Why We Love 9 Group Weight Loss Yoga Relieve Fatigue Good Mood

Why We Love 9 Group Weight Loss Yoga Relieve Fatigue Good Mood
Lead: Now urbanites who are sitting in the office Monday to Friday work, even though the weekends, would rather stay at home idle, do not want to go out sports movement, it will inevitably lead to the accumulation of excess body fat, and even physical discomfort. Here I will introduce a popular "health Yoga", both lose weight than it, can relieve neck and back pain, for example, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms. (Source: beauty network)

Why We Love 9 Group Weight Loss Yoga Relieve Fatigue Good Mood

First, relieve shoulder stiffness

Action 1: Suction side, while shrugging

Sitting in a chair, stand up straight, arms crossed on his chest with both hands, palms resting on the shoulder. Side with the nose slowly inhales, raise up the side of the shoulder.

Why We Love 9 Group Weight Loss Yoga Relieve Fatigue Good Mood

Action 2: Lower the elbow, while the shoulders downward pressure

Side of the nose breath, while the lower elbow, resting on the hard shoulder of the palm, slowly try to put downward pressure on the shoulders, while breath, relax the body. This operation is repeated three times.

Second, if they had stretched back, relieve back pain

Action: fixed posture, stretching back

Standing one meter away from the walls of the place, feet shoulder width to the upper body bend down and do 90-degree deep bow pose, hands arms stretched forward, palms propped walls, support the body, keep the body balance . Maintain this posture, breathing three times.

Third, the front and the rear waist activity, relieve back pain

Action 1: the pelvis forward, back to back

Stand up straight, sitting in a chair, while breathing, pelvis forward, at the same time, like the abdomen forward the elongation, like the back, to back.There must be a conscious activity of the pelvis and spine.

Action 2: breath, pelvic tilt

While breath, while the back to move forward slowly out of the pelvis. At the same time, while the activity of the pelvis, relax back, bending forward, try to slow to do this action, this action is repeated three times.

Fourth, relax the wrist, to solve the problem without sleep

Action: Relax lifts up my hands in the air

Up lying on his back, arms stretched to the sides of the body sideways, then bend your elbows so that your elbows at right angles to the ground.Then do not force the wrist, palm turned down, parallel to the ground, relax.

Five, chest expansion, feel comfortable after getting

Action: straighten the upper body, chest expansion

Lying face down on the floor, then bend your elbows to 90 degrees, hold up the upper body, arms and palms close to the floor before the expansion of the chest. Hold this position for three times to breathe. If the arms crossed on his chest, it will be easier to maintain the body's balance.

Six, lower body activities

Action: Using padded hips straighten

Up lying on his back, raised his knees, soles close to the floor, underneath a padded at the hips, buttocks lifted slightly to maintain this position, and slowly make three deep breaths. Shoulders and arms close to the floor, you can expand the chest, which will enable ease of mind, action better.

Seven, squeeze the pelvis and promote blood flow, relieve menstrual pain

Action 1: fist in the groin

Legs and knees, kneeling on the floor, his hands clenched fist, near the crotch thigh, abdomen and legs that connect groin position.

Action 2: by pressing and relaxation, improves blood flow

Continue to be placed in the groin hand position, sit upright, upper body bent forward, as close to the chest knee. The use of lower body weight, with a fist hand squeeze groin bit, breathe three times.

Eight, reversing the abdomen, stimulate the intestines, the treatment of constipation

Action 1: Rocker's leg sits together real palms

Sitting on a chair, put his left foot on the right leg Alice, his hands palms and fingers close to his chest, arms toward the sides, open underarm area.

Action 2: dramatically reverse the waist, intestinal activity

The upper body to the left to reverse, right elbow on his left thigh position, even if the body stiff person can easily do this action. Hold the position of the movement, breathing three times, on the opposite side to do the same action.

Nine, clear the blood vessels around the pelvis, the elimination of chills and edema

Action 1: Lift one foot

Sitting in a chair, raised his right foot, the right ankle resting on his left thigh, hands on the right calf.

Action 2: upper body leaning forward, stretching the hip

Stand up straight, upper body leaning forward, you can stretch the hip muscles. While breath, while the chest as close to the right calf. Right leg with both hands thumb calf. Do three deep breaths, do the same on the opposite side of the action.

IMPORTANT: at the same time pressing the foot bones can improve puffiness

When doing this action, with both hands, thumb pressing the calf, which can promote blood flow, eliminate swelling of the body. Because from the ankle to the knee position, the distribution of many helps eliminate chills and swollen points.
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