The Chest Foundation Better Only If You Understand These 5 Things

A woman over the age of development, flat chest became the greatest woman in mind that road scars. If you acquired the maintenance is not good, it is easy to let the flat chest worse. So a woman must do five things breast Breasts, so as to ensure the health of the breast, while Mimi from the ground so that small peak.

The Chest Foundation Better Only If You Understand These 5 Things

Wear support underwear

1. Wear support underwear

For the type of breast sagging, it is especially important to wear support underwear. A good adjustable underwear can underarms, back and abdomen fleshy breasts are pushed to go and get your cup big two levels at once. Sleep when not wearing underwear, so that the breast be completely relaxed in the evening, but also conducive to sleep at night.

2. Massage twice a week

Four fingers together, thumb apart, his hands holding the breasts on both sides, from the outside toward the center of the breast, breast duct along the direction of massage. If the chest a little outside the expansion, at the same time when we should massage pushed inward. If the chest down, it should also push upward. Do not push too hard when, about 5-10 minutes massage the chest can feel a slight fever.

The Chest Foundation Better Only If You Understand These 8 Things

Eat gelatin

3. Eat gelatin

Yin gelatin can dry up, beauty blood, for most women who are good supplements. Generally it is best to eat 3-9 grams, it would crack and put the pot into a viscous liquid, you can also put some sugar or honey to taste. This is a very traditional collagen, blood, physical as well as a method of treatment of dysmenorrhea, the effect is very significant.

4. Breast movement 3-4 times a week to do the

Many people feel that the movement no effect, in fact, proper exercise not only help you stay in shape, good health, but also to become more perfect breasts. Holding a 2 kg of small dumbbells or elastic rope pump motor to do the action, and arm movements when walking race, we can reduce the chest outside the expansion, eliminating the butterfly sleeves, raise chest line.

5. Eat more soy

Soy products rich in quality vegetable protein, can Qiaotun breast, soy isoflavones. Isoflavone is a plant estrogen, which helps to balance the endocrine appropriate to add. Some girls eating isoflavones dedicated breast health food, but too cold for oral isoflavones can cause ovarian cancer. So do while eating soy isoflavones health products and foods containing soy isoflavones.
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