The Simple Freckles Treatment Effectiveness

The treatment of freckles is the concern of many people, especially women. If you already use a variety of cosmetics that do not have the desired effect, please apply the following natural methods. In this article we will introduce you to 5 treatments freckles that people still effective or applicable.

The Simple Freckles Treatment Effectiveness

1 Tri freckles with turmeric

Turmeric outside work very good for the stomach, they are also known to use care and skin lightening. You can take care of your skin with freckles homemade saffron. 1 tablespoon turmeric powder you mix with 1 tablespoon yogurt mix viscous mixtures. Then use cotton illuminate the center of freckles on the face, will be applied frequently fade freckles.

2 Tri freckles with onion or shallot bulbs

The Simple Freckles Treatment Effectiveness

Use onions to remove freckles or age spots very well. You only need one piece of sliced onion and rub the skin with freckles several times a day. Continue to apply until the freckles fade.

3 Tri freckles with lemon juice

This is the most common way people used to bleach or freckles at home. In lime juice containing acid, is effective in whitening the skin pigment. You only need to use absorbent cotton swab and put up the freckles.

4 Tri freckled with white vinegar soak Atractylodes

The Simple Freckles Treatment Effectiveness

You prepare 200gr White Atractylodes (bought in drugstores east Y) and 50 ml vinegar good. White Atractylodes sliced into a glass jar with vinegar soak for 15 days. Or maybe it crushed the White Atractylodes faster this way just 7 days soaking, provided you have shook 1-2 times daily for drug absorbed. Apply on freckles evening before going to bed, for several days the wrinkles will gradually disappear.

5 Tri freckled with white radish

The Simple Freckles Treatment Effectiveness

Use white radish to treat freckles, a little bit uncomfortable. Because the pungent smell and its exposure to the skin it feels like needles transient mild. You just crushed radishes and apply directly to the skin with freckles, wait to dry and then rinse with clean water. Doing so 2 times / day.
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