Women Suffered Minor Lost His Head

Women Suffered Minor Lost His Head
A friend's husband has a lover, a friend asked him, actually admitted frankly. This sudden truth, but let friends panicked. Gas, but then phoned her husband's leadership, colleagues, friends, parents, relatives and all tell it again, so the image of her husband in the hearts of everyone plummeted, work is also affected. Do not vent, and find lower units, public humiliation on the big lover. Faced with humiliation, Valentine for my friend said she did not figure the money; does not plan birthright, just love. This made my friend again panic.

Friends said she loved her husband has been very, reason will lure derailed three are small, if not the primary three of her family was happy, all three small mistakes. I say loving marriage does not appear the third, do not love you dislodge a marriage there is a second third. Xiao San wrong where? Maybe it is just the wrong time. May Shakespeare once say: Love has no first come first served, is the only third party not loved? If he loves you, no one can temptation get him, if he does not love you, you cannot afford to stop him leaving. Faced with me that a friend shouted wrong friends.

Friends never happened in this day and age is rather widespread existence of cases. Fit is a moment full of stars derailment was arrested, a collaborative wife had stripped a small three girlfriends street clothes, beat Xiao San news, try to give the wife had asked who this person trample her personality rights? Crowd around while holding a cell phone to record again silent onlookers, emotional stability could be so let me shocked. Whenever I see this kind of news, appeared in front of me is the animal world, two or more female animals the right to compete for supremacy alone with a male animal mating of a fight.

In fact, many men exposed after the derailment, will go to appease his wife, in front of his wife put the little three extremely vile, worthless, put all the blame to the third, said to be only a small three lure flirtation, and so on. Most of the moment can be morally and Aziza wife had words of man's persuasion, but the hatred is transferred to a small three body. But, I am afraid that the man's wife and also to appease the finished hemp slip a small three children went to play in front of the plight of the play, so two lie, is that his wife wanted to continue to live Kazuo two days only.

Admittedly, fall in love with someone else's husband is not allowed to morality, I believe few people want to destroy someone else's subjective intent of marriage, and no one is willing to do the third, who do not want their love can go in the sun? Feelings can happen is unpredictable, who can guarantee you right now, and I do not interpret the above story in tomorrow?

San Mao said, a woman's life must be done once a third party, in order to appreciate the love of desolate. I'm not in the dark encourage everyone to do a third party, just think of San Mao, then savor the taste of it otherwise. What is love? I could not answer. Because love is the essence of impermanence, it is full of uncertainty. So, in a relationship of any person, do not take each other for granted as some kind of existence, how's wife? If you do not double fetters matter and fertility, then it is everyone's physical and mental freedom. He is not yours; you do not belong to him. Therefore, we should know how to give you too aggressive, too aggressive to each other, to feeling too aggressive.
Of course, there is a man with a lover, not necessarily by the lure, which may have a situation at the wrong time met the right person, love but helpless. If you just because you love someone and willing to be third, it can only lower expectations for each other, do not rely on, no desire, no blame, acceptance, tolerance, let it be. No matter what kind of love, or love to do something simple, to those who have left the complex time. All in all, sooner or later before the time distinguish authenticity.
A person to choose what kind of lifestyle, but it’s nothing to do with anyone. No need to cater to what, with whom you feel comfortable with. Do not expect perfection, but you can make it to be true. If you feel tired, do not force yourself. Yes’s wife, Xiao San worth mentioning, if you love, you learn to love. Like this, only this.
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