The Ultimate tips On Breast Massage With Recipes Coup Kept Up Up

Many women are eager to have the satisfaction of the chest, then breast enhancement methods are there? What to eat can breast? How can I easily get that big cup of it? This is a topic of great concern to women. Xiao Bian today to share with you the most comprehensive breast Cheats, effective breast Breast, Breast turned up man!

The Ultimate tips On Breast Massage With Recipes Coup Kept Up Up

Breast massage + recipes coup kept up up

See those streets plump girl wearing low-cut, V chest dress very envious of it! Then you have to step up efforts to begin breast slightly. Today small breast teaches you some tips, let you easily on the rise cup!

Green Products + right breast massage + reasonably good food with l == Acup Dcup

First, green breast enhancement products should be how to choose? (Very important o)

In the process of product selection, not all expensive is the best, that there will be the effect on their own, when selected according to their fitness to choose the most suitable for their own products, but be sure to choose the green, elements, no stimulation, no side effects difficult to rebound gradually formed products, of course, the effect of such products will be slower, with quick is immeasurably, but you can sit back and relax in ease of use and long-term use, no dependence. Recommended to choose breast West pure essential oils (excluding other hormonal ingredients) or breast enhancement, Breast external, internal use nutrition. To look for regular products (packaging, three cards, QS certification, how to distinguish the essential oil of good or bad, is not in this to say.

The second step, massage. Choose a good product + right breast massage == a major success

Because it is his own or her husband a massage, so the intensity is different for everyone, but also because there are points up and down around the breast, so the more powerful the message is not possible, according to the individual's physical and affordability, the intensity of feeling to a given message do not force it, it will not work, too hard and there will be pressure or mild pain, just feeling comfortable fit, blood flow to accelerate like.Actually, good nutrition is essential oils or massage does not require a long time, it can be completely absorbed, usually in the amount of about ten drops each way, and for my own use habits are left and right 5 drops 5 drops, Then repeat, almost feeling the chest, fever, not greasy rubs on the quilt can not (the best time to use essential oils night) during the day if it is willing to enhance the chest pumping a few minutes to do some action, helps plastic Type Oh (lazy, then you can not do it, here), usually do not stand or walk Han Xiong hump, chest and abdomen should include walking oh (so not only does breast also Body)

That is a reasonable good food Oh

L want a cup, to adhere to the above two day Oh!

Finally, it is reasonably good food Oh! !!

Vegetarian does not eat meat and do not want a bite of rice called fairies attention Oh, for our plan must be reasonable with breast nutrition Oh (the reason is not in this to say) for example, chicken feet, pig knuckles, papaya is the beauty of the best breast Oh ~ ~! Almonds, soy milk, yogurt, almond powder can be eaten as snacks Oh (I still eat, huh) can not only nourishes and yogurt drink before dinner will inhibit small liver caused by excessive eating dinner Nom it (of course, for each Do not type person is invalid)

Here are some breast recipes:

Vitamin B complex foods: whole grains, beans, milk, liver, beef, etc., contribute to the synthesis of hormones.

Glial rich foods: such as sea cucumber, pig, tendons, etc., but also breast clergyman.

Aspects of traditional Chinese medicine helps breast include: angelica, ginseng, wolfberry, Chinese yam, dandelion.

These foods can help with breast development in adolescence, maturity can help with the breast, the mother and daughter can try

(A) hand-rolled asparagus

Material: asparagus 3? Laver 1? Grass shrimp, peeled 3? A little salad dressing.

Method: 1. The above material hot. 2. rolled into seaweed.

Role Ingredients: Asparagus principle: a class of cholesterol-containing compounds to stimulate the secretion of female hormones with ribosomes.

Brine shrimp

(B) The brine shrimp

Material: 16 prawns? Salt? Liqueur? Ginger 3? A little MSG.

Practice: 1. After the water boils add shrimp, salt? Wine and ginger. 2. shrimp picked discoloration can.

Role Ingredients: Prawns principle: prawn rich in minerals, can promote hormone secretion.

(C) The carrot stew beef

Ingredients: carrots half? 3 two beef? Salt? Soy sauce? Octagon? Pepper? 1 tablespoon granulated sugar.

Practice: a carrot? Beef while heating. 2. Add the soy sauce? Octagon? Pepper? Sugar.

Role Ingredients: carrot principle: carotene ligament prevents fatigue, sagging.

(D) Clam soup

Material: 15 clams? Ginger 2? 2 tablespoons wine? Salt? MSG.

Practice: the water to boil after claims? Ginger? At the same time into the wine.

Role Ingredients: clams principle: clams contains a lot of minerals zinc and copper, helping chest fat cells to absorb nutrients.

(E) Peanut stew pig

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons peanut? 4 two pig? 2 tablespoons soy sauce? Sugar 1 teaspoon? 2 tablespoons wine.

Practice: Peanut? Meanwhile pig washed into the pot, add the soy sauce? Sugar? Wine.

Role ingredients: peanuts? Pig.

Principle: peanut-containing polyunsaturated fatty acids, can promote breast cell fullness. Containing pig gelatin, can promote the secretion of female hormones.

(E) Doug oyster

Materials: 3 two oyster? Doug 1 tablespoon? Shallot? Ginger? Garlic? Basil.

Method: 1. Add onions from the pan? Ginger? Saute the garlic. 2. Insert the oyster fry. 3. Remove from heat before adding basil fried mix? Turn off the heat.

Role Ingredients: Oyster principle: oyster with high mineral? Protein.

(F) Rose Cyperus Shun liver soup

Ingredients: 1 Cyperus money? Dry roses 7? 6 two liver? Ginger 3? 2 green onions.

Seasoning: 1 top wine? 1 Tsp cornstarch? Salt to taste? Olive oil 1 Tsp.

Practice: 1. Wash the Cyperus with roses plus three bowls of water, and cook 5 minutes out of taste, the flame, to leave residue soup 2. Wash the liver? Cut into thin slices, add cornstarch and mix well, wash and cut onions. 3. one of the broth and bring to boil and then practice, a few drops of olive oil into the liver? Shallot? Ginger? Simer quick moment with salt? Wine seasoning. You can breast, but also conditioning menstruation? Liver qi stagnation.

The role of the bra after breast success, recommended to choose a bra to enhance the chest, it can tighten underarm flesh, plastic chest ditch a charming, but as they age, the year is not easy to drop in meat Oh!

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