Makeup Can Encounter During Exercise

Every time you go to the gym all the haircut raunchy? Do not be silly! Obviously so many beautiful guy, they might still have time romantic encounter small meat opportunity, do not clean up their own how neat little rows? To draw smart "movement makeup" Mimi's go run!

Will be a lot of sweat during exercise, of course, not painting makeup, this will hinder the skin perspiration. Spend makeup case, the scene is probably more tragic. However, since not everything, to a spot on a small modification of it!
First, the eyebrows to draw good

Makeup Can Encounter During Exercise
Gold - Kardashian sports a street

If you do not have very thick eyebrows very neat, even after it becomes a cup remover "no eyebrow strange" ...... that even to exercise, it is still the eyebrows drawn out of it again! If not applied Prostitute, neat eyebrow can make you look more spiritual.

Makeup Can Encounter During Exercise

[Aramis / MAC fashion durable waterproof eyebrow gel]

Upgrade the anti-sweat, anti-halo, waterproof new formula. Fashion durable waterproof eyebrow gel to define and characterize your perfect eyebrow, between seven parties to create a casual tone or understated or ornate eyebrow makeup.

Second, eyeliner mascara can have

Makeup Can Encounter During Exercise

Nina - Du Bofu

If you want to make eyes look less haggard, a little more of God, then draw a little eyeliner and mascara it! Of course, do not forget to use a waterproof money Oh! Otherwise flower makeup may be more unbearable than the horrors haggard makeup ...... In addition, eyeliner and mascara too strong recommendation not to draw too close, after exercise or a little more fresh and natural fit!

Makeup Can Encounter During Exercise

[Lancome / LANCOME artist lasting eyeliner]

Waterproof and sweat, do not fade, not blooming. Exclusive "cone feather ink" pen, feather-light flexible, easily sketched; a precise shape, thickness easy to control.

[Shu Uemura / Shu Uemura waterproof mascara Alice feather flowers]

Smooth smooth and easy to agglomerate, waterproof, not blooming, lasting eyelashes like spring flowers such as "bloom" in the magnified eyes while it has a sense of lightness petals.

Third, the natural sense of Lips
Makeup Can Encounter During Exercise

Emma - Roberts

Big red lips to avoid the bar! After all, you do not go to the party. But when the movement is a little color modified look good oh! At least, you have to ensure that the lips moist, dry peel is not a good phenomenon. Before exercise, may wish to use some lip balm to moisturize lips, or use some moisturizing lipstick with a little color, can achieve the effect of moisture, has a certain modification of color effect.

Makeup Can Encounter During Exercise

[Fu Lei poetry / Fresh Cheng sugar moisturizing lip balm (cherry red)]

The cherry red lip balm blend of full sun red tones, perfectly set off all kinds of color.

Fourth, the skin type of makeup

Makeup Can Encounter During Exercise

Kristen - Stewart

To sports and fitness, natural-looking finish is not suitable for painted thick. This could also be the key to a lot of MM before exercise or not to tangle in the end make-up lies. Of course, if your skin condition is very good, do not draw a natural looking finish without problems. But if the skin condition is really bad, you can also choose some with sunscreen and polish efficacy CC BB cream or cream and other products. In the modified while play a sunscreen and skin effects.

Makeup Can Encounter During Exercise

[Kose / KOSE Sekkisei fine white BB cream SPF30 + / PA +++]

Skin, while natural cover dark spots and dull, leaving skin perfectly clear as snow. BB cream seemingly simple, but covering concealer to brighten · · · Whitening Moisturizing Sunscreen · Six isolation function!
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