12 Weight Loss Actions Make You Have Attractive Belly

12 Weight Loss Actions Make You Have Attractive Belly

Slimming action 1,Abdominal massage Method

First emptying urine, relax supine on the bed, first with a wet towel in the abdomen foment minutes or buy the market reputation good slimming cream in the abdomen, with the palm close to the abdomen slightly push hard, and in a clockwise direction, from bottom to top, push, until completely absorbed slimming cream.

Slimming action 2, it's politic to leave

Give up go out taxi habits, 30 minutes walk to walk all. The key of this method is to hold your breath scurry, contraction force The lower abdomen At the beginning, may only hold for 10 seconds, repeated practice can persist in a long time, can significantly effect for a month.

Slimming action 3,Abdominal breathing Method

People who want to lose weight should try abdominal Breathing method. The method is very simple: breathing, belly up; breath, the belly tightening.

12 weight loss action make you have attractive belly

Slimming action 4, easily jump rope

Coordination of the jumping up and down movement can make the abdominal muscles fully extended, adhere to 5 minutes a day, belly fat to go without a trace.

Slimming action 5, elegant Ballet

Ballet chest abdomen requirements to convex belly not Dunking, adhere to the 15 minute ballet position every day, not only can make flabby belly disappeared, also can let you more tall and straight posture!

Slimming action 6, wild Latin

Latin dance The action that hip swinging, so for Waist and abdomen Exercise has strong effect, adhere to a week to jump two times Latin Dance, slowly you little belly becomes strong lines.

12 weight loss action make you have attractive belly

Reduce weight Action weight Action often do the housework

From today to be a hard-working, MM. Remember one important rule: to avoid light weight. For example, do not use the vacuum cleaner, and the broom and mop, to increase their exercise.

Slimming action 8, laugh in the "dao"

Smile, thin circle. Laughter is a comprehensive exercise, can cause abdominal Muscle Fibrillation, happy every day,The lower abdomen Muscles will be more compact and solid, can achieve Slimming Effect.

Slimming action 9,Hula hoop

Left three, right three times. Open the music, began to turn hula hoop, adhere to 20 minutes a day, you will see results. This is also a lot of Star The secret to weight loss, but also can watch TV while the hula hoop!

12 weight loss action make you have attractive belly

Slimming action 10, Metro Thin abdomen

Stand in the subway, the hand holding the ring, a handbag in her abdomen, the abdomen is inward, and then use a hand bag together with pressing the abdomen, and then forced to maintain the state of tension. At the same time, you can also exercise a beautiful compact arm.

Slimming action 11, lead away the sheep by the way

Aerobic exercise best including climbing stairs, running, these movements the fastest among the first to reduce fat. In the running clearance, the proper conduct of lift, leg action is more conducive to the thin abdomen.

Action 12, could not bear to lose weight StoolStool

It is a daily habit, or your stomach flatulence, can used to make the rectal mucosa become slow, and even the formation of habitual constipation. Irregular bowel movements, lower abdomen will gradually grow sturdily!

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