastic Surgery Photos Exposed Face Is The Most Beautiful

In the face of frequent hit today, the world's most beautiful face what is it? Recently, the famous American movie review site TC Candler voted and published the "2014 Global Baida beautiful face" actress. This list, South Korean actress nominated for a lot, but only Chinese actress Zhu Zhu, Liu Yifei and Fan Bingbing three finalists, ranked respectively 20, 61 and 66. The world's most beautiful woman in the first place were South Korean actress NaNa (Lin Jenna) win.

Plastic Surgery Photos Exposed Face Is The Most Beautiful

NaNa has golden ratio face, bright eyes of God, straight nose, soft lips, "Baida beautiful face," the title of the first beauty made her popularity soared.
Plastic Surgery Photos Exposed Face Is The Most Beautiful

She can be elected on world's most beautiful face, many Chinese netizens pleaded not even set out the evidence for multiple cosmetic NaNa, but this is not the thing in Korea.
Lin Jenna (NANA) is a member of the Korean girl group After School, has a sexy hot body and a fresh appearance.

Plastic Surgery Photos Exposed Face Is The Most Beautiful
! Yuan value is very high and yet attracted a lot of questions:

"It must be full out!"

"Plastic is also OK?"

"Plastic beauty should be excluded!"

Even friends Jenna shaping forest exposed before photos to prove she belongs artificial beauty, incompetent "world's most beautiful" in the title!
Despite the alleged artificial face, but we can still put aside, and see how the world's first beauty truing.

Plastic Surgery Photos Exposed Face Is The Most Beautiful

Bright eyes - open the inner corner eyelid +

The eyes are an important part of the decision of the first impression! Forest Jenna original eye is relatively small, but is a single fold. And now not only big but also the eyes of God, there is a very nice eyelid! Can not beautiful?

For the girls, it folds small eyes, can generally be done by opening the inner corner of the eyelid + let their eyes become another big God.

Open his eyes and eyelid can do together, to open his eyes surgery is to make the eyes bigger, cut the outer eye mucosa, laterally elongated eye fissure surgery. Cut the outer part of the eye because of the mucosa without scarring, so do not worry you can stretch the scar eyes. If Epicanthus obviously, can also open the inside corner, stretched along the transverse fissure eye make eyes bigger.

Surgical incision is cut eyelid eyelid incision, the amount removed a thick layer of fat and muscle, so thin eyelids. After the double-fold eyelids will be about within 1-6 months with varying degrees of unnatural, usually after the second day and resume normal activities eyelids, over time, will gradually become smooth and natural, vivid and crisp.

Plastic Surgery Photos Exposed Face Is The Most Beautiful

V photogenic little face - a face-lift needle

Lin Jenna previous round face, a little fleshy, has now become a small V face it! Generally there is a face-lift face-lift pin, facial liposuction / melting fat, go fat pad. Want a face-lift of the MM can choose the appropriate method change according to their specific circumstances V face.

Also known as face-lift face-lift injection needle injection, is in both sides or one side of the masseter safe dose of a face-lift injection needle, inject a face-lift basically no trauma, quicker recovery, usually 3-7 days start to work, the effect appears to maintain time in 4-6 months. General face-lift injection needle four months after repeated injections several times to enhance the effect, you need to stabilise after repeated injections.

Stereo very nose - Rhinoplasty

Compared with the previous picture, more three-dimensional shape of the nose, the lines even more beautiful. Nose shape is an important part of determining whether the three-dimensional contours of the face! Nose elevation has been the pursuit of beauty MM, hyaluronic acid filling, prosthesis, silicone can make Yamane, nose straight up, so that more three-dimensional face.

Prosthetic nose surgery can be used to create the perfect three-prosthesis fine nose, long high nose, narrow nose, raise the nose one complete. Prosthesis rhinoplasty nose not only focus on those who work in the nose plus the artificial dermis or rhinoplasty can not ignore the content of cartilage removed from his own body is the prosthesis. Rhinoplasty done by prosthetic nose feels very authentic feel.

Perfect forehead - Feng forehead

Flat forehead would undermine the overall proportion of the face, the face of the destruction of three-dimensional, old. And from the physiognomy, the Asians are more push Chong Tianting full. Rounded forehead not only make a positive and more beautiful, but also to the side lines and more beautiful. So the real beauty is a woman dare to expose a large forehead.

Now a lot of people choose to autologous fat transplantation abundance forehead, through the use of fat particles themselves to fill the forehead area, does not require surgery, by injection is complete, relatively safe. In addition to hyaluronic acid injections can be filled forehead.
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