The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Online Dating My Boyfriend When He's Teller Machine

The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Online Dating My Boyfriend When He's Teller Machine
Once can calm down, carefully review this relationship, discovered that everything goes long clues. In addition to looking for me to borrow money, to resume service also had two other friends borrowed money, but to find a reason to reject the two per capita, to resume service to this end a large explosion foul language, greeting people ancestors eight generations, people curse Buddhas ... ...

Heart has nonetheless shallow edge

I would say that is a matter both simple and complex. Simple, because I still have not met the actor; complex, it is because men and women can not cut the Gordian knot never violations.

Understanding of complex aircraft that year, I just finished a Zhao Xin love, and ex-boyfriend because long distance relationship and feelings of alienation, and ultimately to the point of breaking up. I feel very bad, work is also unsatisfactory, even worse is that one can listen to the voices around Jingmei people. To dispel depressed and lonely, I go online to find someone to chat, to resume service is one of the users. Resume service six years younger than me, working in the south, and whenever he would accompany me to speak on the QQ, and occasionally send text messages, but rarely call each other are not accustomed to this kind seems relatively intimate communication.

The first year, I do not exist to resume service demanding, is the kind of optional, free to talk, did not leave it empty. In contrast, appear to be more complex aircraft warm some things at home, his own experience, will unavoidably one description. In the second year, I feel changed, to resume service as if my life has become an integral part of the day if he does not appear or do not chatter with me a few teeth, I will feel uncomfortable. I realized that this feeling of change, but also wonder whether they move the heart to resume service, but I did not dare to ask, because the resumption of flights never said to love me, do not even like to mention once. I am not discouraged, comfort myself: I have feelings for the resumption of flights, but because of the age difference, identity boundaries, he ashamed to declare to me. Yes, sure it is.

Soon after, the complex has a girlfriend Airlines, said to be his sister workers, age, families are equivalent. Resumption of flights did not deceive me, early in the morning to put something to tell me though I am sad, but still would like to wish him happy. Then, my dispensable man in the backfield, with the resumption of flights cut off all contact.

I think, since there is no fate, then find a real affinity with their people. Fate came quickly, less than a year, I have a boyfriend, and then get married.And resume service during this past and gradually fade over the long years.

We arrived last summer, one afternoon, appeared to resume service. He did not know where to find my phone number. Half an hour to talk down, I knew that bad. Possible, for the resumption of flights, I do not coherent or that person, but the frightening thing is, I was still feeling resume service. As the year that we began to chat, I said to my husband, my marriage, and my troubles. Resume service, said his girlfriend, his job, his family. Talk very speculative, it does not seem nearly two years of merchandise as if we have always been the most understanding of the chapters.

Until one day, to resume service Hanghang Chi to me to borrow money, not much, just two thousand dollars. He says he wants a new job resume now demanding unscrupulous factory, while another company he has extended an olive branch, but need to pay two thousand yuan deposit.Resume service money, savings before due home for the elderly sick, spend out clean, it is desperation, he realized to my mouth.

Reunion with an old man about money

After borrow money, to resume service and I seemed to grow a little more intimacy, chat a bit higher frequency. But apart from greetings and care, to resume service in more than words of important elements: poor-mouth. He often described to me his dilemma, a few days did not eat meat, eat a meal or one day, and then clothes masticate or are reluctant to buy new aircraft ...... complex situation could not help but make me sad, distressed, a big guy, for parents and family in a foreign land hard, but also by so much suffering. Of course, due to a greater extent, I sympathize with those of his "love", so without his say so, I began to take the initiative to send money to him, not much, every three hundred to five hundred dollars, because I do not rich, no work and no money to earn every day, but within the scope of my power, and I hope to resume service could live easier.

Resume service there have been put off, but then decline is "reluctantly" accepted. After that, he seems to be more dependent on me, and began to tell me something special hidden things, such as his sister's boyfriend does not like, he found another example of an affair and other aunt. Furthermore, the problems encountered in the work, he also likes to ask for my advice. I have very good faith to resume service confession: he only heard two people in this life, then one of his mother, and the other is me.

Some time ago, the complex aircraft's aunt and uncle with divorce, seemed to him a great touch. One day he told me that a lot of details about the matter, and then suddenly to the sentence:. "You must not be like my aunt did, must not divorce" to resume service, then let my mind a tight, what he meant? Suggesting that he and my innocence? He did not show me the map? I'm not hide feelings of the people, immediately reply:. "However, we are not simply friends" to resume service silent, the day of the conversation was nothing, and, from that day, the atmosphere between me and him suddenly became the harmonious contradictions. From the time to time, we should talk a few words after the fight, a serious one than more hurtful than the last.

A few days ago, because of a little thing, I began to quarrel and to resume service, I get mad, I do not know enough to call him, I met so many good people still do not understand value. Resume service sent a sneer first face, and then said: "Do not feel good and I am a good girl so high, how many how many, what stronger than you ......" This sentence is not the first to resume service once said that every fight, he will use these words to hurt me. So, I reported relentless: "Since there are so many good woman, you would not haunt me every day, I would leave by paying the money, and then look for a woman who borrowed!" I thought a fit of anger sentence then after he will forget, do not want to bear this sentence actually poke in his Achilles heel.

Resume service there quietly for five minutes, probably in typing, then, a long pass over the information. Words were very ugly, call me stupid, I say cheap, said the reason to contact me again after two years, that is, for my money, I'm just saying he's a cash machine.

No feelings and no interest

Then resume service with a bomb-like destruction, I immediately collapsed on his feelings, although, not export, but know very well, he's hurt, so I can not afford. Again let me resume service, he actually will really repeat it once more ruthless and more vicious than the last. I no longer contain himself, immediately dialed his phone, those words, he must personally speak out. Reusable Air hangs up, do not answer, I continue to fight, he would shut down. I sent him a message: "You told me on the phone again since I would disappear and no connection between you!" To resume service, there is no longer any movement.

The next day, put my resume service QQ pull into the blacklist, is also set to ban cell phone call, QQ space prohibits me a message ...... In short, he cut off all contact between us.

I'm going crazy, frantically looking for him, and even telephone call to his company, but the total can not find him, he was not out running the business, that is, leave back home. I know that the resumption of flights was to hide me, wanted me to give up hope for him. Still later, a fellow resume service on QQ accosted me, advised me not to find resume service, said the resumption of flights will not talk to me, let me take over their day. Each other, then it is vague, but I can still glimpse the meaning of them: the feelings between me and the resumption of flights is based upon material or money, do not pick out of the case and perhaps barely, but once tear That ugly open wound, everything they are unable to continue.

I could not convince myself - to resume service from start to finish just using me if that were the case, he was going to tell me why so much privacy? And as I understand it, those things are mostly true. Now that he is willing to tell me the truth, it shows that he is really to me as one of us.

Once can calm down, carefully review this relationship, discovered that everything goes long clues. In addition to looking for me to borrow money, to resume service also had two other friends borrowed money, but to find a reason to reject the two per capita, to resume service to this end a large explosion foul language, greeting people ancestors eight generations, people curse Buddhas ... ... Oh, when I knew he was the kind of person, you can call love blinded my heart, so I forced myself to believe: for me, to resume service will not be so heartless. I always had this idea: people are the meat long, as long as I good for him, and one day he'll conscience, and then again for me. Facts have proved that I was wrong, I am not God, can not change the mettle to resume service, so he can not even be grateful to me.

I have seen somewhere in this sentence: If a man love a woman, even if it will not starve the poor dead woman to borrow money. Think Indeed, the man is greater than the day esteem animals, how to show weakness in the face of a woman?

Refusal to resume service, in addition to money, there should be a reason: his timid and cowardly. He was afraid of things blow up, I'm really afraid of his divorce, how am I going to end? He can not, can not afford to take me! This man is really fickle selfishly to the extreme.

Now, I love to resume service seems to have been converted into hate, only one idea: He exposed my money back. Such people, if I did not promptly disclose, maybe in the future there will be more people were deceived him.


A man with a purpose, for the first time with a woman "borrow" money, they often are tempted to try this capacity is not easy to get a woman in the end. If this time is too easy to succeed, then, he will be more reckless, since then, you're still waiting to become his "golden master" it. And, to you, so simple to accept his borrowing requirements, potentially also spoiled him, so he will rely on you as a habit. Once you begin to refuse the future, no longer provide financial assistance for him to your gracious will quickly disappear.

Woman in love is inevitable maternal flooding, but the premise is a good man, but also to clarify worthwhile. Particularly Chi Yuan, as a married woman, but the indecent own words and deeds, not because of a momentary loss of control and emotional cocoon, hurt her husband, but also destroyed the family.
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