The Reason You Are In The Age Before In Old Age

The impact around us that may be the reason you look older than their age compared. The people you are doing your comparison even more depressed and anxious, it is also one of the reasons you down colors. In this article I will show you clearly the reasons that you have less beautiful and makes you old before your time, which you should remove them from now offline.

Avoid fizzy drinks and soft drinks

The Reason You Are In The Age Before In Old Age

These all excess acid causes the body, causing the skin cells do not function effectively cause oily skin and acne, and wrinkles appear more quickly.

Besides spicy foods, fried or stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco .. also affects your skin.

Instead you should make a habit of eating more vegetables and fruits regularly. Drink one full glass of water every morning (before 7 o'clock better) average 2-3 liters of water every day, even if you do not drink thirsty. Lack of water body will quickly get tired, dull dry skin, low blood pressure and, of course, premature aging

Should additional omega3 fats

Many young people are afraid of fat to fat diet, especially meat, fish like salmon .. However, the fat, as fat to help our young omega3 long, it not only enhance brain health heart but also increase the longevity of your skin makes wrinkles less stress ball can because He drank to speed the aging of your skin.

Reduce the pressure of work

The pressures of work increases the production process a hormone androgen secretion of oil on the skin greasy skin pores become clogged again produce acne.

The Reason You Are In The Age Before In Old Age

The research shows that stress at work can increase the risk of heart disease, accelerated aging of cells. The work is necessary, but we should not spend too much time for it which affect health, making us faster aging.

Limit late

The Reason You Are In The Age Before In Old Age
Staying up late is the leading reason and quickly make you look old before your time. After a night of staying up late, what you most aware of its harmful effects are skin becomes dull and go right eye dark circles appear. a recent study indicate that you stay up late because of work, parties or psychological .. all speed make your skin aging faster.

Emissions around us

The Reason You Are In The Age Before In Old Age

Habitat pollution now many places, especially in urban areas. Daily Haze bit of pores with chemicals will destroy the agent causing your skin to increasingly sharp. One study showed that women who live in areas with high traffic density is usually the incidence of skin diseases is higher than 20%. Frequent hand washing, especially after going ara outside, correct use of products to protect the skin and avoid exposure to dust is the best advice for you.

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