Worst Advice about Three Magic Men Back To Bed Rate Increase

Lead: When a woman and a man had a relationship, many women do not want to expose problems in bed. Because it will be a full range of exposure of a woman's soft power and hard power, so the man's "back to bed rate" is also a woman can fully reflect all aspects of the comprehensive index of strength. (Source: Mint woman)

A man wanted on a beautiful one bed is not difficult, because it may be because of loneliness, boredom, or simply because of curiosity and love.However, for a woman, with a high retention rates and nothing real skill, because it can only say that God gave her a good bladder. Enhance a man's back to bed rate, which means a surge in women's personal charm, each benefit.

Worst Advice about Three Magic Men Back To Bed Rate Increase

1. Sexuality

Sex is the most primitive human instincts, because people want and combine this world because of sex to the cycle, when people enjoy the release of this instinct, not just the body to relax, get in the mind is more difficult to compare consolation. In the eyes of society, men are visual animals, a woman's beauty is everything the capital. In fact, between men and always spread the word "No disdain ugly, just not take the body," saying this sentence approximate joke straightforward question: woman then the United States, poor sexual function in vain!

Throughout the social attitudes, how many men do not like to pick wildflowers, pick weeds? Men like freshness, all new things are able to awaken their consciousness. And a woman's sexual function represents the stronger the greater her charm, men are more willing to approach her, imagine what a man is willing to privates with a slack, dry bed of a woman? And the wise woman, ask the man in bed martial artists, is itself not completely relaxed, pay close attention to enhance their sexuality, their private parts to prevent aging and relaxation, the only way a man will be on you as a treasure, cherish. Only in this way, men will have the possibility of return to bed, after all, you are willing to bed when he returned, he was also willing to return to bed!

Wise woman knows decreased sexual timely protection, such as sexual liberation of western countries, women are usually taken after the start of the first steps in sex for some time, with roughly  reduction Yam is their work to be done. Experts also said the woman sooner the more private parts of women's health care benefits for early use of professional privates reduction Yam care products, such as the United States En Yi, you can make the vagina tight again supple!

Worst Advice about Three Magic Men Back To Bed Rate Increase

2. Taste

Mentioned earlier, is particularly hate the old men who seek novelty, so they will be having an affair with high frequency. In bed movement, the men also pursue a strong novelty, and this also comes from the taste of freshness.

From a woman's point of view, so that men keep the primary key for their lasting freshness is to let him back to bed. The bed can be a lot of fun, so you to him themselves. It is worth mentioning that some women make all the stops, very fun place to play, but it is always difficult to impress a man's heart, is this why? Woman you ask yourself is not a very long time did not take care yourself, your figure is still slim, if your skin is still full of elasticity, your lower body is healthy pink. If the answer is no, then your taste superb effort will be void.

In addition, if you are a shy woman, not brains meditation how to make fun, then the man painstaking development of a variety of fun when they can try to meet women, do not let a man lost, with only two, back to bed until your rate increase.

Worst Advice about Three Magic Men Back To Bed Rate Increase

3. Without resorting to "Viagra"

"Viagra" tyranny today confirmed the man's sexual dysfunction is not a rare phenomenon. Because of the enormous social and family pressures, many men much sexual dysfunction problems, desperation can only resort to "Viagra."

In fact, a bad man because of sexual recourse to Viagra, mostly because of the physical and psychological stress, and exercise can solve both problems at the same time. Because the movement not only make a man's body to elevate sexuality, but also helps to relieve anxiety due to the occasional "no" and produced. Many life stress people would choose sports as a recreational own way, to release their stress in motion.

However, there are many women know that sometimes a man's "no" and they are also closely related to it. Woman in bed accidentally made a variety of "sweep" of things everywhere, may be a word, it may be a look, a look, it could be an action, according to the survey, 80% of men in addition to due sweep of the above reasons, there is another main reason is because the female gynecological disease! natural powerless woman sick in bed, the overall decline in physiological function also followed, and men are not completely aware of the animal, the woman felt embarrassment desires extinguished after the passage of time back to bed rate falls.
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