These Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid IN Time

To ensure the health of women managers pregnancy, mothers always try to foster the food but pregnant women should avoid that mothers should be noted.

Proper and adequate nutrition is important for pregnant women, mothers with many very scientific but also many mothers who used all the foods you love, but forget that much of the food is really not good for mother and fetus because it has a certain influence on the development of pregnancy. Here is some food for pregnant women need to know to avoid during your pregnancy:

These Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid IN Time
Big fish
There are many large fish contain high levels of mercury, such as tuna, swordfish, slice you should avoid during pregnancy because of high mercury levels directly influence the development of brain and nervous system of pregnancy Children.

These Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid IN Time

Animal liver
Whether animal liver vitamin A, but it also contains many toxins that most if infected animals. So using multiple liver or increased risk of infection or easily lead to excess vitamin A have a negative impact on the fetus.

Food re-live
Many people believe that foods are more nutritious and are especially fresh chicken eggs, or beef, oysters ... even sushi because fish. In fact, the food is re-living unprocessed or processed thoroughly contain bacteria or viruses and parasites that are harmful to health. So, to be safe for both mother and baby, you should avoid foods and re-live it.

These Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid IN Time

Ham sausage
Sausages and ham are very popular because of the convenience food but often hidden bacteria are pathogenic Listeria monocytopenia infection listeriosis easily lead to miscarriage.

Unpasteurized Milk
Like ham and salami, unpasteurized milk is easy listeria infections, so if you are intending to use cow's milk as it is not through sterile nutrient as many people think, be replaced exchange thoughts offline. The use of pasteurized milk to ensure the health of both mother and fetus.

Food allergies easy
If you have an allergy to some food, it is best not to use food during pregnancy because it can cause the fetus in the womb is allergic.


Tea and specialty tea is generally not affected much with ordinary people. However, if you are pregnant, be avoided because it can lead to anemia and iron deficiency, affecting the nutrient exchange of the fetus, as well as the amount of strong tea, can increase your heart rate. So in general and special tea time are not good for the mother and fetus, so it also ranks as the pacer foods you should avoid during pregnancy.

These Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid IN Time


Alcohol is one of the leading drinks are not recommended to use during pregnancy because it can harm the developing fetal brain and heart.


Similar to wine, coffee and drinks are not recommended for use with all pregnant women because it contains caffeine can affect the nervous system and increases the risk of miscarriage.

These Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid IN Time

Journey pregnancy is a challenging journey and struggle of any woman. Women and health have always been a matter of much debate because it is important in life, and health problems for pregnant women even more important than ever. So, to pay attention to their nutrition during pregnancy strictly, necessary to avoid foods that pregnant women should not be used to ensure the best health for mother and fetus.
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