20 Pounds of Weight Loss Experience: Good Body Sculpture Have To Move Up

Weight loss is not one or two days, slimming is a cumulative process, and when you find

My height is 172cm, eat an early age are very kind, everyone calls me big eaters, but has not fat, so I think I'm the kind of person do not eat fat. But a few years, I found that after work I was wrong, because I have fat up slowly, because the work is often sitting, sometimes sit down and do not move all day. After the fattest when in June 2013, about 135 pounds, it will lose a month's time, as the weather is too hot later abandoned.

20 Pounds of Weight Loss Experience: Good Body Sculpture Have To Move Up

April 2014 made up my mind this must be cut down, especially in the legs, I do not believe my life is the elephant legs! May this time, weight: 67KG-57KG, Waist: 68cm-63cm, Hips: 98cm-91cm, Thigh: 58cm-51cm, calf circumference: 37cm-36cm (still working in). Thin this time, I have learned some exercise common sense and found the beginning a lot of ideas are wrong, and is actively self-examination and correction, towards a more scientific way of fitness.

As office workers, busy, less leisure time, except weekends difficult to arrange block of time to exercise. Work on the road will jog every day 1200 fans, subway and bus can not stand to sit, take the stairs can not take the elevator, and when it comes to standing up to do slimming action.

Daily exercise program:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: arms, back, chest

Wednesday: legs, buttocks

Thursday: waist

Friday: arms, back, chest

Saturday: Legs hip

Sunday: waist

Family aerobic exercise : pump it up 2004

Exercise time: at least half an hour a day, about one hour


Because for many years sitting in the office, resulting in lower body getting fatter, so in addition to Metro bus after work to brisk walking, starting with a decision to go to 3800 meters teeth at home, after this every day to go to work soon come out of the subway company 1500 m from work to go back to 1500 m, 3800 m walk out of the subway so it goes. Later this go away I went into a jog, brisk walking every day about 3500 m 3000 m jogging. Basically standing on the road: one way to stand for about one hour; subway transfer time as long as there will be stairs and down stairs generally.

At home will make a Little Red Riding Hood, look at the time will decide to do high leg, side leg lift, leg scissors and so on. As long as all the vertical leg idle time until sleep. Wait until Jung Da Yeon strength after fully adapted and changed jumped pump it up 04. Reduced to three months when the weight is stable to around 58, the minimum is 56.8KG.

Although the standard girth, but still looked very thick thighs, may be the reason it faster fat loss, skin some slack, so gradually decreased after aerobic exercise training increases the strength, the time of the abuse on the abdominal muscles , child thigh.

Because I have not been to the gym, the equipment is very limited, the main strength training as push-ups, tablet support, squats, lunges, abdominal Ripper, etc., only one 7.5KG dumbbell equipment. After more than a month, I feel a lot of tight thigh, but also a windfall vest line. Of course, this is just the beginning, buttocks or legs to continue to abuse!

About sleep, basically every day before 10:30 want to lie down in the morning 5: 30-6: 00 To them, a good schedule that can help the body metabolism.

Basically when the ideal time to achieve fat loss, the next step is trying to shape lines, added a lot of strength training, when the reduced aerobic exercise. Like squats lunges, which is a must do exercise, I was focused on the buttocks on leg exercises, followed by the abdominal muscles, and finally the arm shoulder.

Equipment is a pull rope, basically unarmed movement, exercise has also developed a clear plan, schedule exercise different muscle groups each day, so each muscle group has sufficient time to rest, a Saturday practice, make exercise a habit.


The beginning is the first change in diet, eat it before, but also often overeating. During the three months to lose weight before breakfast is usually a cup of honey

Just eat lunch in the company, not too greasy like, some vegetables for dinner or a fruit, then add more milk bag. Beginning of the week in the evening will feel very hungry, do not eat later in the evening would not even feel hungry, rice, two months at home is never eaten, fried oil at home only two or three dishes. Then cook the eggs hot lead I smell is fragrant!

I'm not very extreme in the diet, because the body is too extreme, then can not stand. Next month, the breakfast has become more nutritious, vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, whole wheat bread, are indispensable. Fitness is to be able to enjoy more delicious, does not mean dieting , at least I think so.


1, dieting to lose weight does not mean eat or drink, that is the most stupid way, and definitely means failure. The so-called weight loss is to lose excess body fat , how to lose fat? In addition to controlling the dietary fat intake than i, must exercise. Also, do not ask how long you can lose weight, weight loss takes time, as long as the correct way to stick it must be effective. Chosen a path to go, why go to ask for how long?

2, fitness is a lifelong thing, but also their own thing, not a whim to run for a few days to do a step or do not know went to gym a few times. Recommended to prepare to do gym friends can be run every day a month, if persevered, then consider running a gym now.

3. Do not worry about strength training girls will become Diamond Barbie. First, women can not become so strong, muscular, and if so easily Zhang muscle, would not be filled with a muscular. In addition, we should cherish the muscles, if good muscle mass, it's like a part of the motor, anywhere can consume your fat, and will make more beautiful and sexy body lines.
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