Plastic Surgeon Does Not Share the 7 Secrets

Plastic Surgeon Does Not Share the 7 Secrets

In this brushed the face values of society, cosmetic immediate beauty. Doctors can only tell us what part you is incomplete, but few people telling you what you like, it's beautiful. But privately, how did they think about plastic surgery?
  • High surgical risk, choose carefully

Often have friends asked me there is no way to treat cellulite, I really do. Despite the popular cellulite treatment called Cellulose, but this is, after all, surgery, there are certain risks and high cost of treatment, the results may not be satisfactory. So I urge you to carefully consider.

  • Imperfection is perfect, accept your imperfections

In my view, similar to small pus on nose, protruding ears and other issues, there is no need to have an operation. Because only you pay attention to these details, while others didn't care for you. You see I am asymmetrical Chin, if I don't speak, can you find it? So you are mad, to solve problems that do not exist at all.

Breast enhancement effect, cooperation with the cosmetic Division to achieve perfect
  • Breast enhancement effect, cooperation with the cosmetic Division to achieve perfect

I like to take pictures come to me, ' I want her so much chest! ‘Dependency, avoids I expect inconsistent with the customer's problem. I had to help an employee of my breast, she was satisfied after surgery. Followed by the other employees came to me said, wanted her to that effect, I am exactly on their breast, and happy.
  • The price of beauty, cure time after surgery

More and more women are having children later, chose to accept the whole abdominal surgery in order to recapture its slim figure. But surgery and can't achieve their desired results quickly and easily. Many people do not know that after surgery to the scabs until healed the wound may take more than a year.
  • Lie flat people sleeping beauty

Lying is the most correct way to sleep, and will make people even more beautiful. Because it is squeezing the pillow, when you are lying on your side or tummy sleeping, your smile lines and lip can be exposed to deep wrinkles. So from now on, lay flat to sleep, don't let your skin under too much pressure! If you're really not used to lie low, I recommend you the best silk or satin pillowcases into fabric.
  • Less Sun, Smoke less; successful by age is not a dream

There was a patient requires facial plastic. I give her 6 months not smoking again after review. But she did not do what I say, so recovery is not very good. I always say, one smoking a look at skin we will know. And a pair of twins, one like the Sun, hiding the Sun, the former rather than the latter look 10 years older!
  • Diet + Exercise = Weight Loss

Hard to say how much liposuction can make people thin pounds. Doctors promised to have a magical effect are not credible. I always let the patient go through a nutritionist conditioning after 6 months, then for further treatment. Because if you want to achieve the best results, is as close to the ideal weight before surgery.
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