The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Ten Overwork OL Alert Signal

A lot of people think that white-collar jobs and comfortable, neither then ran outside, you can also enjoy excellent benefits, but their poor health than ordinary people, a variety of white-collar workers also often sick to commit, so white-collar workers in Apart busy, but also pay more attention to their health, good health care, enhance the body immunity, to avoid being plagued by disease, but also to protect the health alert to these signals from overwork. 

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Ten Overwork OL Alert Signal

1: Dizziness, headache

Recently frequent headaches, always looks a frown and scowl, if they are not the cause of the headache, it may be fatigue. When fatigue occurs, nervousness, emotional anxiety has been for some time. The brain is the organ most centralized nervous, nervous tension will appear when the excited state, needs blood, oxygen supplement, long-term nervous excitement, there will be insufficient blood supply to the brain, causing nervous headache.

To nerve charging: hands index finger or middle finger pressed on the temple site, repeated massage clockwise and counterclockwise five minutes, you can immediately relieve pain. Actually, the most fundamental thing is to remove the source of pain, whether tension or pressure, because had not himself this off, how can all put down? Life does not have a lot of things, health comes first.

2: Unresponsive

Tea new clothes dirty, unresponsive; when customers hesitant to talk about, it is difficult to make a decision. It's not like you ah? When tired, to pass information between brain cells appear missing, the brain's command delay command body, unresponsive, poor motor skills, and can not identify the important information and irrelevant information, the results of the easiest decision is hugely magnified, become hesitant decision.

Oxygen to the brain: a deep breath five times, the oxygen supply to the brain get will increase immediately. Eat two cookies, better, improve blood sugar levels, the situation has improved brain. The best night a comfortable bubble bath oils, body soaked in hot water, fragrance accelerate the blood run, the brain will be completely relaxed.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Ten Overwork OL Alert Signal

3: Woke up still sleepy

Full eight hours sleep last night, but still feel sleepy the morning, people seem to have no spirit. Almost all people have experienced the fatigue of a long sleep without trying to sleep, dreams turn to keep on doing, do not recover from fatigue sleep. This is because when the brain fatigue, nerves are excited too long, even the dysfunction, when entering sleep, nerves can not relax, still in disarray, mental will not be restored.

To sleep Charge: Solving sleep anxiety. Often can not sleep because my heart strings have been Benzo relax down. Listen to music now, put your iPhone, iPod or iPad on the pillow, sleep aids software download from the Apple AppStore app store, you can sleep in your favorite surf or the rain in.

4: Feeling sore eyes, dry

Your eyes feel sore, swollen, dryness, blurred vision, others see you feel eyes glazed, electric eye charm no more, this is the role of fatigue generated. Our eyes are a waste of blood and organs, the Chinese say, "the internal organs of the refined gas injection in the eye," the eye play a "watch" function. Seen for a long time, blood loss, a variety of functions including regulation of the eye, lubrication, depending on the material, etc. will be weakened.

Charging to the eye: a child doing eye exercises, remember? Close your eyes, when the eye massage for 5 minutes, then open your eyes, you will feel more bright eyes. Or, eyes closed, hands palm rub and press on the eyelids, constantly repeated, have the same effect after five minutes.

5: Sore throat, hoarseness

Throat, burning pain occurs, especially when eating feeling serious, not only talk hard, everyone said you sound a bit hoarse, then it must be tired.90% of sore throat tissue infections originated, often for viral infections. When tired, the body's cellular immune function, blood cytokine wrongly accepted the virus infection from the outside world in recent organ - throat appeared. Of course, dry environment, overuse, smoking also played a bad role in fueling point.

Throat Libyan it: with a little hot water bottle throat, can promote blood circulation, reduce pain. Every few hours, add salt or a vitamin C Bianchi gargle with a glass of warm water, have an anti-inflammatory effect. If convenient, drink a cup of yogurt, yogurt containing Lactobacillus acidophilus, is the body of benign bacteria that can help eliminate the virus.

6: Stiff shoulder and neck

Feeling neck, stiff shoulders, head in a gesture dare maintain activity, like a robot, it shows your serious fatigue of the cervical spine. Between the vertebrae, ligaments, muscles is a stable structure, long-term to maintain a posture, cervical spine degenerate, lax ligaments, muscle spasm, causing cervical fatigue, diffuse into the shoulder and neck, appeared stiff numb.

Relax the neck: reduce the height of the computer desk, women suitable height is 67 cm, so you can ensure the natural bent of the cervical spine and relax the neck muscles. While adjusting the posture, so that the shoulder blades against the back, shoulders relaxed, chin lift, not near the neck. In addition, every hour rests 5 to 10 minutes, doing exercises cervical spine, including the cervical reach back, side to side, surrounded by six counter-clockwise motion.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Ten Overwork OL Alert Signal

7: Memory loss

Once, customer information in your brain archiving, used with the check, recently took what had notepad - mental decline, most likely brain fatigue.Blood is the source of nutrition for the brain, when the long-term satiation, smoking, working in polluted air, the feeling of tension and pressure continued, the brain can not get adequate supply of nutrients, brain cells will produce fatigue, you will not remember something, inattention. Charging to the brain: an apple for breakfast. Wake up when the brain is most lacking in nutrition, so eat a meal rich breakfast to replenish their energy for the brain, and eat an apple. US researchers found that Apple can increase brain neurotransmitter - acetylcholine levels, improve memory.

8: Rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, weakness

Do you think heartbeat, can feel the heartbeat of the pound, others did not feel emboldened to speak to you. Our body has a substance called catecholamines, can promote the strengthening of myocardial contractility, heart rate. When overworked, nervous excessive catecholamine release that increased cardiac output, blood pressure, systolic blood pressure, pulse pressure difference appears small, often overworked, will lead to myocardial poisoning occurs karoshi.

Charging to the heart: once a week to climb the mountain. Sports help enhance heart and lung function, improve blood circulation system, respiratory system, digestive system function status, enhance disease resistance, reducing the risk of excessive fatigue. Moreover, more fresh mountain air, breathing this air in motion, heart will be more healthy.

9: Fatigue after exercise long duration

Weekend sports a bit, the next few days have backache petrified, almost to Friday we go, this is your obvious fatigue. Muscle fatigue strength when people fall sports meet, elevated lactate levels after exercise, decreased ability to transport oxygen, slow metabolism, lactic acid discharge takes longer, but also to further extend the fatigue.

Enhance muscle strength: one from early next elevator upstairs, upstairs began to gradually increase to completely walk upstairs, you can choose the way you like, gradual movement. Persist for some time, you will find yourself on the tolerance and muscle strength exercise a lot better.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Ten Overwork OL Alert Signal

10: Eat more

Sudden increase appetite these days, especially with the high sugar and delicious food, lunch will be added to meet a dessert. Why is this? American scientist Dr. Xi Fuci found weary especially fond of sweets and other carbohydrates, probably because these foods can quickly fill the stomach, fatigue will reduce self-control, more choice of chocolate rather than carrots. And when tired disrupt blood sugar levels, causing the body to produce less of the appetite-suppressing hormone, and more to stimulate the appetite hormone, resulting in excessive eating.

Nutrition Depot: eat a little sweet fruit bar, such as blueberries, cherries, pomegranates, strawberries. They like the sweet, and better than sweets: full of water, can help the body water; rich in vitamins, nutrients so that the body is more balanced; containing antioxidants, avoid fatigue you become senile.
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